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Japans 227


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katsuobushi (鰹節)
(a piece of) dried bonito
kateisaibansho (家庭裁判所)
a family court, a domestic relations court
Katorikku (カトリック)
Catholicism; a Catholic; a Roman Catholic Church
katsuyō suru (活用する)
to put to practical use
katsu (勝つ)
to win, to win/gain a victory, to beat, to defeat, to conquer, to overcome
katsuryoku (活力)
vitality, energy
katorisenkō (蚊取線香)
a mosquito-repellent incense
kattena (勝手な)
selfish, willful
katto naru (かっとなる)
to fly into a rage, to blow one's top
katsuji (活字)
a printing type, [Generally] type
katei (課程)
a course, a curriculum
katsuyaku suru (活躍する)
to be active, to play an active part
katte no warui (勝手の悪い)
katsuyakukin (括約筋)
a constrictor, a sphincter
kawa (皮/革)
the skin; a hide, leather, fur; bark; a rind, a peel, peelings; a husk, a shell; film; crust
katoku (家督)
a family estate
katsugiya (担ぎ屋)
a blackmarket peddler; a superstitious person
katsuyō (活用)
practical use, application; [Gram.] inflection, conjugation, declension
katei o motsu (家庭を持つ)
to make a home, to settle down
katōna (過当な)
undue, excessive
katei (過程)
a process, a course
katsuro o hiraku (活路を開く)
to find a way out
katōseiji (寡頭政治)
katte o shitteiru (勝手を知っている)
katto natte (かっとなって)
in a fit of anger
katsura (鬘)
a wig, a hairpiece
katōna (下等な)
inferior, low, vulgar, coarse
katsu o ireru (活を入れる)
to revive, to invigorate
kateiyōhin (家庭用品)
household articles
katsugidasu (担ぎ出す)
to bring forward
katsubō suru (渇望する)
to long, to yearn, to crave, to be anxious
go tai ni de katsu (五対二で勝つ)
to win the game (by a score of) 5 to 2
katsudō suru (活動する)
to be active, to play an active part, to function
katōkyōsō (過当競争)
an excessive competition
kateinaibōryoku (家庭内暴力)
domestic violence
katsugu (担ぐ)
to carry on one's shoulders/back, to shoulder; to be superstitious, to deceive, to choose
kaun (家運)
family fortunes
katsura (桂)
a Japanese Judas tree
kauntā (カウンター)
a counter, a bar, a counterpunch, a counterblow
katsuji o kumu (活字を組む)
to set type
katokusōzokunin (家督相続人)
an heir, an heiress
katsudōryoku (活動力)
katte o shiranai (勝手を知らない)
katsu (且つ)
besides, moreover
katoku o sōzoku suru (家督を相続する)
to succeed to one's father's estate
katsurei (割礼)
a circumcision
kateika (家庭科)
homemaking course
kattō (葛藤)
complications, trouble
katōdōbutsu (下等動物)
lower animals
kateisaien (家庭菜園)
a kitchen garden
kawa o fune de noboru (川を舟で上る)
to go up the river in a boat
kawa o fune de kudaru (川を舟で下る)
to go down the river in a boat
katatsuna (闊達な)
katto (カット)
a woodcut, a cut; cutting, a cut
katsuai suru (割愛する)
to spare, to part with, to give up, to omit
katsuo (鰹)
a bonito
katsujitai de kaku (活字体で書く)
to write in block letters
kateiryōri (家庭料理)
home cooking
katsute (曾て/嘗て)
once, before, ever; never
katto suru (カットする)
to cut, to blue-pencil
katsubō (渇望)
a longing
katteguchi (勝手口)
the kitchen door, the back door
kawa (川)
a river, a stream, a brook
katsuyaku (活躍)
katsudō (活動)
activity, action
kau (飼う)
to keep, to rear, to raise
kateikyōshi (家庭教師)
a tutor, a governess
katōshokubutsu (下等植物)
lower plants
katteni (勝手に)
as one pleases/likes, of one's own accord, without leave; arbitrarily
kattena mane o suru (勝手なまねをする)
to have one's own way
katsuji ni kumu (活字に組む)
to put/set in type
katoki (過渡期)
a transition period/stage
Tonegawa (利根川)
the Tone River, the (River) Tone
katte no yoi (勝手の良い)
katte (勝手)
a kitchen; condition, circumstances; one's own convenience
katsuji ni suru (活字にする)
to print
katsudōka (活動家)
an activist

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