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Evaluation and Assessment

Mid-term chapters 1-11


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no need to show empathy or social
14. According to some authors a test examiner should demonstrate all the following except?
sex & age of examiners
12. Which of the following topics is not covered in orientation session before testing?
The standard error of measure is:
70) Tells the range with in which a peronsons true score may fall
Nominal measurement
When numbers stand for names or categories that represent the way individuals differ?
Both environment and heredity
helps shape intelligence
Diagnostic test
are based on the essential skills and competencies needed for success in a given subject area or educatinal program and they use numerous items to measure a skill or objective
All of the above
47) Which of the following is a major qualification of a good psychological test?
Wilhelm Wundt
14) The 1st psychological laboratory was established in Liepzig in 1879 by?
all of the above
5) Because tests provide only one source of information, professional may also gather clinical information from?
Major trend in employment testing
The impact of technology
Education of All Handicapped Children Act
ensures that all children have access to an appropriate education and related services to meet their unique needs
Content analysis
63) Which of the following is not of the methods for assessing reliability
all of the above
8. what is one of the 5 major competencies are needed by test administrators
Frequency polygon
Another type of line graph used to portray test data?
All of the above
20) High-stakes tests are based on state standards and assess student knowledge through?
Correlation coefficient
The little "r"
Parallel Forms
66) When two equivalent forms of a test is administered to obtain reliability the technique is called:
Criterion - referenced test - (Domain referenced tests)
measure specific objectives and skills - 4th grader taking a test to verify what level they are at - they reached that level
Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct
lists 11 standards for assessment
specific scoring techniques are not a part of standardized tests
10) Which of the following procedures is not included in nonstandardized tests?
Rating Scales = pg 199 -
Put quality into quantity terms
Frequency distribution
A way of summarizing and visually presenting aspects of the test data by arranging the scores in order of magnitude and indicating how often each score was obtained?
If you enjoy your job; within; related to what it contributes to society
13) The 1st intelligence test devised for children in France was presented by?
not writing the questions
6. Which of the following is not a step in developing an aptitude or achievement test?
Participation Observation
a tool of the cultural anthropologist, involves the observer as part of the observational situation
two types of observations
structured and unstructred
Observational techniques/Approaches - 190
assess client behvaior through various methods and settings suchs as play therapy, sociodrama, interviews, etc. The procedures vary considerably nand focus on specific behaviors that are objective and observable or on general overall.
Socrates and Plato
12) Which Greek philosopher emphasized the importance of assessing an individual competencies in vocational selections?
All the above
72) Which of the following statements is correct
interpreting data
psychologist need to explain results in the language that can be understood by the individuals being assessed and give appropriate explanations of the results
The score or numeric value that appears most frequently in a set of scores?
all of the above
11. Most test publishers provide information brochures describing?
All of the above
17) Factors contributing to the acceptance of pshychological test include?
Gardner's Theory
identified 7 forms of intelligence
test constructuion
standard for assessment
Tests are used in employment for
Placement decisions, assignment to training prgrams, promotion, retention, licensing and certification
heredity and environment
shape intelligience
Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale
used for ages 2-13; individually administered assessment of intelligence and cognitive abilities
criterion referenced test
sometimes called domain referenced test, measure specific objectives and skills
Structured Observation
Details are already determined
Concurrent Validity refers to
54) How well a test agrees with on-going observable behavior
rapport isn't an important factor in basing test results
16. Which statement is not true?
crystallized intelligence
Label of illness?
high level of motivation in answering test items
15. Which of the following is not at problem during test administration?
The test must look good and be expensive
In selecting a test, which of the following statements is NOT appropiate
Self Observation (self-monitored data)
a client is aware of the changes of their moods/behaviors~because data are recorded by the individual, periodic checks for accuracy might be necessary. Often the data is checked against ratings by others
C - Wechsler Adult intelligent scalre (WAIS)
17 and up
those who communicate simple or "canned" test results
6) Which of the following is not considered a test user?
The middle score or score that divides a distribution in half?
Test-Retest validity
49)Three major categories are used to describe validity. Which of the following isnt one of them:
Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences - 7 forms
verbal/linguistic, logical/mathematical, visual/spatial, bodily/kinesthetic, musical/rhythmic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and enviornmental (naturalistic was added as the 8th one by Holland in 1981)
All the above
65) A number of variable can influence the second score on test-retest technique. They include:
Psychological and assessment measures
must have validity and be valid
All the above
60)Error of measurement may occur due to
All the above
57) Which of the following different groups is used for comparison in validity studies
all of the above
4) APA defines the term assessment as?
THe KUder-Richarson formula are used
69) In order to determine the internal consistency of a test:
face validity
how "good" a test looks
Descriptive Statistics
Used to summarize and describe a set of data?
specific things to watch, certain questions, certain format observation
Inferential statistics
Test the sample and make inferences to the population?
6 areas included in verbal scale
information subtest, digit span subtest, arithmetic subtest, comprehensive subtest, similarities subtest and vocabulary subtest
External features; such as physcial setting
Sternberg and Wagner
practical intelligence; believed that tests should be used to help provide useful information for understanding and improving the learning process of individuals tested
Predictive Validity
52) if a test accurately predicts sucess in a program, the test has,
Physiological definition
is the function of the cortical cells of the brain. Genetics and heredity play crucial roles
Soldiers who could read and write
15) The army alpha test was primarily a test for?
All the above
58) Factors analysis is a statistical method for:
all of the above
1. Which of the following represent the steps in a decision theory model?
open ended, no time limit, evaluates behavior
self observation
same as self monitoring with people or patience who are cognitive
the test must look good and should be expensive
2. In selecting a test which of the following statements is not appropriate?
verbal scale and performance scale
designed by Wechsler
all of the above - reduce score time, analyze results, test accuracy
2) The use of computers to administer and score tests has ments in terms changed assessments in terms of?
Whether the item on a test measure what they are supposed to measure
50)Content validity refers to
Low verbal IQ
often means psychopathic deviancy/sociopathic
A group of signs?
to determine physical fitness
7) The assessment process is used for the following reasons except?
How spread the scores are?
11) Historically around 2200 B.C. which people used essay questions to help select civil service employess?
the examiner doesn't need to know all about the test
10. Regarding examiner knowledge which is not correct?
Ratio measurement
Consists of a true or absolute zero point in addition to ranking and equal intervals?
64) When a test is given twice, the technique used in obtaining reliabilty is called
general intelligence factor
each individual possesses
Achievement test info = pg 183
Can be useful in selection and placement decisions; such as place students and to check on the validity of such placements
data is not used for special athletic events
8) The data are utilized in all the following except?
fluid intelligence
Outcome of illness?
achievement test meausure
how much a person has learned
Strong Interest Inventory
E.K. Strong revised
construct validity - (page 52)
how well a test agrees with a theory it is based on
6 areas included in performance scale
picture completion subtest, picture arrangement subtest, block design subtest, object assembly subtest, coding or digit symbol subtest and matrix reasoning subtest
Interval measurement
When a scale differentiates among levels of an attribute and has equal distances between those levels?
79)All the above ( establish need, define objectives, involve advisory, writing questions)
Which of the following is NOT a step in developing an atptitude or achievement test
content validity
that the content of the test measures what it should measure
48) How well a test measureswhat itis supposed to measure?
74)All the above
Which of following
Tests are culturally biased
18) Which of the following does not reflect a current issue in testing?
moral principles adopted by an individual or group that provide the basis for right conduct
Verbal IQ
tells about verbal skills and ability
The examiner doesn't need to know all about the test
83) Regarding examiner's knowledge, which of the following is NOT correct
concurrent validity
how well a test agrees with an ongoing behavior
if the client is a minor it isn't necessary to get parental approval
9. Which of the following statements regarding test procedures isn't correct?
Which of the following is NOT an important issue in administering a test
informed consent
includes explaining the nature and purpose of the assessment, fees, involvement of third parties, and limits of confidentiality
Clinical Observation
an extremely valuable tool in working with very young children or with clients who have mental or emtional disabilities
standardized tests are informally constructed
9) Which of the following statements is not correct?
the manual doesn't need to include a description of the course or training program for which the test was designed
5. Specific standards for test manuals incorporate all the following except?
The arithmetic average?
how well the test measures what it is suppose to measure
Aptitude tests
measure potential or the ability to learn a new task
The degree to which a test measures what is supposed to measure
59) Which of the following is NOT a definition of reliability
achievement test information
can be useful in selection and placement decisions
The internal consistency refers to
68) How well each item relates independently to another item
assessment or scoring services
obligation to make sure their procedures are approprate, valid and reliable
Those who could not read and write
16) The army beta test was made for the following persons?
Construct Validity refers to
55)How well a test is based on psychological theory
Ordinal measurement
The process by which individuals or objects are ordered or ranked according to some characteristics?
Full scale IQ
is one of the 3 scores measured from IQ tests
time is not an important factor in decision making
4. Practical features needed to be considered in the evaluation of a test include the following except?
unobtrusive observation
when you observe the patient without them know you are doing so, no interaction between the observer and patient
71) Face Validity of a test
Which of the following is NOT a factor influencing reliability
A person is compared to the people of his or her age group is why a person's intelligence is
All the above
53) Which of the following statements are true
In split-half reliabity
67) a test is divided into two comparable halves
Five major competencies are needed by test administratiors. They include
National Board for Certified Counselors
indentifies 5 standards dealing with measurement and evaluation located in section D of its Code of Ethics
Selection interviews
One of the basic tools of the personnel director
Holland's personality type
Realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising or conventional
Achievement tests
measure acquired knowledge and skills (how much someone has learned - midterm)
Interest tests
measure motivation
Standard deviation
The square root of the variance and the most widely used statistic of variability; it is a numerical value that describes the spread of scores away from the mean?
Vocational Education Act
ensures that individuals like those incarcerated in correctional institutions receive proper services
How good a test looks
51) Face validity refers to
Sign of illness?
Measures of relationship?
Charles Spearman
postulated a two factor theory of intelligence; g- general intelligence and s- specific
the sex of the administrator
7. Which of the following is not an important issue in administering a test
Achievement tests
19) High-stakes tests are primarily?
IQ scores
highly correlated with academic success
test users should be able to
follow exact procedures for administering, scoring and interpreting tests; list and discuss major tests in their fields; aid test takers and counselees in their decision making and accomplishing developmental tasks; be familiar with test interpretation,and computerized report forms to guide clients through the information and explanation
self administration involves reading a test and responding to items by the test taker
13. Which statement is not true?
B - Wechsler intelligent scale for children
neurological tests
3) Which of the following is not included in the classification of psychological tests?
A - Wechsler Pre-school test -
under the age of 6
If the client is a mirror it is not necessary to get parental approval
82) Which of the following statements regarding pr test is NOT correct
test user qualifications
the combination of knowledge, skills, abilities, training, experience and where appropriate, credentials that are considered optimal for test use
Congruent Validity
56) When the new test is validated against the well-established test,which validity is obtained
Errors of measurement is defined as:
61) The difference betwween a person's obtained score and his/her true score
criterion-related validity (or predictive validity)- page 53
how well a test can predict future behavior
73) Non-standardized conditions do not effect the accuracy of test results
Which of the followingstatements is NOT correct
Inferential Statistics
Used to draw inferences about individuals from sample data?
congruent validity
how well a test correlates with a well established test
test data
psychologists must not release unless the client gives permission
Anxious people
score less on performance because anxiety reduces performance ability
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
protects parents' right to examine their children academic records
lack of confidence
17. Examiner bias takes 6 forms? Which is not one of them?
A type of bar graph frequently used to portray the distribution of test data?
Psychological definition
logical thinking, rational behavior and effective actions (David Wechsler)
the test need not be free from bias
3. Which of the following items is not true in selecting a test?
Strong motivational interest test (Ex. Strong interest vocational test)
provides a profile of how an individual's interests compare with those of successful people in certain occupational fields
Performance IQ
Use of medication or psychotherapy/counsel?
Unobtrusive Observation - (pg 195)
under unstructured = observe without client knowing
62) If a person receives the same score on a test when he or she is given the test twice, the correlation coefficient would be
professional competency
knowledge and understanding to select, administer, score and interpret the instrument
specific factor
varies for each task undertaken
20th century
1) The use of psychological test has expanded during which of the following centuries?
Cause; biological/psychological social factors?
All of the above
84) Most tes publishers provide information, brochures describing
Unstructured Observation = pg. 193
Open ended observing

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