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Sports injuries risk factors

A quiz about extrinsic and intrinsic risk factors in sport.


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extrinsic risk factor - inappropriate coaching
This is given by a coach who doesnt have up to date knowledge of the current sporting rules and are not implying these rules in training situations.
intrinsic risk factor - inadequate warm up
This prepares the body mentally and physically before a game. it also gets the blood moving around the body.
intrinsic risk factor - poor preparation
This is due to the ability of the sport, if someone is not very fit they can not go in and play a 90 minute football match.It is also affected by the weather conditions, for example a marathon runner in England and Africa.
intrinsic risk factor - postural defects
Most people are born with this and can affect their running technique by putting more strain on a part of the body compared to the other.
extrinsic risk factor - incorrect technique
This is where the participant slips from the correct technique taught by their coach. Bad technique can then adapt into bad habits leading to injuries.
extrinsic risk factor - other sports players
Getting injuried in a contact game from tackles, e.g rugby, in non contact sport getting injured from accidental collision or foul tackles.
intrinsic risk factor - age
This varies the type of injury to the level of competition. On one end of the scale one they can fall over lots where as the other end the injury tends to be more overused.
extrinsic risk factor - equipment and clothing
This could cause someone to get injured, and there is these to help certain sports. In football they have shin pads
extrinsic risk factor - environmental conditions
These create a risk if the sports hall is slippery or it is raining outside stoping the participant in doing attacking or defencive work making them more likely to slip and cause injury.
intrinsic risk factor - poor technique
If a athlete has been taught not using the correct method then they can allow injury due to muscles and bones moving in the wrong direction.

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