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Japans 600


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zentenkōgata no (全天候型の)
all-weather ~
zen'ya (前夜)
the previous night, the night before, [祭日の] the eve
zokkan suru (続刊する)
to continue (its) publication
zoku (俗)
the way of the world; worldliness, vulgarity, the laity
zokuakuna (俗悪な)
vulgar, coarse, gross
zetsubō (絶望)
despair, hopelessness
zetsumetsu suru (絶滅する)
to become extinct, to die out; to stamp out, to exterminate
zetsuen suru (絶縁する)
to break/sever one's connection, to insulate
zenzenjitsu (前々日)
two days before, the day before yesterday
zetsudaina (絶大な)
the greatest, tremendous, immense, generous
zentōyō (前頭葉)
the frontal lobe
zesshō (絶唱)
a superb poem, an excellent poem
zokkai (俗界)
the (workaday) world, earthly life
zesshoku suru (絶食する)
to fast, to abstain from food
zoku ni ieba (俗に言えば)
to use a common phrase
zettaiansei (絶対安静)
a complete rest
zokuni (俗に)
commonly, vulgarly
zettai no (絶対の)
absolute, unconditional
zokka (俗化)
zettaizetsumei ni naru (絶体絶命になる)
to be driven to the wall/last ditch, to become desperate
zokugun (賊軍)
a rebel army
zessen (舌戦)
a wordy war, wordy warfare, verbal warfare
zokugo (俗語)
[Collectively] colloquial language, a colloquial expression, slang
zokuhatsu (続発)
successive occurrence
zokuhatsu suru (続発する)
to happen in succession, to crop up one after another
zeppan de (絶版で)
out of print
Kurisumasu zen'ya (クリスマス前夜)
Christmas Eve
zentetsu o fumu (前轍を踏む)
to follow a person's example
zen'yaku (全訳)
a complete translation
zenzen (全然)
wholly, utterly, quite, completely, altogether, [not] at all
zessan suru (絶賛する)
to extol, to be loud in a person's praise
zokkai no (俗界の)
zoku ni iu (俗に言う)
what is commonly called
zetsumyō no (絶妙の)
zetsuentēpu (絶縁テープ)
an insulating tape, a friction tape
zetsuen (絶縁)
zetsuentai (絶縁体)
an insulator
zokuhen (続編)
a sequel, a second volume
zokubutsu (俗物)
a vulgar person, a worldly person, a snob
zetchō (絶頂)
the summit, the top, the height
zesshokuryōhō (絶食療法)
a fast cure
zettai (絶対)
zero (ゼロ)
zero, nought, nothing, a failure
zenzu (全図)
a complete map
zezehihishugi (是々非々主義)
a free and unbiased policy
zento (前途)
one's future, prospects
zentsū (全通)
the opening of the whole line
zokkō suru (続行する)
to continue, to proceed, to keep on
zenza o tsutomeru (前座を務める)
to play second fiddle
zokubutsukonjō (俗物根性)
snobbery, Philistinism
zoku (族)
a family, relatives; a race, a tribe
zetsugan (舌癌)
cancer on the tongue
zoku (属)
a genus
zettaini (絶対に)
absolutely, unconditionally
zettaionkan (絶対音感)
perfect pitch
zerokūponsai (ゼロ・クーポン債)
a zero-coupon bond
zokka suru (俗化する)
to vulgarize, to be vugarized
zeppin (絶品)
a rarity, a unique article
zetsubō suru (絶望する)
to despair, to give up all hopes
zento yūbō da (前途有望だ)
to have a bright future
zesshoku (絶食)
fasting, a fast
zetsumei suru (絶命する)
to die, to pass away
zokuji (俗字)
the popular/simplified form of a Chinese character
zessei no bijin (絶世の美人)
a rare beauty
zetsumetsu (絶滅)
extermination, extinction
zetsubōtekina (絶望的な)
desperate, hopeless
zeppitsu (絶筆)
one's last writing
zeppeki (絶壁)
a precipice, a cliff
zentei (前庭)
a front garden, a front yard
zokkō (続行)
zesei suru (是正する)
to correct, to put to right, to improve
zessei no (絶世の)
peerless, matchless
zoku (賊)
a thief, a burglar; a rebel, a traitor
zesei (是正)
zenza (前座)
an opening performance
zokuna (俗な)
worldly, common, vulgar, lay
zentsū suru (全通する)
to be opened (to thorough traffic)
zerogēmu (ゼロ・ゲーム)
[テニスの] a love game, [野球の] a shutout
zentōbu (前頭部)
the sinciput
zento yūbōna (前途有望な)
zokkoku (属国)
a dependency, a subject state
zetsurin no (絶倫の)
matchless, peerless, unparalleled
zettaiondo (絶対温度)
absolute temperature
seiryokuzetsurin no hito (精力絶倫の人)
a man of unequaled energy
zettaitasū (絶対多数)
an absolute majority

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