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One stroke under the designated par of a hole is...
A Birdie
Usually one stroke over the designated par of a hole is
A Bogey.
The hole shall be 4 and a half inches in diameter and at least 4 ft. deep. What is this called?
The Cup.
A hole in which the route of play angles to the right or to the left before reaching the putting surface
Two strokes under the designated par of a hole
Closely mowed route of play between teeing area and putting green
A warning cry to any person in the way of play
The putting surface
A term used to designate bunkers (sand traps or water areas)
A numerical standard of scoring excellence hole based on yardage and two putts per green.
Golf originated from a game played on the _____ coast of _______ in the ______ of _____ during the _____th century.
The Gentlemen Golfers of Leith (____) was the first club and was formed to promote an _______ with a _______ as the prize.
1744.Annual Competition.Silver Golf Club
Club heads were made from ____ or the wood of fruit trees such as apple. Some were made from hand-forged ____. Shafts were usually ____ or _____. Balls were made from tightly compressed ________ wrapped in a stitched horse hide sphere.
Beech.Iron.Ash or Hazel.Feathers
The first international golf tournament was the _________ of _____ and the ____ in ____
Amateur Golf Championship.India.East.1893
In ____, the ______ was established to regulate the game in US.
United States Golf Association.1894
The Professional Golfers Association of America was formed in ____
What are the Four Major Tournaments of the PGA Tour
Masters, US open, British Open, PGA championship

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