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relay game Er IR verbs


undefined, object
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you (fam) live
The men drink
you (fam) learn
We drink
you (fam) receive
Berto drinks
you (fam) understand
I drink
you (fam) drink
the girls understand
you (fam) eat
Jorge and I understand
you (fam) read
Juan understands
you (fam) sell
I understand
you (fam) write
The teachers receive
Frank lives
We receive
Ann and I live
the man receives
My friends live
I receive
I learn
The students learn
Paco learns
My family and I learn
I eat
The reporters write
I live
The man sells
I write
We sell
The poet writes
Luis eats
We write
My neighbors and I eat
The students write
The diners eat
I sell
I read
David sells
Monica reads
They sell
My family and I read
The teachers read
Pedro and I understand

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