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nurs 102 lecture week 7


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when one person in an intimate relationship is able to get and maintain the power and control over the other person
power and control
domestic violence affects how many women?
1 in 4
what is the percentage of victims of intimate partner violence that are against women?
each year, how many pregnant women are victims of intimate partner violence in us?
intimate partner violence is responsible for what percentage of female homicides?
gay and bisexual men experience abuse in intimate partner relationship at what rate?
2 to 5
how much money was spent on direct medical andmental health services in the US as a result of intimate partner violence?
4.1 billion
what means an incident that results in bodily harm, bodily injury, assault, or threat of physical violence?
family violence
what does not consitute family violence unless there is a present danger and likelihood that physical violence will occur?
verbal abuse / argument
ANA has shifted from illness and cure to:
wellness and care
what abilities do advance practice registered nurses have?
clinical/critical pathways replace:
old care plans
ensures quality client care, reduces costs, manages high volume, high risk cases
case manager
case managers may also be
social workers
work with multidisciplinary team to measure effectiveness of plan, monitor outcomes
case managager
regulated by state, provincial board of nursing, national accrediting bodies
nursing education
focuses on critical thinking, applicaiton from evidence based theory
nursing education
professional values, attitudes reflect in ethical, culturally sensitive practice
nursing education
three types of nurses licensed:
the nurse's role in research:
identify areas of study
federally funded national health insurance:
federally funded, state operated:
What part of medicare provides basic medical, surgical, psychiatric care based on drg's
what part of medicare covers physicians and certain outpatient services?
categorically needy (blind, disabled) people are eligable for:
limits amt paid to hospitals that are reimbursed by medicare
pps Prospective payment system
payment based on drgs
pps Prospective payment system
set by admission record, not txment received
pps Prospective payment system
DRG: diagnostic related group has been created by
system that sets predetermined fees based on a specific diagnosis, regardless of cost for services, length of stay, acuity, complexity
hmo stands for
health maintenence organization
group of health care agencies that provide basic, supplemental services to voluntary enrollees
What do HMO's stress? **
wellness, health maintence and promotion
group of physician and/or hospital that provides an insurance comapnay or employer with services at discounted rate.
Under this, the customer chooses among participating providers
payment system capped revenue, establishes plan of care for each dx, usually monthly payment to primary care provider
the fee for dianosis framework is used by
employers contract with providers for a package price **
direct contracting
school health services, occupational health services, physician office/private practice, ambulatory clinics, nursing centers, block and parish nursing and volunteer agencies:
preventative and primary care services
preventative and primary care services provide services for:
health education/promotion
disease management
hospitals, intensive care, sub acute care, psychiatric facilities, and rural hospitals are examples of:
secondary and tertiary care
tertiary care provides:
special care, highly technical services
home health care, rehab, ecf's are examples of:
restorative care
nursing facilities, assisted living, respite care, adc's, hospice are examples of:
continuing care
case manager, collaborator, educator, counselor, client advocate, change agent, clinician, researcher are roles of the:
community nurse
healthy ppl 2010: environmental health is aimed at
increasing life span in americans
what percentage of children in the soviet union have resp. disease?
each person, per year wastes about how many lbs of waste?
what type of effect do toxic chemicals have?
who has the highest infant mortality rate of the 25 industrialized nations?
what are some meternal, prenatal and newborn risk factors:
drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sti's, hiv, malnutrition, teenage pregnancy
what is the leading cause of death for toddler, preschool and school age clients:
what are some major safety risks for the adolscent?
drugs, alcohol, tobacco, risky sexuality, suicide, motor vehicle accidents, poor nutrition,communicable diseases
what are some safety risks for adults, and the working population?
drugs/alcohol, poor nutrition, communicable disease, lack of ins, inadequate housing, unintentional injury
a person lawfully invested with power, and charged with the duty of taking care of a person and managing property of another person who for fect of age, understanding or self control is considered incapable of administering his own affairs
appointed by probate court to manage affairs, estate of one who is unable to manage property and business affairs effectively
is a conservator able to make medical decisions?
governs withholding or withdrawal of life sustaining treatment from an individual in event of incurable or irreversible condition that will cause death within relatively short time and person no longer able to make decisions regarding medical treatment.
living will
agent appointed with authority to perform certain specified acts on behalf of principal. areas covered include real estate goods, transactions, commodities, banking etc. DOES NOT COVER DECISIONS R/T WITHDRAWAL OF LIFE SUPPORT/FOOD, FLUIDS, PALLIATIVE CAR
durable power of attorney
requires employer to carry ins that provides compensation for lost wages and med cost associated with workload
workers comp act of 1911
provides financial resources for the aged, blind, disabled, high risk, mothers/children
social security act of 1935
ensures worker education regarding hazards in workplace
hazard comm act of 1986
who assures safe, healthful work conditions, offer free hep b vaccine and provide ppe?
nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. proliferatonof nuclear bio and chem weapons and related to technology
weapons of mass destruction
four examples of biological agents
bacteria, viruses, toxins, rickettsia
most common biological agents
anthrax, plague, small pox, botulinum
4 types of chemical agents
blood agents, vesicant/blister agents
pulmonary agents and nerve agents
heics stands for;
hospital emergency incident command system
when this is in place, your talking to fed gov and local authority
heavy, soft malleable bluish metal
naturally occurs as by product of ag
used by man since 650 bc
not found naturally in body
lead has what type of effect on the body
lead affects what four things?
cns, liver, kidneys and brain
lead tricks the body into thinking it is what 3 things?
fe, ca, zn
having the recommended daily allowances of fe, ca and zn decrease:
lead absorption
lead can cause concurrent:
iron deficiency anemia
a low fat diet may decrease absorption of what?
binds to rbc membranes and prevents rbc production
may cause decreased sperm count and motility
interferes with vit d synthesis, cell maturation and skeletal growth
with low levels of lead poisoning, what four things can happen?
decrease in intelligence
behavior problems
decreased growth
impaired hearing
40 or more mcg/dl of lead is considered a:
moderate amount
10-19mcg/dl of lead is considered a:
low amount
89 or higher mcg/dl of lead is considered
high amount
with a moderate level of lead toxicity, what is affected?
brain, cns, kidney liver
high level of lead toxicity causes:
coma, convulsions and death
the most common pedi public health problem
lead poisoning
lead poisoning causes:
irreversible damage
can lead be passed in utero to fetus?
the young are at higher risk for lead poisoning because
developing cns, smaller body size, absorbs pb easier, hand-mouth activities, sweet taste
what are some effects of lead on children?
reading difficulties
poor vocab
poor fine motor skills
attention problems
lower class ranking
early s/s of lead poisoning:
tiredness, restlessness, irritability, stomachache, cramping, constipation, poor appetite
later s/s of lead accumulation:
clumsiness, weakness, losing skills, regression
s/s of severe lead poisoning cases:
vomiting, loss of sight/hearing, lapses of consciousness, death
chelation therapy must be started when blood levels of lead are at:
20 mcg
what does chelation therapy do?
removes lead from blood and body
if blood level is at 70mcg/dl, or greater, it is considered a
medical emergency
what will happen to hbg and hct with lead poisoning?
before chelation therapy can start, what has to be done?
bowels need to be emptied (enema/cathartics)
malaise, n/v, diarrhea, transient liver enzyme elevations, metallic tasts, reversible neutropenia
side effects of chelation therapy
edetate calcium disodium promotes:
urinary excretion of lead
edetate calcium disodium can be given im or iv for levels of lead above
BAL (british antilewisite in peanut oil) eliminates lead through
urine and bile
BAL is used in levels of lead above
how should you cook your food to decrease absorption of lead
bake or broil
you should not cook foods this way, it may increase absorption of lead
eggs, dried fruit, peanut butter, green leafy veggies, beans, pas, lentils, lean red meat, chicken, turkey fish, clams, oysters, and mussels are examples of food that are:
iron rich
milk, yogurt, cheese dairy prods, sardines, canned salmon with bones, grean leafy veggies are ex. of food that are:
milk, cheese eggs, chicken, turkey, lean meats, fish, clams, oysters, mussels, crap, dried beans, lentils are ex.s of
zinch rich foods
oranges, grapefruit, strawberries, cantaloupe, green peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, potatoes are foods rich in
vitamin c
on an empty stomach:
lead can be easily absorbed
all medicaid children are tested for:

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