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A Beka History 10-17.2


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Constitution of 1791
France's first written constitution
How many people died and/or were arrested during the "Reign of Terror"?
Altogether, some 40,000 people died.(Including queen Marie Antoinette, who was guillotined.) Hundreds of thousands were arrested.
What is "Deism"?
Deism is a religion that rejected Scripture and professed that God is an impersonal Being Who is revealed only in nature, and must be sought through man's reason.
What was the "Reign of Terror"?
This was a movement that was instituted to suppress antirevolutionary movements; it and the Committee of Public Safety, who instituted the movement, were led by Robespierre.
Jacobin Club
a radical organization of several supporters of making the revolution go to the extremes; it was so named because it met in an old Jacobin monastery in France.
What happened, which was not a coincidence, when atheism was at its height?
The Reign of Terror was bloodiest at the same time that atheism was at its peak.
Mass Revolution
the third stage of the French Revolution; when the great mass of the common people below the bourgeoisie(French for "middle class") began to rise.
What is the Directory?
It was the fifth government of France that came about following Robespierre's fall and death.
National Assembly
the official representative body of all the people of France; As soon as a few priests from the First Estate joined its ranks, the Third Estate took drastic action and declared itself to be this.
What is the Metric system?
The Metric system is a system of weights and measures, that was devised by the revolutionists.
August 4 Decrees
Decrees by which the National Assembly ended the lords' privileges of collecting land taxes from the peasants, hunting on peasants' lands, and taking special privileges over peasants in courts of law.
What was the "Left"?
To the left, hence the name, was a group of young radicals who distrusted the king and were displeased with the Constitution of 1791 and they wanted the revolution the go much further.
Committee of Public Safety
a committee made of 12 men holding extensive police and judicial powers.
a device for chopping off human heads; this device became a symbol of the French Revolution.
Marie Antoinette
Louis XVI's wife who, along with his brothers and some nobles, told Louis that the National Assembly threatened his dignity and authority.
National Convention
Controlled by the Left, this more radical assembly replaced the Constituent Assembly.
Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen
a declaration that proclaimed to the world "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, or Death," (the slogan for the new regime in France).
What is the "Right"?
The Right was a group that was satisfied with the constitution and didn't want the revolution to go any farther; It was so named because the group sat on the right side of the Assembly.
What happened on July 14, 1789?
Hoping to secure more weapons and to free people imprisoned for opposing the "old regime", a Parisian mob stormed Bastille.
What happened on January 21, 1793?
Louis XVI was executed on the guillotin.
Who was Maximilien Robespierre?
He was a prominent member of the Jacobin Club, a member of the Committee of Public Safety, and he was the most infulential man in the French government.
What is the "Center"?
the Center is a group that sat in the center and was without any particular program or principles.
an old castle stronghold in Paris used primarily as a prison.
Napoleonic Wars
one of the most important series of wars in the history of the world; was declared by the French Constituent Assembly on Austria with very little opposition.
Tennis Court Oath
An oath that the National Assembly took on a nearby tennis court,(Hence, the name), vowing to continue meeting until a national constition had been written.

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