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a kickoff to start a football game is what example of change in momentum?
When two objects colide and stick together and continue at the same velocity its a _____ collision.
the law of conservation states theat the totall momentun of all _____ interacts wiht oneanother and reamains ________ regardless of the nature of outside forces
objects, constant
If an ice skater started at a velocity of 5m/s then changed to 9 m/s, what must have happened?
the speed increased
When a shopping cart collides with the wall what happens to the momentum?
it decreases
Why is more time to complete the egg drop project appreaciated by by students and the eggs?
Longer time interval = less impulse
A _____ blank constant force acting over a long time interval causes a ____ change
Small, small
a student walks at a constant velocity of X, to avoid walking into a door as it opens he slows down to a velocity of Y. When was his least momentum?
when he avoided the door
after colliding, objects are deformed and lose some kenetic energy, which must be a _________ collision.
How do you determine the momentum of an object?
in a collison between 2 objects _________ is conserved.
The impulse experience by a body is equevelant to the bodys change in__________

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