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This continent is made up of snow and ice. Very few people are there, mostly scientists.


This ocean is located on the western border of the USA. Hawaii is located here.

Pacific Ocean
This is the largest continent on Earth.
This continent is in the southern hemisphere. The rainforests are located here.
South America
This continent has a country with the same name. It is also known as the "land downunder".
This continent has many countries in it such as England,Spain, Italy, and France.

This ocean is located off the coast of Africa.

The Indian Ocean

This ocean is located on the eastern border of the USA. You would swim in it if you went to Virginia Beach.

Atlantic Ocean

This ocean is located in the Northern Hemisphere. The water is very cold.

The Arctic Ocean
This continent is the second largest. It has jungles, deserts, and the Nile River.
This continent is made up of snow and ice. The only people there are scientists.
This is the continent we live on. It has many countries in it, including Mexico, Canada, and the USA.
North America

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