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tainō suru (滞納する)
to fail to pay, [月謝が] to be in arrears
taikyaku (退却)
a retreat
taikōsha (対抗者)
a rival
taiketsu suru (対決する)
to confront
taikyō (胎教)
prenatal care/training
taikōhi (大公妃)
a grand duchess
taikyūryoku ga aru (耐久力がある)
to be durable, to last long
taikoku (大国)
a large country, a great nation/power
tai-Nichi enjo (対日援助)
aid to Japan
tairana (平らな)
even, smooth, level, flat
taikyoku suru (対局する)
to play, to play a game of [go]
taiman (怠慢)
negligence, neglect
taikyaku suru (退却する)
to retreat, to make a retreat, to withdraw
taiki (大気)
the air, the atmosphere
taipu (タイプ)
a type; a typewriter
taima (大麻)
hemp, marijuana, [Slang] pot (grass)
taikōbō o kimekomu (太公望を決め込む)
to indulge in fishing
tainetsu no (耐熱の)
taikyo shite (大挙して)
in a body, in large numbers, in great force
taiken (大権)
supreme power, the sovereignty
taimō o idaku (大望をいだく)
to have/cherish an ambition
taion o hakaru (体温を計る)
to take one's temperature
taikoban o osu (太鼓判を押す)
I assure [you of his honesty]
taiki suru (待機する)
to watch and wait, to await orders
taikūshageki (対空射撃)
anti-aircraft fire
tainin suru (退任する)
to retire, to resign [from one's office]
taikiosen (大気汚染)
air pollution
taimen o tamotsu (体面を保つ)
to keep up appearances, to save one's face
tainetsushiken (耐熱試験)
a heat test
taikikennaikakujikken (大気圏内核実験)
an atmospheric nuclear test
taikyo suru (退去する)
to leave, to withdraw, to evacuate
taimen ni kakawaru (体面にかかわる)
to affect one's honour
taikyūshiken (耐久試験)
an endurance test
taikutsu suru (退屈する)
to be tired, to be bored
taikenkōsu (大圏コース)
a great-circle route
taiko (太古)
ancient times
tainōshobun (滞納処分)
coercive collection
taimen o omonjiru (体面を重んじる)
to have a sense of honour
tainaiteki (体内的)
domestic, internal, home
tainai ni (体内に)
in the body
taikōba (対抗馬)
a rival horse; a rival candidate
taiō suru (対応する)
to correspond, to cope with
taionkei (体温計)
a (clinical) thermometer
taikōkoku (大公国)
a grand duchy
taimen suru (対面する)
to see, to meet, to interview
taikōsaku (対抗策)
a countermeasure
taikyoku (大局)
the general situation, the main issue
taimai (玳瑁)
a hawksbill (turtle)
taikōbō (太公望)
an angler
taiman de aru (怠慢である)
to neglect [one's duties]
taikiken (大気圏)
the atmosphere [-> 大気]
taikobara (太鼓腹)
a potbelly
taikibansei (大器晩成)
Great talents mature late
taikō (太后)
an empress dowager
tainōsha (滞納者)
a defaulter, [税の] a delinquent
taimatsu (松明)
a torch
ōdaiko (大太鼓)
a bass drum
taimai hyakuman'en (大枚百万円)
as much as a million yen, no less than a million yen
taikyo o meijiru (退去を命じる)
to order [a person] out of [a place]
tainōkin (滞納金)
arrears, arrearage
taikyūsei (耐久性)
taikyūshōhizai (耐久消費財)
consumer durables
taiko (太鼓)
a drum
kodaiko (小太鼓)
a snare drum
taikō (大綱)
general principles, an outline
taikutsushinogi ni (退屈しのぎに)
to kill time, for a change
tainin (大任)
a great task, an important charge
taikobashi (太鼓橋)
an arched bridge
taimen o kegasu (体面を汚す)
to impair one's dignity, to bring disgrace on
taikūhikō (滞空飛行)
an endurance flight
taikomochi (幇間)
a professional jester, a flatterer, a sycophant
tai-Nichi kanjō (対日感情)
the sentiment/feeling toward Japan
taiki (大器)
a man of great talent
tainai de (胎内で)
in the womb
taikō suru (対抗する)
to oppose, to cope with
taikin (大金)
a lot of money, a large sum of money
taimanna (怠慢な)
negligent, neglectful
taikyū (耐久)
taikūkiroku (滞空記録)
an endurance record
taimenkōtsū (対面交通)
facing traffic
taikōsha (対向車)
an oncoming car
tōzaitaikōjiai (東西対抗試合)
a Kanto vs. Kansai game
taikutsuna (退屈な)
boring, tedious, monotonous, dull
taimen (体面)
dignity, appearance, honour, reputation
taikō (大公)
a grand duke
taipu suru (タイプする)
to type
taiketsu saseru (対決させる)
to confront [a person] with [another]
taikūjikan (滞空時間)
duration of flight
taikyūryoku (耐久力)
stamina, durability
taikeibanseigata no hito (大器晩成型の人)
a late bloomer

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