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Latin Chapter 4B(i)&(ii)


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Asi-a ae 1f
Asia Minor
calamitās calamitāt-is 3f.
disaster, calamity
comes comit-is 3m.
companion, friend
pl. retinue
hospes hospit-is 3m.
host, friend, guest
Lampsacēnus-i 2m.
person from Lampsacum
cēterī ae a
the rest, the others
clār-us a um
famous, well-known
Graec-us a um
nōbil-is e
renowned, distinguished, well-born, noble
turp-is e
distinguished, filthy, outrageous, ugly
ūllus a um (gen.ūllīus, dat. ūllī)
cupiō 3/4 cupīuī cupītus
I desire, yearn for, want desperately
fruor 3 dep. frūctus (+abl)
I enjoy
ūtor 3 dep. ūsus (+abl.)
I use, make use of, adopt
(adv.) almost,
(prep.+acc.) near
cōnsul cōnsul-is 3m.
cupiditās cupiditāt-is 3f.
lust, greed, desire
coep-ī (perf. in form)
I began
neglegō 3 neglēxī neglēctus
I ignore, overlook, neglect
recipiō 3/4 recēpī receptus
I welcome, recieve, take in
retineō 2 retinuī retentus
I hold back, detain, restrain, maintain

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