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zlatas diary september 2 1991-december 6 1992


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an old stove
what did the family use to cook after the power was cut
zlatas parents where marryed there
why was it so bad that dubrovnik was shelled
in november what supply was hard to get
her mom was there
why was zlata really scared after vaso miskin street was shelled
she died
what happend to nina, zlatas friend
the owners didnt have enogh food to feed them
why did lots of dogs die in the war
they hooked it up to the car battary
when the power was cut how did they listen to the radio
they got sick
what sad thing happend on zlatas birthday
serbs coras muslims
what were the three political groups that caused the war
politicts people
who where the 'kids'
to use there celler
why where the filipoviys visiting the bobars when the shooting started
how old was zlata when she first wrote in her diary
what fruit did the tree in zlatas yard give
so she could see her grama and grampa
why did zlata wish the bridge was safe enogh to cross
windows snipers could shoot them throgh
what made a dangerous room dangerous
he was wounded
what happened to zlatas uncle branco
whos fan club did zlata join
who was brothers with nedo
white fang
what movie did zlata see at the cinimax theter
sent them food
how did the UN help the people of sareavo

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