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floor hockey terms


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Moving quick from forehand to backhand side or vice-versa
means of taking a puck away from an opponent. Timed so the blade of the stick is placed against the puck when the puck is off the opponent's stick
Poke Check
an attempt to steal the puck with a short jab of the stick
Quick Hit
short pass off a dribble for accuracy rather than distance.
Back Hand Shot
Puck is brought to backhand side with it staying at heel of blade,followed by the wrist snapping hard as shot is taken.
Wrist Shot
puck is brought to forehand side back past midline of body with it staying at heel of blade, followed by the wrist snapping hard as the shot is taken.
evadingthe tackler and maintaining control of the puck
stopping and controlling the puck
method used to start the game or after a goal. It is also used when the puck leaves the playing area.
rectangle immediatly in front of the goal

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