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Match the answer to the situation.


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A friend gives you a birthday present. What do you say?
Thank you for the present.
You have to walk between two people who are talking. What do you say?
Excuse me.
Dad just got home from grocery shopping. What do you ask?
May I help you carry the groceries into the house?
Someone calls for your sister, but she's not home. What do you say?
She's not here. May I take a message?
A stranger offers you candy. What will you do?
I will run away fast and tell my parents.
You need help getting your computer to work. What do you say?
Mrs. Poe, will you help me with my computer?
You forgot your lunch money. What will you do?
I will tell my teacher and I will eat on credit.
Your friend has a new computer game. What do you ask?
May I play your computer game with you?
Oops! The bathtub is overflowing. What will you do?
I will turn off the water and clean up the mess.
You spill your drink at dinner. What do you say?
I'm sorry. I'll clean it up.
Your friend fell off her bike. What do you ask?
Are you okay?
You find money in the hall at school. What will you do?
I will give it to my teacher or to the office.
You're at home and you smell smoke. What will you do?
I will call get out of the house and call 911.
Your friend calls to invite you to a party. What do you say?
I would love to come. What day and time is it?
Someone new moves in next door to you. What do you say?
Hi, my name is Chase. What's your name?
Your teacher says, "How are you today?" What do you say?
I'm fine, Ms. Montondo. How are you?
There's one piece of pizza left. Both you and your friend want it. What will you do?
I will let him have it or we will share the piece of pizza.

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