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Japans 566


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wakugumi (枠組み)
a framework
wakimichi (脇道)
a bypath, a branch road
waku (枠)
[額の] a frame, [眼鏡の] a rim, [糸巻きの] a reel, [刺繍の] a tambour; a framework, a limit
wana ni kakaru (罠にかかる)
to be caught in a trap
wakimaeru (弁える)
to see the difference, to know, to bear/keep in mind
wanpatān de aru (ワンパターンである)
to be in a rut, to have a one-track mind
wanwan (わんわん)
bowwow, a bowwow
kibō ga waku (希望が湧く)
to gain hope, to have fresh hope
wandāfōgeru (ワンダーフォーゲル)
hiking, a hiking club
wakemae ni azukaru (分け前にあずかる)
to share, to have a share in
wakizashi (脇差)
a short sword
waku (湧く)
to gush out/forth, to spring, to flow out; [蛆が] to breed, to grow
wanigawa (鰐皮)
crocodile/alligator leather
wakimi (脇見)
a glance aside
wangansensō (湾岸戦争)
the Gulf War
waon (和音)
hanashi ga wakimichi e soreru (話が脇道へそれる)
to wander away from the subject, to get away from the point, to digress
wankyoku suru (湾曲する)
to curve, to bend
wani (鰐)
a crocodile, an alligator
wanmankā (ワンマン・カー)
a one-man bus, a one-man-operated bus
wakemae (分け前)
a share
wanwan hoeru (わんわんほえる)
to bark
wakibara (脇腹)
one's side
wakiyaku o tsutomeru (脇役を勤める)
to play a supporting part/role
wanawana furueru (わなわな震える)
to tremble (all over), to shiver, to quiver
waku ni ireru (枠に入れる)
to frame
wakeme (分け目)
a dividing line, [髪の] a part, a parting; a critical moment, a crisis
wakibara ga itamu (脇腹が痛む)
to have pain in one's side
wakime mo furazuni benkyō suru (脇目も振らずに勉強する)
to study very hard, to devote oneself to one's studies
wakini (脇に)
by, at the side of, by one's side, beside, near, close to
wan (椀)
a bowl
wangandōro (湾岸道路)
a coastal road
waki ni yoru (脇に寄る)
to step aside
wakiaiaitaru katei (和気あいあいたる家庭)
a happy home
waki ni kakaeru (腋にかかえる)
to carry under one's arm
wansa to oshiyoseru (わんさと押し寄せる)
to rush, to come in great numbers
wanryoku ni uttaeru (腕力に訴える)
to use violence, to resort to violence
waki (脇)
the side; another place, some other place, somewhere else; [能の] a supporting actor
wakuchinchūsha o ukeru (ワクチン注射を受ける)
to receive an inoculation/a vaccination
wakimae no aru (弁えのある)
wakiga (腋臭)
a (strong) body odour
waku (沸く)
to boil, to be/get hot, [風呂が] to be ready; to seethe (over), to be excited (over), to be in an uproar
wakiyaku (脇役)
[能の] the supporting playing, the second player
wanpakukozō (腕白小僧)
a naughty boy
wakitatsu (沸き立つ)
to boil up, to seethe, to ferment, to stir
wakiaiaitaru kaigō (和気あいあいたる会合)
a friendly meeting
wameku (喚く)
to cry, to scream, to screech, to shout, to shriek
wana o kakeru (罠をかける)
to set a trap
wakeru (分ける)
to divide, to part; to separate, to part; to distinguish, to classify, to sort out; to divide, to distribute, to share; to spare something for someone
tenkawakeme no tatakai (天下分け目の戦い)
a decisive battle
wanshō (腕章)
an arm band, a brassard
wakeiru (分け入る)
to make/force one's way through
wanpakuna (腕白な)
naughty, mischievous
wanryoku (腕力)
physical/muscular strength
wamei (和名)
the Japanese name for
wakige (腋毛)
underarm hair
wanage (輪投げ)
wakinoshita (腋の下)
the armpit
wamekigoe o ageru (喚き声をあげる)
to give a cry/shout/scream/yell/shriek
wakuwaku suru (わくわくする)
to get nervous, to be excited
wakikaeru (沸き返る)
[湯が] to boil up, to seethe; to get excited, to be in an uproar
wanman (ワンマン)
a dictator, an autocrat
wakusei (惑星)
a planet
wakunai de (枠内で)
within the limits/framework
wakenai (訳ない)
easy, simple
wakideru (湧き出る)
[泉が] to gush (out), to flow, [涙が] to flow, to gush, to start
wan (湾)
a bay, a gulf, an inlet
wanisu o nuru (ワニスを塗る)
to varnish
wakime mo furazuni hataraku (脇目もふらずに働く)
to work very hard, to devote oneself to one's work
wakimae no nai (弁えのない)
thoughtless, reckless
wakuchin (ワクチン)
wansaidogēmu (ワンサイド・ゲーム)
a one-sided game
wanpīsu (ワンピース)
a dress, a one-piece

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