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Unit 6 The Renaissance and Reformation


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What was Renaissance ideals?
a. giving
c. worldly subjects
d. education/creativity
e. both d & C
What was their discipline?
a. romanticism
b. humanitarism
c. humanism
What did Fransesco Petrarch do?
a. assemble library of Greek/Roman works; wrote literature
b. built chapels
c. none of the above
The second discipline is_____
a. Althetism
b. Painting, sculpture, architecure
c. none of the above
What did Leonardo de Vinci famous for?
a. the first airplane
b. Statues
c. Mona Lisa, sketches of flying machines, submarines
Who was in charge of the School of Athens and protrayals of madonnas?
a. Picaso
b. Michaelangelo
c. Raphael
Who was Sofonisba Anguissola?
a. wife of king
b. Italian noblewoman
c. court painter to King Phillip II of Spain.
d. both b&c
who was responsible for the Dome of the cathedral in Florence?
a. Fillipo Brenelleschi
b. Philip Brunos
c. Donatello
What was Renaissance literature like?
a. fantasy genre
b. historical
c. romantic
d. instructional
What did Baldassare Castigolione write?
a. The Book of the Cosmos
b. The Book of the Courtier
c. wasn't a writer
Who wrote the Prince?
a. Niccolo Machivelli
b. Thomas More
c. none of the above
Define patron and perspective
a. financial supporter; illusion of depth
b. martyr;landscape scenes
c. neither
Who was the German Leonardo whose subject matter is religeous upheaval?
a. Reynaldo
b. Descartes
c. Albrecht Durer
d. Dreyer
Who were Jan and Hubert van Eyck?
a. Flemishpainters; paint townspeople and religeous scenes
b. German writers; right about townspeople/religeon
c. Scottish rebels
Peter Pual Reubans was a blank blank who blendid his realism with themes of blanks.
a. German; painter; Italian
b. French; writer; German
c. Italian; painter; Greek
d. Flemish; painter; Italian
Religeon in the Renaissance of the North, used blank blank to bring about blank and blank reform.
a. historical documents; realism; humanist
b. ancient learning; relgious; moral
The Dutch humanist priest who provided a new Greek edition of the New Testament and improved Latin translations of the Bible.
a. Pope Urban III
b. Copernicus
c. Martin Luther
d. Erasmus
blank English humanist, called for social and economical reform.
Sir Thomas More
The literature of the North was
a. vernacular on dramatic themes
b. sentimental
c. realistic
d. both a & c
What writer of the North mixed comedy with opinions on serious subjects?
a. More
b. Machivelli
c. Rubens
d. Rabelais
The playwright in charge of tragedies, histories, comedies
a. Bronte
b. Descartes
c. Shakespeare
Who was Cervantes?
a. French playwright who wrote folktales
b. Spanish writer who wrote an entertaining tale mocking romantic notions of medieval chivalry
c. Spanish writer who wrote epic poetry
How was printing beneficial and who invented the press?
a. not beneficial; Franklin
b. spread literature to large audiences; Johannes Guttenburg
c. made literature unavailable to many; Johannes Guttenburg
What did the printing press make the most during the time and what type of letter blocks did it use?
a.newspapers; wood
b. magazines; metal
c. propaganda; iron
d. Bibles; metal
Lutheranism blank that good deeds were neccessary to salvation, upheld the blank as sole source of truth, rejected blank heirarchy.
rejected; Bible; Church
According to this belief the only way to salvation was through blank, and blank the clergy to marry.
faith; permitted
The sacrements of Lutheranism are:
a. protesting; voting; prayer; idol worship; monastaries
b. praying to statues of religeous figures; fasting; hymns; communion; easter
c. none of the above
d. indulgencies; confession;pilgramages;pra
T/F Calvinism teaches that salvation is gained through prayer.
F. Salvation thru faith
T/F They regarded the Institutes of teh Christian Relgion as sole relgios doctrine.
F. Regarded Bible
T/F JOhn Calvin, founder of Calvinism preached about the seven sins.
F. preached about predestination; God long ago determine who would save
T/F The Calivinist chuch was governed by a theoracy
Define recant and theoracy
a. a pardon for sins; dictatorship
b. banishment; rule based on theology
c.rebellion; nation ruled by miltary regime
d. give up one's views; gov. run by church leaders.
T/F Anabaptists sought closer ties between church and state
F. separation of church and state
T/F Henry 8 broke ties with Catholic Church when the pope refused to annul his marriage
T/F Henry 8 religeous radical who rejected Catholic forms of worship
F. not a religeous radica. kept most forms of Catholic worship.
T/F Queen Elizabeht was rigid and uncompromising in matters of religeon
F. her Elizabeth settlements were a comprise between Protestants and Catholic practices
T/F During Reformation, Jewish faith tolerated and they prospered.
F. pressured to convert. not tolerated; didn't prosper
Define annul and ghetto
a. cancel; separate part of teh city of Venice were Jews were ordered to go
b. none of the above
Why did most experts reject Copernicus' theory?
a. religious and scientific knowledge were based on arguments of classical thinkers
b. didn't like his religeon
c. he was known to be foolish
What theory did Galielo support after veiwing the palnets with his telescope?
a. Ptomley
b. Arsitotle
c. Copernicus
What is the scientific method?
a. experimenting
b. step-by-step process of discovery
c. Socrates teachings
What advances in medicine were made duirng the Renaissance adn Reformation?
a. stitches, accurate human anatomy, perfect microscope etc.
b. none were made
c. works of Galen were renewed
How did Bacon and Descartes differ in theri methods?
a. didn't differ
b. aristotle; copernicus
c. ptomely; Galileo
d.stress epxerimentation/observation; human reasoning
Define Heliocentricity.
a. earth centered
b. God centered
c. theory involving helium
d. sun centered
What force did Isaac Nedwton discover?
a. motion
b. gravity
c. electricyt
d. water

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