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Health - Blue Review Part 1

Blue Review Sheets for the final exam


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drug related motor vehicle crashes
What is the leading cause of teen death?
What is the #1 cause of avoidable death in the United States?
What is the proper name for high blood pressure?
must be tested
Why is high blood pressure known as the silent killer?
carbon monoxide posioning
What other health condition is known as the silent killer?
What term means "sudden onset"?
What term means "long term" or "long lasting"?
What type illness/disease can be treated?
What type of illness/disease can not be treated, but must run its course through the body?
mental (emotional), physical, social
What are the 3 sides of the wellness triangle?
What is the name for brittle bone disease?
What percentage of lung cancer is caused by smoking tobacco?
What is the most common type of cancer?
heredity, environment, behavior, avaliable healthcare
What are the four major factors that determine your health?
What is the term for voluntarily choosing not to do something?
cancer, heart attack, stroke
IN ORDER, list the top 3 causes of death in the US?
A person who most always sees the good some of something is called what?
A person who most always sees the negative some of something is called what?
obbsessive compulsive disorder
What does OCD stand for?
What percentage of the new cases of AIDS in the US are 24 and under?
healthcare advocate
A person who can supervise another person's medical treatement if that person can not do it for himself/herself is called what?
What prefix can be added to a word to mean "high"?
What prefix can be added to a word to mean "low"?
What ending can be added to a word to mean "inflamation or irritation"?
What is the #1 risk for having a stroke?
What gland is not working correctly for people with diabetes?
What hormone is produced by the pancreas?
doctoring at a distance by way of TV monitors and video equipment is called what?
health literacy
obtaining health information to promote wellenss is called what?
How you feel abour yourself is called what?
emotional quotient
What does EQ stand for?
control anger, calm yourself down, read others feelings, delay gratification
What are the four essential components of a healthy EQ?
What term is used for the capacity to participate in someone else's ideas, feelings, or spirit?
valves fail
What happens in your viens to cause you to have varicose veins?
The beliefs and standards that are important to a person when making a decision are called what?
What is the #2 cause of premature death?
Flu and colds are both __________ system illnesses
washing hands, no broken skin
What are the two best protections from germs?
drink lots of fluids
What is the #1 way to prevent a heat-related emergency?
overuse, missuse
List two reasons germs are becoming resistant to antibiotics
The surgeon general reccomends that everyone do __ minutes of activity on most days of the week.
After excercise, a person should be able to recover within __ minutes
What percentage of the body is fluid (range)?
What is the broad name/term for all germs?
water deficit
By the time you feel thristy, you are already in _____ _____?
denial, anger, bargianing, depression, acceptance
list in order the five steps of death
HDL, 45+
What isthe good cholesterol and how much should you have?
LDL under 130
What is the bad cholesterol, and how much should you have?
experts say that we should limit the fat in our diet to no more that ___% of our total daily calories?
Substance that increases urine output. Caffine is one example.
What term always refers to the lungs?
Total triglycerides should be no more than ___?
A clot that starts in one part of the body and then travels to another part of hte body
A clot that does not move from the place that is was formed
Deep Vein Thrombosis
What does DVT stand for?
What term is used for fluid retention or build up?
Chemicals or activities that stimulate the brains creative centers and affect mood
What are mdications that are used to dissolve clots after they are formed?
raises it because of no regulation
What does amphetamine usage do to the body tempature
What is it called when a ligament sticks to the bone after an injury or surgery has started to heal?
20 minutes
Each time ice is applied to an injury it should not be loft on for longer than ___?
smooth, skelatal, cardiac
List the three types of muscles (reverse alpha)?
Ligaments and muscles are made up of ______ that run parallel to each other.
Muscles have the ability to do only on thing; which is ________.
protection, rest, ice, compression, elevation, support
What is the acronym that is used for the treatment of a sprain/strain? Fill in what it stands for ONLY!
tounge falls back in throat
In adults, what is the most common cause of a respiratory emergency?
sleep apnea
What is the condition when an adult stops breathing periodically during sleep?
Sleep is ______ for our brains.
Teenagers should get ____ hours of sleep each night.
If you fall asleep at the wheel for just one second while driving 60 mph, you will travel __ feet
Both nicotine and caffeine are what type of drug?
Alcohol is what type of drug?
One drink for a sleep deprived person is the equivalent of ___ drinks for a well rested person.
without appetite
What does the word anorexia mean?
hunger like an ox
What does the word bulimia mean?
nervous orgin
What does the word nervosa mean?
The process by which the body burns food to produce energy is called what?
media, family pressures, low self-esteem, events
What four factors contribute to eating disorders?
The minimum ammount of energy needed to maintain the body's systems
aneorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating
What are the 3 types of eating disorders?
What is the name for the minterals such as sodium, potassium, and chloride which beomce electronically charged when in solutions such as body fluids?
vomit, laxitives, exercise, diaredics
What are the four ways used to purge for bulimics?
body set point
The term that is used for where your body weight wants to be if you eat wat you want
physical appearance
someone with an eating disorder determines his/her self image by what?
eating disorders are not about what?
Which of the eating disorders is related to an addictive personality?
Which of the eating idsorders causes a distorted body image?
Vegeterians who eat only foods of plant orgin
very large amounts of nutrient supplements which are potentially dangerous
the best thing with which to replace/restore body fluids
weight cycling
the proper name for rapid ups and downs in the wiehgt that are sometimes called "yo-yo dieting"
anabolic steroids are synthetic forms of the male hormone
what does the term androgenic mean?
physical appearance, performance
List two reasons people give for using steroids
the most dangerous side effect of steroid usage
close growth plates
how does steroid usage stunt growth
roid rage
agressive outbursts or wide mood swings that may result from steroid usage
red - blood rich
What color are muscles? Why?
white - no good blood supply
What color are ligaments? Why?
can thicken blood
major health risk of blood doping/packing?
warning sign
benefit (purpose of pain)
4, 3
After an injury ice should be applied ___ times a day or more for ___ days
Both before and after splinting, the ______ pulse should be taken
pulse point in the upper part of the arm between the two muscles
What is the proper name for brain bruise?
exercise that used muscle tension to improve muscular string with littler or no movement of the body part
cross training
combining various exercise routines to help work different body systems
overload, progression, specificity
3 basics of any exercise program
prefix for blood
hematoma, contusion
2 names for bruise
condition when body tissue becomes frozen
bone is moved out of its socket
groups of repitition during weight training are called what?
asthma, emphysema
2 conditions that cuase wheezing sound when a person breathes
body can't sweat
during heatstroke the body temperature may get to 105 degrees or more. Why?
aerobic exercise
vigourous activity in which oxygen is continiously taken in for at least 20 minutes
proper name for blood sugar
narrowed airways, more mucus produced
2 things that cause difficulty breathing during an asthma attack
lactic acid
when a muscle continues to burn sugar but doesn't have eough oxygent do it properly and becomes sore
isometric, isotonic, isokinetic
3 types of restiance training
heat exhaustion
overheating of the body that results in cold clammy skin
chyro therapy
treatmeant of an injury by using cold or ice
body temperature drops below 95
pints of blood in adults body
cycogenic shock
proper name for fainting
where a muscle attatches at a join that doesn't move when the muscle contracts
where a muscle attacheds to a join that DOES move when the muscle contracts
bone to bone
muscle to bone
living will, durable power of attorney, life prolonging procedures declaration
3 forms of Advanced Medical Directives
living will
Most common form of Advanced Medical Directive
how old must you be to create an advanced medical directive
durable power of attorney
form that must be signed by a notary public

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