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5th grade ocean and weather


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what is a thermometer
this device measures the temperature of the air
what does it mean to have a low pressure area
this kind of air pressure usually means bad weather is on the way
what is an anemometer
this device measures wind speed
what is the water cycle
this is where water runs off into streams,lakes and oceans; the water then evaporates and goes up into the clouds; the water droplets get heavier and heavier and eventually fall to the ground in the form of precipitation
what is a cumulonimbus cloud
these are tall clouds; they are a type of cumulus cloud; they bring thunderstorms; and they are usually called thunderclouds
what is rain gauge
this device measures the amount of rain we get
what are cirrus clouds
these are high, wispy clouds; they are made mostly of ice crystals; and they usually mean good weather
what is a hygrometer
this device measures the amount of humidity in the air
what does it mean if we have a high pressure area
this area of pressure usually means good weather
what happens to the energy from the sun's rays that reach the earth
50% of this is absorbed by the earth's surface and 5% of it is reflected off the earth's surface
what is wind
this is caused by the surface of the earth being heated unevenly by the sun
what is climate
this is the average of all weather conditions through all seasons over a period of time
what is a local wind
this is the wind in your area
what determines climate
temperature, precipitation, wind speed, and wind direction have a direct effect on this
what are land breezes
this is caused by sea breezes moving away toward the land; at night they cool off and move back toward the sea
what are prevailing winds
these are global winds that blow from the same direction. they are caused by the uneven heating of large parts of the earth's atmosphere and by the earth's rotation
what is temperature
this is determined by latitude or how far a place is from the equator
what are the different types of winds
polar easterlies, northeast tradewinds, southeast tradewinds, prevailing westerlies, and jet streams are types of this
what affects the climate
the distance a place is from the equator; the amount of precipitation, the winds, ocean currents; and the shape of the land itself affects this
what is a cumulus cloud
these are piled up, puffy clouds which usually means fair weather; but it can produce some type of precipitation too
what are sea breezes
these are winds that move away from shore toward land
what is the greenhouse effect
this is where carbon dioxide absorbs some of the heat given off by the earth
what is global warming
this is a prediction that scientists have made in which excess carbon dioxide makes the termperatures rise on earth
what is a stratus cloud
this type of cloud looks like "layers of clouds" in the sky; they often produce rain or snow. if they touch the ground, it is called fog
what is a surface current
this is an ocean current that is caused by prevailing winds
what is a rip current
this is a current that flows away from the beach quickly and causes trouble for swimmers
what causes a rip current
this is where a long ridge of sand forms offshore from the beach and the waves can't pass back over it until a small break opens up. the water then flows over it quickly, producing a strong current
what is the gulf stream
this is a warm ocean current that flows from the Caribbean, past the east coast of the United States, and across the North Atlantic Ocean
why can palm trees grow along the southern coast of England
the Gulf Stream makes this climate mild enough to grow palm trees along the southern coast of England
what is a shoreline current
these are local ocean currents that run along the coast
what is a longshore current
this when waves strike the shore at an angle and then move water forward along the shore. this is the type of current that "erodes" the beach and "deposits" the sand somewhere else
what does the earth's rotation do the ocean currents
this causes the ocean currents to bend to the right in the northern hemisphere and to the left in the southern hemisphere
what causes deep ocean currents
the differences in water temperature cause this type of ocean current
what causes high and low tide
these are caused by the gravity of the sun and the moon on the earth's waters
what has the greatest effect on the tides
the moon has the greatest effect on this because it is closer to the earth
what is a tidepool
this is a pool of seawater found along a rocky shoreline
how much of the earth's surface is covered by water
70% of this covers the earth's surface
what is a wave
this is the up and down movement of surface water
what causes a wave to slow down when it comes ashore
friction with the bottom of the ocean causes this to happen to a wave as it gets close to shore
what produces waves
the wind produces this in the ocean
what is a storm surge
this is a large amount of water that comes ashore during a hurricane
what determines the height of the waves
this is determined by how hard the wind blows
what is a rogue wave
this is a huge wave that is formed when large storm waves join together
what is an ocean current
this is a stream of water that flows like a river through the ocean
what is a tsunami
this is a giant wave that is caused by an earthquake
what does the word sonar mean
this is a device that uses sound waves. scientists use this to map the ocean floor

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