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Bag of Tricks #2


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Monroe Doctrine
a very big bark from a small dog

declared that europe should end colonization on the w. hemisphere

did not have mil power to back it up so brit helped them because it alligned w/ their interests
Jay's Treaty
treaty that removed brit from america... limited trade

withdrawal wanted to concentrate on France
2nd Great Awakening
religious gatherings... mostly in the west

provided meetings for the first time
Federalist Papers
series of newspaper articles favoring the Constitution written by Madison, Hamilton, and Jay

#10 by Madison government needed to govern a society w/ factions
Embargo Act
forbade ships from trading in any foreign ports

cut off imports and exports

disaster econ dropped

this was in response to brit mistreatment towards american neutrality in the war in euro
Hamilton's Economic Plans
designed to pay for foreign debts

"report on public credit"
tax on liquor
interest bearing bonds

"Bank of the United States"
government funds

"Report on Manufactures"
denied cuz too monarchy
high protective tariffs
Tecumseh the Prophet
preached message to other indians to resist against expansion

killed many amer.
against the Federalists... emerged after the Fed papers

didn't want constitution passed because felt like it gave too much power to gov

persudaded w/ the bill of rights to finally convince them to ratify const,.
Missouri Compromise
Old NW and Old SW collided in Missouri and so when Missouri wanted to be a slave state it caused the Old NW to question slavery

so w/ Maine also granted statehood abolishing slavery they were equal again

36 36 N lat sout of that would be slavery and no abolished
Alien and Sedition Acts
passed by Adams
to be citizen... need to be resident for 14 yrs... use to be 5

authorized gov to imprison foreigners during war time

fines and imprisonment to those who are against the government by written or verbal form

agaisnt bill of rights
Bill of Rights
designed to build popular support for const

guardian of people's liberties

freedome of speech pres, right of assembly bear arms

also designed to assure that the anti-federalists that const. isnt all that bad
Agrarian Republicanism
proposed by TJ

that people should become yeoman farmers and not be dependent on anyone else

land expansion
xyz affair
made adams popular
XYZ stood for the french names that were demanding a bribe before any negotiation w/ America about their tough regulations on amer. shipping
Louisiana Purchase
napoleon selling it because they were losing the war and needed money... also, had no use to him anymore because haiti was independent... sold it for 15 mil which tj bought overnight country size doubled
Whiskey Rebellion
Because of Hamilton's Fiscal program, tax was put on whiskey therefore angering farmers

farmers joined together and rebelled

controlled w/ strong military force sent by Washington... showed strong central government 1782
Spoils System
awarded the party that was loyal to the winning president

jackson only replace 10%

Farewell Address
appeal for nat. unity
mind own business (disinterest in Europe)
warned against sectional loyalty
foreign policy:"peace, commerce, and honest friendship w/ all nations"
no alliances w/ any nation
Hartford Convention
NE feds met in Hartford in 1814 to discuss grievances from the War of 1812

sent out a list of grievances and declared nullification against unconst. laws... like VA and KN resolves
Great Compromise
VA plan favored big states - representatives based on population

NJ plan opposed VA plan... unfair advantage

compromise 3/5 rule for slaves so they can be represented in the S. and made up Senate which had the same amount of representatives
War of 1812
losers were indians... lost land, weakened.

this was war for americans to say to brit that they were an actual nation that they are capapble of war "growing up"
Pinckney's Treaty
treaty w/ spain to open miss. r. to american trade/shipping

agreed on a boundary: 31st parallel
Convention of 1824
Virginia and Kentucky Resolves
after aline and sed. acts VA and KN threatened to secede because didn't approve alien and sed acts

madison and tj said that stated had power to nullify unconst. laws
Transcontinental Treaty
Adams-Onis treaty
sp weakened by spanish revolts gave up claims to Fl. and other claims in LA and oregon

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