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NCIDQ-Principles/Practices Flashcards


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design formed by reversing twill weave with a "V" or inverted "V" pattern (herringbone/zigzag)
fabrics depecting fanciful objects or scenes
Cross Dyed
fabric dying technique where different fibers accept different dye baths based on the yarn and the dye utilized
tall, open shelving unit for displaying accessories
Shading Coefficient
detemines the relative amount of solar gain
involves a change in direction of waves as they pass through an opening or around a barrier in their path.
undulating grain in wood
ornamental band section of an entabluture, sitting above the architrave and below the cornice/fabrice with a pile surface of uncut loops
Clerestory Window
series of windows installed near the roof line providing privacy, additional light and air circulation
Thread count
number of warp ends and filling picks per inch in woven goods
Reverse Printing
dye-resistant products are appled, which results in only the background of a fabric being dyed
vertical or horizontal means of escape from a building
top hinged
thin rope or braid used as trim on fabric
in classical architecture the elaborated beam member carried by the columns
The human figure used as a sculptural column as part of a classical composition, often flanking a doorway, or as a decorative detail within an interior around a fireplace
railing composed of balusters, bottom rail and top handrail, also used in smaller scale to embellish furniture
Closet Bend
a curved fitting that connects the closet flange to the toilet drain.
Arch Ring
An outer course of stone forming the arch. Made of a series of voussoirs. An archivolt is an arch ring with decorating molding
horizontal wood member used structurally to span an opening
elaborately painted tin metal decorative objects
Traverse rod
cord-controlled drapery rod used for opening and closing window treatments
a unit of acoustic absorbtion equivalent to the absorbtion by one quare for of a surface that absorbs all incident sound.
Dutch Door
door split horizontally into two pieces, operating together or independently
divided by the system of construction employed, into four compartments, as a vault
T & G
tongue and groove, a connection system between components, like wood, in which the tab or tongue of one board is placed into the groove at the end of another board
Hinged Arch
a two-hinged arch is supported by a pinned connection at each end. A three-hinged arch also includes a third pinned connection at each end. A three-hinged arch also includes a third pinned connection at the crown of the arch near the middle of a span
Door Surround
decorative elements surrounding a doorway or cased openings, which can consist of pilasters and pediments or simple moldings
cast, chiseled and gilded decorative mountings for furniture
novelty yarn featuring a raised, fuzzy surface and soft hand, French hand
channel above a firplace used to carry smoke and heat to the exterior of a structure
Anchor Span
located at the outermost end, it counterbalances the arm of span extending in the opposite direction from a major point of support. Often attached to an abutment.
refers to a method of attaching the fabric to a cushion with button and thread by sewing through the upholstery surface and securing tightly
a decorative niche often topped with a canopy and housing a statue
a unit of measurement of the intensity of light. Part of the SI system of measurment, one candela (cd) is the monochromatic radiation of 540THz with a radiant intensity of 1/683 watt per steradian in the same direction. Another way of putting it is that an ordinary wax candle generates approximatley one candela.
Double hung
two sash, vertical siding past one another on a wooden track
fabric woven of silk from uncultivated silkworms with slubs, which dye unevenly
Service Connection
an electrical connector that attaches the utility company's conductors to the customer's wiring
Visable light transmission (Glazing)
determines relative amount of light that will enter the space
Busbar (bus)
a low impedance conductor to which several circuits/conductors can be separately connected.
Brass tacks
Metal push pins with decorative heads used in upholstery to secure edges or add a decorative element
a masonry mass which receives the thrust of an arch, vault, or strut
Gros Point
warp-looped, non-directional fabric made of wool or synthetic fibers resembling needlepoint
Dimensional Stability
the ability of fabric to retain size and shape under various atmospheric conditions
linear arrangement of interior doors providing a vista when the doors remain open, and the French use the term to describe a low provincial buffet with 4 or more doors
Re-sale Certificate
form establishing proof of tax liability of user.
a passagway around the apse of a church
standing lamp with indirect upward light
Dead Load
the weight of things and materials that are always present at the same place in a building
Block printing
17th century textile hand-printing technique utilizing natural dyes, wooden, metal or linoleum blocks registered with the imprint of several layers to form complex patterns
horizontal element or carved pediment over a doorway
Tapestry Weave
intricate woven textile with several sets of filler yarns on a single warp to produce elaborate multi-colored pictoral designs
any flat horizontal member or molding with little projection
Abrasion test
material abrasion test measuring the ability of warp and weft yarns to withstand friction from wear
jacduard fabric featuring low and high relief areas, originally created to imitate tooled leather
square block serving as a base for a pilaster or column
vertical support with soft, rounded edges in a profile shaped like a vase, typically made of wood or stone
curved section of a fixture drain line, designed to hold water thus preventing sewer gases from entering the house.
Book match
veneer sliced, opened and glued in place to create a pattern that mirrors itself
Tandem Cap
A connecting fitting usually outfitted with circular cap to which horizonatal end piece rails can be attached
a right of accomodation in land owned by anothe, such as right of way or free access to light or air
Console Table
a table supported by ornamental consoles
the bishops throne, set at the end of the apse in early Christian churches
French hand-made tapestries used for wall hangings, featuring figures and scenic landscapes, named after the village in France where they originated
Tongue and groove
wood joint created by milling a tongue on the edge of a flat board, which slips into a corresponding groove on an adjacent board
Project Budget
the sum established by the owner as available for th entire project, including the construction budget, land costs, costs of furniture, furnishings, and equipment; financial costs; compensation for professional services; cost of owner furnished goods and services; contingency allowance; and simialr established or estimated costs.
Jacquard border
flat braids woven on a jacquard loom
the brightness or dullness of a hue
A turned, carved or otherwise vertical section placed betwen the handrail and the stair tread or stair stringer
a supplement to bidding documents, issued prior to the submision of bids, for the purpose of clarifying, correcting, or adding to the specifications previously issued
fiber made with a manufactured compound polymer
undesirable dye or color transfer
oriental design consisting of wrapped cords or silk covered wire formed into loops
refers to a method of attaching the fabric to a cushion with button and thread by sewing through the upholstery surface and loosely tying down
Design Development
the architect/designer prepares more detailed drawings and finalizes the design plans, showing correct sizes and shapes for rooms. Also included is an outline of the construction specifications, listing the major materials to be used
Cording or trim formed into the shape of a rose
the horizontal piece forming the head of a window or door frame
(in systems engineered metal buildings) means a Z, C, or W shaped member formedfrom sheet steel spanning between primary framing and supporting roof material
Area Wall
1. The masonry surrounding or partly surrounding an area. 2.The retaining wall around basement windows below grade.
space required by a three-dimensional object, cubic capacity
a colonnade in a straight line
goods and services sold directly from the manufacturer
stone that has been cut square and dressed
Diaphragm Valve
closes by means of a flexible diapragm attached to a compressor. When the comressor is lowered by the valve stem onto a weir, the diaphragm seals and cuts off the flow. The diaphragm valve handles corrosive, erosive and dirty services.
Dew point
The dew point of a given parcel of air is the temperature to which the parcel must be cooled, at constant barometric pressure, for the water vapor component to condense into water, call dew. When the dew point temperature falls below freezing it is called the frost point, instead creating frost or hoar frost by deposition
Repp Weave
plain weave fabric created when large filling yarns run through fine warp threads producing ribs which run selvage to selvage.
a band of small, squre toothlike blocks utilized in an ornamental manner
horizontal wood member used structurally to span an opening
Plowed Rail
A hand rail which has had the bottom grooved or plowed to accomodate a square top baluster. Fillets are used to fill in the space between balusters
Dobby Weave
small symmetrical pattern repeats are formed by the adjustment of the harness attachment on a plain loom
rayon fiber of superior quality used in many decorative fabrics, often used to imitate silk
flat patterned braid with straight or shaped edges
overall intertwined structure
slender, tapering Egyptian stone monument with pyramid top, often reproduced as an accessory
smooth under surface to help prevent expansion and contraction of wood sub-floors
Check Valve
designed to prevent backflow. Fluid flow in the desired direction opens the valve, while backflow forces the valve closed.
a hue produced by the addition of black
floor or ceiling beam support
Ballast (Dimming)
Dimming ballasts are special ballasts which, when used together with a dimmer control, will vary the light output of a lamp
Circuit Breaker Disconnector
the functional term for a disconnector that provide a point of isolation for a circuit breaker.
Arch Barrel
the inner surface of an arch extending the full width of the structure
one of a number of short vertical members often circular in section used to support a stair handrail or a coping
number of warp yarns per inch in a woven cloth
Arch Barrel
the innre surface of an arch extending the full width of the structure
fabric made in twill weaves, often wool
application of chemicals to whiten fabric
Atmospheric pressure
Pressure caused by the weight of the atmosphere. At sea level it has a mean value of one atmosphere but reduces with increasing altitude
a recess in a wall usually to contain a sculpture or an urn
soft, velvety cut-pile textured fabric
plain woven cotton printed in multi-colors
a decorative niche often toppd with a canopy and housing a statue
hand-woven rugs from the Middle East with geometric designs
ability of carpet fibers to spring back to original shape after being crushed.
Quarter Sawn
logs cut in quarters lengthwise to reveal intricacies of wood grain
Weep Hole
a small opening in a wall or window member, through which accumulated condensation or water may drain to the building exterior
artistic application of glue, paper and varnish decoratively applied to the surface of any object
course white fiber not accepting dyes well
carved wood detail combining a series of thin, parallel. convex lines used as inlay or applied carving
Dacron Wrap
wrapping foam cushions with a synthetic polyester layer or layers
manufacturing process for cotton and other staple yarns to align yarns and remove all foreign matter prior to spinning the yarn
Thermal Mass
walls and floors that absorb heat during the day and release it during the night as temperatures drop in the winter. During the summer, thermal mass cools down at night and absorbs heat during the day, smoothing out the temperature variations
Globe Valve
effects closure by a plug with a flat or convex bottom lowered onto a matching horizontal seat located in the center of the valve. Raising the plug opens the valve, allowing fluid flow. Used for on/off service and handles throttling applications.
carving, chasing, or embossing raised above a background plane
entire lighting unit
Rope cording
thick yarns, often multiple colors, twisted to form a rope
Tassel fringe
looped fringe with a tassel skirting
sloping beam supporting a roof
Panel Wall
An exterior, non-loadbearing wall wholly supported at each story
slatted or pleated window covering, typically inside mount
continuous strand for tufting, weaving or knitting
plain wave fabric woven on both sides, often with a sheen on the surface
Direct transmission of energy by a medium that does not involve movement of the medium itself.
narrow strips of wood placed over joists in vertical wood plank siding to seal the joints
A very small wooden spire
A device used in fluorescent and HID luminaires to provide the necessary starting voltageand to limit the lamp current during operation
the middle part between the crown and the springing of an arch
the projecting end of a piece of wood, or other material, which is reduced in cross section, so that it may be inserted into a corresponding cavity, a mortise, to form a secure joint
one of several parallel curved, and often decorated, moldings on the inside of an arched opening; a curved architrave
Adaptive re-use
utilize an existing space or structure for a new purpose
materials used to make soft seating including wood or metal frame, springs, foam, batting, cording, fabrics
Linen Fold
carved wood detailing representing fabric folds on paneling, typically found in Tudor detailing
yarn of angora rabbit hair
The flaunching is the weatherproof top of a masonry chimney (often concrete) which sheds the rainwater off the top. It is also used to secure the chimney pots.
Service Drop
the portion of service conductors between the last pole of the utility supply and the junction with service entrance conductors of the building supplied
Direct Dyes
dyes needing no fixatives to adhere them to fabric
goods produced on a single machine at one time with the same overall appearance.
Parapet Wall
that part of any wall entirely above the roof line
jacquard fabric embriodered design with raised contrasting threads
color gradation (Brightness, Lightness, Saturation)
originally the center structural wedge-stone of an arched opening, but may simply be decorative trim in the shape of a wedge capping an arched opening
streamlined designs depicting design motifs from the Art Deco Period
interior sides of a door or window jamb
The lightweight outer skin of a building that does not carry any weight or support the building, but does keep wind and rain out. A term used to describe the siding or materials covering the exterior of a building
Flying buttress
A detached pier supporting the weight of a wall
Coefficient of heat transmission (U value)
a value that describes the ability of a material to conduct heat. The number of Btu that flow through one square foor of material in one hour. It is the reciprocal of the R-value (ex: U value = 1/R value). The lower the number, the greater the heat transfer resistence (insulating) characteristics of the material.
an arcaded or colonnaded structure, open on one or more sides, sometimes with an upper level
gap in the face of carpet showing the backing
a Roman hall of justice, typically with a high cental space lit by a clerestory and lower aisles all around it
an entrance or opening usually one of a series which pierce a bank of seats in a stadium
Another name for a newel. A solid rectangular, or circular section of vertical posts at the center and at regular turns and junctions of a rail system
Control joint
Provision for the dimensional change of different parts of a structure due to shrinkage, expansion, temperature variation or other causes, so as to avoid the development of high stresses
Virtual architecture
life-like 3D experience of a real or imagined space
Eight Way Hand Tied
coiled springs used in furniture construction, knotted with twine from front to back, side to side and diagonally, interlocking them to adjacent coils
Fire Cut
An angled cut on joist ends found in solid masonry wall construction designed to prevent wall collapse in case of fire
in masonry a projection or one of a series of projections each stepped progressively farther forward with height
glass ring inserted at the base of a candle or on the base of an electric chandelier candle-cover to gather wax or dangle glass prisms
the wastage of wood when lumber is sawed or planed to size
are a form of deep foundation which are constructed above ground level, then sunk to the required level by excavating or dredging material from within the caisson
ornamental centerpiece with stand supporting several individual dishes for displaying fruit or flowers
number of yarn ends across the width of fabric
woven fabric of wool or blends haing a napped fleece surface
a portico having seven columns at one or both ends
a structural member which projects beyond its supporting wall or column
a proprietary master specification for the constrution industry developed by the AIA
Accessible design
dwelling meets prescribed requirements for accessible housing
a form of deep foundation which are constructed above ground level, then sunk to the required level by excavating or dredging material from within the caisson
machine made or handmade decorative binding
A change in pitch of the stair because of a change in the length tread. The tread length causes the stringer to form a bent shape looking like a "dogs hind leg" ; a stair with two flights separated by a half landing, and having no stairwell
(in systems engineered metal buildings) means Z or C shaped member fomed from sheet steel spanning between primary framing and supporting wall material
thin, translucent fabric with tightly twisted yarns
Golden Thread
a theme throughout an interior, which unifies the space
decorative paneling or other materials applied to the bottom third of an interior wall
a garden structure with an open wooden framed roof, often latticed, supported by regularly spaced post or columns
a public open space or square surrounded by buildings
a natural ochre plaster made of clays from the Mediterranean basin combined with sand and cellulose. Cellulose is added in order to slow the drying process and bind the clay and sand together. One is able to achieve an effect that not only is beautiful but durable as well.
Universal design
items and spaces which can be used by the majority of people regardless of their abilities or disabilities
Instrument used to measure the moisture content of a gas, as in determining the relative humidity of air. The temperature at which dew or frost forms is a measure of the absolute humidity-the weight of water vapor per unit volume of air or other gas at the temperaturebefore cooling. Knowing abosolute humidity and air temperature, the observer can calculate relative humidity
a part of the construction documents contained in the project manual consisting of written requirements for materials, equipment, construction systems, standards and workmanship
stiff woven fabric used as interlining to give shape and form
Continuous Filament
continuous strand of synthetic fiberextruded into yarn form
embroidery technique of positioning thread and attaching it to base fabric by sewing small stitches at equally spaced intervals
in fabric this refers to one strip of material of any length; in design and drafting this refers to the overall measurement from left to right of any object
Toile de jouy
fabrics printed in one color with 18th and 19th century scenes
Change Order
an amendment to the construction contract signed by the owner, designer, and contractor that authorizes a change in the work or an adjustment in the ontract sum or the contract time or both
Tufted carpet
needles, threaded with yarn punched back and forth through a pre-made backing to produce a looped or cut pile surface
Arch Ring
an outer course of stone forming the arch. Made of a series of voussoirs. An archivolt is an arch ring with decorating moldings.
Aniline dye
fabric and leather dye made from coal tar
(Carriages, Cur Jacks) the inclined boards or laminations in which the treads and risers are enclosed
cotton or linen woven or printed documentary fabric, typically printed in monotone colors on an off-white or white background, origianlly made in France
Themed environments
entertaining or gaming destination oriented towards a lifestyle, culture, story-line, historical or fictional incident offering unique attributes and experiences
a narrow window with a sharp pointed arch typically found in Gothic architecure
rectangular or square elements equally spaced along a piece of molding creating a "tooth" pattern
a method of project delivery in which the owner contracts directly with a single entity that is responsible for both design and construction services for a construction project
Compansated Foundations
deep foundations in which the relief of stress due to excavation is approximately balanced by the applied stress due to the foundation. The net stress applied is therefore very small. A compensated foundation normally comprises a deep basement.
fine woven fabric with a light crinkled surface made from high twist yarn
Vaulted ceiling
ceiling forming an arched canopy
tightly woven cotton fabric with a smooth finish
Soil Stack
largest vertical drain lines to which all branch waste lines connect; carries waste to the sewer line
Vertical blind
window treatment with head rail housing a track to operate rotating fabric or vertical vanes or louvers
side hinged, from window opens outward
triangular shaped setion of an end wall
Compensated Foundations
are deep foundations in which the relief or stress due to excavation is approximately balanced by the applied stress due to the foundation. The net stress applied is therefore very small. Usually used in deep basements.
a stile of milled plank, used in siding, that is lay close enough so as to appear to be butted
all items, including building, sculpture, statuary, furnishings, art, accessories, personal possessions over 100 years old
in medieval church architecture, a shallow passage above the arches of the nave and choir and below th clerestory
the sanctuary of a classical temple. containing the cult statue of the god
Toe Rail
A horizontal component of a rail system, parallel to the handrail. Balusters are placed on this component
design illustrating general forms verses detailed realistic representations
decorative treatment on the lower portion of an interior wall between the baseboard and the chair rail
(in systems-engineered metal buildings) means a "Z," "C," or "W" shaped member formed from sheet steel spannin between primary framing and supporting roof material
bowl-shaped reflector
45 degree angle to the grain of a fabric utilized to create cording or a smoother fit
Trundle bed
daybed twin bed frame housing an additional mattress below, which is pulled out as needed
Solar Aperature
determines the quantity of solar energy transmitted by the passive solar component/technology.
triangular space beneath a stair stringer; decorative placed in the area on th right and left on an arch within the enclosing right angle
large cabinet where the center section projects beyond the two side sections
Veneer match
patterns created by placing patterned wood together in various combinations Slip, Diamond, Checkerboard, Reverse Diamond, Book, Running, Center, Balanced Match)
printing technique where a scree fills in the background of the fabric after the main design has been printed
horizontal or slanted work surface with storage, most often 29-30" high
a simicircular or semipolygonal space usually in church terminating an axis and intended to house an altar
Ready-made or custom fabricated discs used to secure two pieces of fabric or added as a decorati element
narrow horizontal hinged window utilized to create additional light and air circulation or a decorative glass window placed over a doorway, often used with sidelights
Double Faced
reversible fabric made of two layers sewn or bonded together typically featuring different materials on each face
a low guarding wall at any point of sudden drop, as at the edge of a terrace, roof, or balcony
flexible materials such as paper, vinyl, foil, fabric, felt, cork, carpet or veneers applied to a wall
Gate Valve
general serivce valve used primarily for on/off, non-throttling service. Closed by a flat-face vertical disc, or gate that slidesdown through the valve to block the flow
a usually unobstructed view into the distance
Tufted fabric
yarn tufted into a woven fabric to create a raised surface
Perforated Wall
One which contains a considerable number of relatively small openings. Often called pierced wall or screen wall
Direct Gain
occurs when sunlight entering directly through the windows is absorbed, converted to heat, and stored in the floors or walls
ornamental ridge at the top of a wall or roof peak
machine or man-made woven wall hanging with a tapestry weave
a covered walk surrounding a court, usually linking a church to other buildings of a monastery
A masonry unit laid on end to show its broadest face
Adaptable Design
accessible features changing the appearance and use of the design
Construction Budget
the sum established by the owner as available for constrution of the project, including contingencies for bidding to contractos and for changes during construction
an offer to perform the work described in a contract at a specified cost
a horizontal beam or lintel, that rests on columns or piers; or the lowest portion of an entabluture; or a decorative molding around a door, a window, or an arch
three piee fitting that joins two sectios of pipe, but allows them to be disconnected without cutting the pipe. Used primarily with steel pipes, but never in a DWV system.
wire rope or synthetic fiber rigging assembly that is used to attach a load to a hoisting device
Circuit Breaker Lockout
the status of a circuit breaker deliberately prevented from operating due to the action of a monitoring or protection device.
how pure a hue is in relation to gray
involves a change in direction of waes when they bounce off a barrier.
fine woven, lightweight cottons or blends using long staple fibers
the arrangement and design of windows in a building
a hole, cavity , notch, slot, or recess cut into a timber or piece of another material usually receives a tenon
vertical and horizontal numberical measurements relating to the pattern of woven or printed fabric, distance from a point
a branched light holder, either standing on a base or projecting from a wall
fabric finish providing resistance to bacterial growth
Tassel tiebacks
tassels attached to a looped cord or rope
Butterfly Valve
controls flow by using a circular disc or vane with its pivot axis at right angles to the direction of flow in the pipe. Used both for on/off and throttling services.
window projecting from a sloped roof set vertically into a gable
tint or shade of a color
Greige Goods
unbleached or woven goods in an unfinished state
Bishop's sleeve
drapery with side panels gathered with tie-backs to create multiple poufs
floor or ceiling beam support
fine, soft, lightweight worsted cotton, wool or synthetic weave
any rule prescribing permitted or forbidden conduct, whether found in legislation or in the actions or an administrative agency
Peau de Soie
fine silk fabric
entrance to a building with columns supporting a roof, which can be large enough to enable cars to drive under for protection while exiting a vehicle
style of art depicting Asian or Chinese motifs popular in France and Endland
in a theater, the part of stage which lies between the curtains and the orchestra
drop in ceiling created with sheet rock
Schematic Design
the designer consults with the owner to determine the requirement of the project and prepares schematic studies consisting of drawings and other documents illustrating the scale and relationships of the project components for approval by the owner
individual units or pre-made tapes sewn into the hem of drapery panels or fabric, vertical blinds
hand-woven rugs from the Middle East with geometric designs
carved stone or wood garland of fruit and flowers; window treatment folded and looped gracefully over a drapery rod to create a swag
Board feet
a unit of measurement based on volume. 144 cubic inches of wood equals one board foot
a hoisting machine for heavy loads, usually has a vertical mast and a horizontal or sloping boom whose movement is controlled by wire rope
Ball Valve
similat in concept to the plug valve but uses a rotating ball with a hole through it that allows straight through flow in the open position and shuts off flow when the ball is rotated 90 degrees to block the flow passage. It is used for on/off throttling services.
Tone on tone
using two or more shades of the same hue
Bell tower, often set some distance away from its church
decorative mirror incorporating a pair of scones wired and installed on a wall permanently
a wedge shaped masonry unit in an arch or vault whose converging sides are cut as radii of one of the centers of the arch or vault
Wing-backed chair
high-backed wing shaped upholstered chair with upholstered arms, often with exposed carved Cabriole legs
Pinch Valve
suited for applications of slurries or liquids with large amounts of suspended solids. It seals by means of one or more flexible elements, such as rubber tube, that can be pinched to shut off flow.
entrance to a building with columns supporting a roof, which can be large enough to enable cars to drive under for protection while exiting a vehicle
decorative wood frame formed around sides and top of window, often padded and fabric covered
single slat of a vertical blind
the proper slope or pitch of a pipe for adequate drainage.
a south-facing room that takes advantage of direct solar gain and collecting and absorbing hat that is used in the sunspace and adjacent areas
Bergere chair
French exposed-wood frame overstuffed upholstered chair
Antique satin
satin weave fabric with slubs imitating 18th century spun shantung silk
Smoke shelf
the smoke shelf is located above the throat and is designed to prevent down moving cold air affecting the outlet from the fireplace
Task Lighting
provides bright enough light for close work and viewing detail
Ax Minster Carpet
hand loomed carpet with a smooth cut-pile surface
the curvilinear openwork shapes of stone or wod creating a pattern within th eupper part of a Gothic window
Dotted Swiss
sheer fabric of cottons or blends with a small dot pattern woven, printed or flocked on the surface
Foot Candle
a unit of measure of the intensity of light falling on a surface, equal to one lumen per square foot and originally defined with reference to a standardized candle burning at on foot from a given surface.
a low story or extensive balcony, usually constructed above the ground floor
Awning stripe
heavyweight canvas fabric with evenly spaced stripes of contrasting colors and often white
Basket Weave
plain weave with two or more warp yarns interlaced with filler yarns; the knitting construction resembles a basket weave pattern
a covered passageway, open to the outdoors, connetin either two parts of a building or two buildings
flat horizontal member of a step or staircase
designs with simple lines, curves and geometric patterns
projecting structural element supported on a fulcrum, held by the downward force behind th efulcrum
horizontal decorative band of various materials used as architectural details or on drapery treatments, often constructed of wood and padded with polyester fiberfill
a line of counter thrusting arches raised on columns or piers
a multistoried shrine like tower, originally a Buddhist monument crowned by a stupa
Sail Cloth
plain weave fabric where the majority of the fabric face is composed of warp threads.
Cut Length
distance from top to bottom of drapery plus hem and top headings
entire lighting unit
Trim with a skirt of twisted cords (Bullion, Caterpillar, Brush, Moss
Horizontal sliding
two or more sashes designed to slide over one another
Vintage fabric
fabrics distinguished by age, color, pattern, weave and patina
decorative wood frame formed around sides and top of window, often padded and fabric covered
decorative top member of a colmn/pillar/pilaster (Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, Egyptian)
Windsor chair
spindle-backed, turned legged chair with a saddle or rush seat
extends beyond the exterior face of the wall, typically composed of three windows joined together at an angle to each other
narrow exterior porch or balcony; sucession of rooms to display art; thin wood or metal trim detail placed along the outer edge on cabinetry
round, elaboratly detailed pattern resembling a rose.
lower edge of a roof extending beyond the exterior wall
Cross Seams
seams created by joining carpet end to end rather than side to side
fine woven fabric with a light crinkled surface made from high twist yarn
a corner of a building decorated with a projecting masonry course, a pilaster or similar feature
series of evenly spaces columns supporting arches
Register plate
used where a stove or boiler is installed into a traditional chimney. It is the closing plate installed at the base of the flue registering the position of the flue pipe. It prevents heat loss up the flue and air from the room being drawn up the flue. It should be gas tight.
the face of a building iven special architectural treatment
harmony, orderliness, and elegance
horizontal joists supported by posts created to support vines and/or provide shade
an opening in a wall or parapet that allows water to drain from a roof
glass slats, venetian blind principle
Under counter light
placed beneath upper cabinets to provide additional task lighting
a unit of length equal to 3'-0" or 36"
heavy twill with a colored yarn stripe in the warp
Trumeau mirror
French mirror incorporating carved wood panels or oil paintings within the framework above the mirror
an upper zone of wall pierced ith windows that admit light to the center of a lofty room
The front edge of the tread which projects beyond the face of the riser. It usually rounded, chamfered or sometimes shaped
the middle aisle of a church
in classical architecture, a roofed colonnade, opened to at least one side for exercising in bad weather
large furniture wardrobe with drawers
Hinged Arch
A two hinged arch is supported by a pinned connection at each end. A three-hinged arch also includes a third pinned connection at the crown of the arch near the middle of a span.
electronic appliactions designed to aide in communication or performance
There are many types of cowls and they serve several functions. To keep the rain out of the chimney. To keep birds out of the chimney. Tests have shown that the effectiveness of cowls to increase the up-draught and to eliminate downdraft is very limited and unless the cause of the problem is known, the appropriate cowl cannot be selected
windows that generally project from an upper story, supported by a bracket
Dhurrie Rug
flat woven rug from India
Flat gimp
Woven bands, smaller bands are often used to cover upholstery tacks on furniture
a horizontal structural member over an opening which carries the weight of the wall above it
twilled fabric, originally from a Cashmere goat
in design and drafting this refers to the overall measurement from the front to back of any object
fabric tweed with thick colored slubs, originally from Ireland
the ability to perceive something that does not yet exist; mental image, keen foresight
ancient hand-printingtechnique using wax, which is applied, removed and re-applied for each color to create various patterns included a crackled appearance
plain weave where fibers of the same size and onstructed with one warp thread passing over and under a single weft thread
the luminous flux density incident on a surface, ie the luminous flux per unit area
the external angle at the junction of two sloping roofs or sides of a roof
ornamental design motif representing leaves of the acanthus plant
interior sides of a door or window frame
basic chemical used to produce synthetic fibers
Weft or filling
threads running horizontally from selvege to selvege in fabric
Board and batten
vertical siding where wood strips (battens) hide the seams where other boards are joined
Circuit Breaker
a switching device, capable of making, carrying and breaking currents under normal circuit conditions and also making, carrying for a specified time and breaking currents under specified abnormal conditions such as those of short circuit.
Shoji Screen
wood screen with rice paper panels
decorative architectural vertical element utilized similar to a half-column with a shallow projection often used on a door surround
Picture window
fixed sash
Furring strips
Wooden strips nailed to masonry walls to provide the necessary air space between masonry and wood or plaster
jacquard stripe simulating silk and embroidery
framework to conceal drapery hardware at the top of a window
Alternating Current (AC)
AC is the standard form of electrical current supplied by the utility grid and by most fuel-powered generators. The polarity (and therefore the direction of current) alternates
paper-thin wood sheets applied to the outer surface of furniture, which are often inlaid in decorative patterns or matched to created various patterns
the designer and homeowner first discuss the goals, needs and function of the project, design expectations and available budget, pertinent building code and zoning regulations. The designer prepares a written statement setting forth design objectives, constraints, and criteria for a project, including spatial requiements and systems, and site requirements
a frieze and cornice arranged and decorated in various ways for the lintel of a door
shaft of a door knob in a unit of door hardware connecting knobs (front and back); slender, decorative vertical support of a stairway or balcony railing
ornament with raised work or three dimensional design impresses into a surface; fabric created by rolling goods between engraved cylinders
A shield of metal, wood or plastic used to screen a light source from normal angles of viewing. Aluminum baffles are commonly used in paprbolic fixtures or, a grooved cylinderdropped below a light source to conceal the lamp and provide light cutoff
imperfections in the fabric printing process where a dye runs over the screen area of one color to the screen area of another color
projected window with a curved surface often in the glass itself
Construction Documents
drawings and specifications created by an architect/designer that set forth in detail requirements for the construction of the project
unit of weight for the size of a single filament
Tortoise shell
hard, black-brown mottled shell of turtles and tortoises used as inlay or imitated on other surfaces
in masonry the central often embellished vousoir of an arch
Direct Current (dc)
electric current flowing in one direction. Often used for elevators.
the sacred enclosure of a temple or shrine
glass display cabinet with glass shelves designed to highlight special collections of china or unique artifacts
Warp print
design is printed on the warp before it is woven, producing an impressionistic image
U-Value (Glazing)
determines conductive heat losses and gains
Beaded trim
Flat braid with multi-beaded skirting
The drying and hardening process of mortar after installation. Some materials require damp curing
structural support used in various applications including stairs, balconies, doors, windows (top rail, bottom rail, side rail)
roof with a dome shape
vase on a pedestal or footed base
Luminance Value
a measure of the amount of light reflected from a hue. Those hues with a high contrastof white hav a higher luminance or value. Shade and tint are terms that refer to variation of a hue
color gradation (brightness, lightness, saturation)
a narrow strip of wood applied to cover a joint along edges of two parallel boards in the same place
science analyzing human beings and how we function in conjunction with a variety of equipment , products, methods, and circumstances to improve our health, safety and welfare
veneer is one ply or one thickness of something; in siding there are brick and stone veneers, there are also veneers of one wood bonded together
Washed goods
fabric procedure using commercial washing machines to mimic a worn effect.
fabric containing a mixture of two or more fibers or yarns
a vertical assembly of fittings and pipes that distributes water upward.
greenish patina found on aged brass, bronze or copper
Rotary Screen Printing
fabric manufacturing process where dyes are extruded from a series of perforated tubes to create a pattern, while the fabric runs underneath the machine.
printed or woven designs featuring solid, circular spots or various sizes
Ballast (Cold Weather)
A ballast designed to provide sufficient starting voltage for fluorescent lamps in cold weather, generally down to 0 degress F
stepping back successive courses of masonry
French glass artisan influential during the Art Nouveau movement
fiber made from Angora goat hair
Victorian machine-made decorative wood panels created by combining various shapes, patterns and sizes of wood pieces together into an intricate, openwork design; Chinese lattice detail
Dwarf Wall
A wall or partition which does not extend to the ceiling
a slight convex curvature built into a truss or beam to compensate for any anticipated deflection so that it will have no sag when uder load
a natural or artificial cave, often decorated with shells or stones and incorporating waterfall or fountains
Union cloth
blended yarns of twisted linen and cotton yarns in the filler creating a textured surface finish
Tensile Strength
breaking strain of fabrics or yarns
window treatment, often used in cased openings, of two separate drapery panels hung back to back and joined at side seams, made with identical or contrasting fabric on each side
a mechanical attachment on a loom for weaving geometric figures
Tie back
any decorative element used to hold drapery away from the center of the window
milky fluid used to seal the back of carpet
jacquard stripe simulating silk and embroidery
Latent heat
the change in heat that occurs with a change in phase and without chance in temperature.
to cover or trim with ornamentation, horizontal platform serving as a floor
Greek column capital detailed with volutes, a spiral or scroll shape
a light open structure of trees or shrubs closely planted either twined together or self supporting o a light lattice
Needle Valve
a volume-control valve that restricts flow in small lines. The fluid going through the valve turns 90 degrees and passes through an orifice that is the seat for a rod with a cone-shaped tip. The size of the orifice is changed by positioning the cone in relation to the seat.
Flue Pipe
The pipe connecting a closed burning appliance to the flue. Usually cast iron, stainless steel, or vitreous enamelled steel
a small recessed space opning directly into a larger room
Screen Printing
printing technique utilizing and frame and stencil, which are placed over the fabric, dyes are applied through a squeegee and individual stencils are required for each color
(in systems engineered metal building) means a "Z"or "C" shaped member formed from sheet steel spanning between primary framing and supporting wall material
fabric wrapped cording used to embellish seams
a hollow memebr or round concave molding containing at east the quadrant of a circle used in cornices
a structure projecting from a sloping roof usually housing a window or ventilating louver.
plain, loosely woven fabric, also known as banner cloth
in classical architecture, the triangular gable end of the roof above the horizontal cornice
Cavity Wall
A wall built of masonry units so arranged as to provide a continuous air space within the wall (with or without insulating materail), and in which the inner and outer wythes of the wall are tied together with metal ties
Wilton carpet
jacquard loom utilizing perforated cards to regulate the feeding of colored yarn into the carpet surface
Shear Wall
A wall which resists horizontal forces applied in the plane of the wall
in classical architecture, an interior courtyard that is open to the weather. In contemporary architecture, a signicant interior spece, often sky lighted, used for circulation
Dupont brand on nylon fiber
the ridge, edge, or curved line formed by the intersection of the surfaces of two intersecting vaults
Cubicle Curtain
institutional curtain fabricated to hang 14-16" above the floor
a hue produced by the addition of white
originally the center structural wedge-stone of an arhed opening, but may simply be decorative trim in the shape of a wedge capping an arched opening
Direct Glue Down Carpeting
gluing broadloom carpet directly to subfloor without padding
cloth created by using a loom and combination of intersecting warp and filling threads, plain, twill, or satin
French shell-covered rock work ornamentation
Boucle yarn
specialty three-ply yarn woven unevenly to create random loops, giving the fabric a knotty surface texture
chair used by kings, cardinals for ceremonial occasions
lightweight roof structure typically constructed of fabric or metal installed over an exterior opening, such as a doorway, porch or balcony to provide shelter
glass enclosures designed to allow in natural light
surrounded by a single row of columns
painted mural or decoration done on a wet plaster wall or ceiling
Circuit Breaker Control Selector Switch
a control switch provided within each circuit-breaker operating mechanism cabinet to enable the circuit breaker to be closed and opened the the circuit breaker during maintenance and test work, and sometimes to completely disable the circuit breaker.
abbreviation for drain, waste, and vent.
sheer, lightweight, plainly woven fabric made of twisted yarn
woven fabric made from fleece of sheep fibers
protective decorative plate used behind doorknobs or keyholes
in classical architecture, a roofed colonnade, opened to at least one side for exercising in bad weather
the throat is located immediately above the opening of the fireplace. It is designed to restrict the heat loss up the flue. In sophisticated designs the throat can incorporate a damper mechanism to adjust the area to best suit the circumstances of that time (e.g. to close it completely when not in use)
Apron Wall
that part of a panel wall between window sill and wall support
ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)
rigid black plastic pipe used only for drain lines.
Refracion of Waves
involves a change in the direction of waves as they pass from one medium to another. Refraction, or bendinf of the path of the waves, is accompanied by a change in speed and wavelength of the waves.
plaster of paris with glue usd for painting and gilding
long seat for several individuals with or without a back support, worktable for machinery
Curtain Wall
An exterior non-loadbaering wall not wholly supported at each story. Such walls may be anchored to columns, spandral beams, floors or bearing walls, but not necessarily built between structural elements.
the addition of water and remixing of concrete or mortar which as started to stiffen
Faux Bois
reproducing or re-interpreting a painted wood grain finish, and furnishings or objects imitating wood logs, branches and bark texture
Ambient Lighting
provides a minimum amount of illumination for people to see each other and move about
one of a continuous series of curves resembling segments of a circle used as a deorative element
protect cap on exterior wall sloped to shed water
wooden or metal pin used to reinforce furniture construction
Plug Valve
primarily for on/off service and some throttling services. Controls flow by means of a cylindrical or tapered plug with a hole in the center that lines up with the flow path of the valve to permit flow. a quarter turn in either direction blocks the flow path.
clapboards that are tapered rather than cut perfectly rectangular
highly decorative tassels, tiebacks, ribbon trim
the control by municipality of the use of land and buildings
ornate or ornamental shield or scrool, often used as decorative elements above doors openings, in cornice treatements or in decorative fireplace mantles
bottom hinged
vertical member of a staircase supporting the horizontal tread
Approved Equal
material, equipment, or method proposed by the contractor and approved by the desinger for incorporation in or use in th work as equilvalent in essential attributes to the materil, equipment, or method specified in the contract document
shallow drapery treatment placed at the heading of a window concealing hardware (Rod pocket, board mounted, box-pleated, kick-pleated, stagecoach, shirred-balloon, shaped, etc.
fabric presses between hot rollers and cylinders to create a glossy finish
reversible jacquard woven of linen, cotton, silk, rayn or blends creating a contrasting satin and matte surface , typically woven in floral motifs
raised ornamentation
Greek column/capital detail representing acathus leaves
Composite Wall
A multiple-wythe wall in which at least one of the wythes is dissimilar to the other wythe or wythes with respect to type or grade of masonry unit or mortar.
a monumental, four-sided stone shaft tapering to a pyramidal tip
mechanism used to tile slats on a blind
lining used in window treatments to prevent natural light from entering a room
Anchor Span
located at the outermost end, it counterbalances the arm of span extending in the opposite direction form a major point of support. Often attached to an abutment
Collar joint
the vertical longitudinal joint between wythes of masonry filled with mortar or grout
simple Greek column/capital detail made with multiple layers of round turnings
a wire rope of synthetic fiber rigging assembly that is used to attach a load to a load to a hoisting device
Table Runner
slender, decorative cloths, typically used lengthwise down the center of a dining table, for surface protection and embellishment
durable cottons or color blends utilizing left-hand twilled fabric of hard twist yarns with colored warp and white filling yarn
single or multiple imaginary or drawn lines bisecting major interior or architectural components in a space
Relative humidity
The ration of the amount of water vapor in the air at a specific temperature to the maximum amount that the air could hold at that temperature, expressed as a percentage
the degree of purity of a hue
outward swelling on commodes, bureaus and armoires
Trompe L'oeil
three dimensional architectural effects
practical, theoretical and influential industrial art, craft, architecture and design school of the 20th century
plaster in paris with glue used for painting and gilding
to surn fabric where selveges run horizontally rather than vertically, often used when fabrics are non-directional to avoid unwanted seams
small decorative spread or coverlet
lightweight cottons or blends with a mottled appearance created by a colored warp and white filling yarns
Austrian shade
fabric shade with vertical rows of swags from head rail to hem
a shutter or blind with fixed or adjustable slats which exclude rain and provide ventilation, shade, and visual privacy
Attic fan
large circulating fan mounting in the room or space just below the roof in the house
chemical process of soda and tension applied to cotton yarns to increase color-absorbing qualities resulting in a smooth surface
any molding projection which crowns or finishes the part which is affixed
horizontal element resting on columns composed of an architrave, freize and cornice
triangular space beneath a stair stringer; decorations placed in the area on the right and left of an arch within the enclosing right angle
decorative interior architectural detail applied to the top of doorways, mantles or window openings (arched, triangulare, broken)
Slipper Chair
armless upholstered chair. often low to the ground, with a skirt often designed for use in the bedroom
structure built of unusally large stones
Paty Wall
A wall used for joint service by ajoining buildings
woven cloth where yarns have been dyed prior tot he weaving process
a temporary construction to contain web concrete in the required shape while it is cast and setting
design motifs of exotic plants and locations
execute artistic arrangements skillfully
Warp or end
yarn in woven fabrics running lengthwise and parallel to the selvege, interwoven with the filling
descriptiv of brick, lumber, or stone which has been prepared, shaped, or finished by cutting, planing, rubbing, or sanding one or more surfaces.
Velvet weave
two clothes are woven at the same time, face to face, and cut apart by a shuttle knife from the loom to create a short, dense warp pile
a liquid coating spread and allowed to dry forming a protective coating
Work order
document specifying work to be completed including details and drawings
floor areas and furniture used by employees to perform their duties
manufactured cellulose acetate textile fiber with fast drying, wrinkle and shrink resistant characteristics
hanging textile embellishment consisting of a heading and a skirt
Thermal Storage Wall
south-facing wall glazed on the outside that absorbs heat and conducts it to interior space over a period of time
decorative metalwok outlined and embossed, hammered or puched on the back side
an entire railing system including top rail and its balusters, and sometimes a bottom rail
Coffered Ceiling
recessed panels created in a ceiling
in a building frame, a structural element that is shorter than usual, as a stud above a door opening or below a windowsill
Compound pier
A pier composed of a group or cluster of members, especially characteristic of Gothic architecture
Pressure Relief Valve
designed to provide protection from over-pressure in steam, gas, air and liquid lines. The valve "lets off steam" when safe pressures are exceeded, then closed again when pressure drops to a preset level
General Lighting
provides enough illumination for reading or viewing objects
Bullion Fringe
long twisted multi-ply fringe often used on window coverings and upholstery
closely-woven cotton, linen or hemp woven fabric
refers to a method of attaching the fabric to a cushion in parallel rows
Greek column capital detailed with volutes, a spiral or scroll shape
interlacing yarns to produce a woven cloth
Sometimes called reads. Flutes are decorative vertical grooves placed in a wood surface such as a baluster or newel
architectural detail projecting from a wall, which extends upward and outward
a crecent shaped or semicircular area on a wall or vaulted ceiling framed by an arch or vault
decorative hand-blown, cut or etched glass pendant used on a candlestick or chandelier
draped female figure supporting an entablature
Slub Yarn
irregular diameter yarn
medieval decorative motifs representing nobility
Deadening felt
a thin sheet of felt between the sub-floor and the finished floor
Bearing Wall
One which supports a vertical load in addition to its own weight
Cremone Bolt
French surface mounted lock mechanism with a sliding rod, operated by a center knob, which moves the rod in opposite directions for locking into strike plates mounted on the frame
Casement Cloth
semi-sheer, translucent or opaque novelty drapery fabric, typically in neutral color ways

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