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History Flashcards 2


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Law that replaced the Embargo act and restored trade with all nations except G.B. and France.
Non-intercourse act
Which Gov't body had to approve this purchase?
Peace treaty that ended the war
Treaty of Ghent
Illegal activities that barbury states engaged in
Piracy and held foreign citizens captive for ransom.
Who were the leading war hawks in Congress?
Henry Clay and John C. Calhoun
Leader of France in 1800
Napolean Bonaparte
3 reasons for declaring war on G.B. in 1812.
1)War hawks believed war would give US chance to expand
2)Pressure from war hawks
3)G.B.'s impressment of American sailors and G.B.'s continuing vilolation of US neutrality.
what else did the crowds celebrate besides Jefferson's election?
the fact that the Rublican party had also won control over both houses of Congress
Members of Congess that wanted to declare war against G.B. in the early 1800's
War Hawks
?-the Supreme Court's power to declare acts of Congress unconstitutional
judicial review
U.S. victory over an indian confederation that wanted to stop white settlement in the NW territory; increased tensions b/t G.B. and US.
Battle of Tippecanoe
How much did the U.S. pay France for the LA territory?
$15 million
What two skills did Tecumseh possess?
1)skilled military leader
2)brilliant speaker
Legislation passed by congress that created the federal court system.
Judiciary Act of 1789
What was the British strategy in the east?
To attack the US capitol and blockade seaports
Who would serve as Pres. during the war of 1812?
Why did Bonaparte cause fear across Europe?
B/c of his political ambition and military skill.
Why was GB able to send more troops to US after 1814?
B/c they defeated France in 1814
?-U.S. Supreme Court case that established the principal of judical review
Marbury vs. Madison
One of the most influential and talented indian leaders of this time ________.
2 Diplomats sent by New Orleans and West FL.
1)Robert R. Livingston
2)James Monroe
US victory in the war lead by Oliver Perry; broke G.B.'s control of Lake Erie
Battle of Lake Erie
4 things L & C were to look for:
1)New animals
2)New plants
3)Mineral productions
4)Form peaceful relations with American indians
Greatest US victory; actually took place two weeks after a peace treaty had been signed ending the war.
Battle of New Orleans
British laws passed in early 1800's concerning neutral ships
A series of acts allowing the British navy to search and seize ships carrying war supplies to France.
Law that prohibited American merchants from trading with other countries
Embargo act
What 2 men lead the expedition West?
Meriwether Lewis and William Clark
The war hawks were strongest in which regions?
West and South
How was the US drawn into the war?
B/c each country wanted to stop the US from supplying goods and war materials to the other
How could a country resume trade with the US?
When they stopped violating US neutrality.
What was the French reply to these laws?
They struck back declaring that no country could ship goods to G.B.
Which two areas were the hardest hit by the imbargo act?
1)New England states
Why did U.S. leaders become suspicious of N.B.?
B/c they learned that France, once again, owned LA territory.
US victory in which Andrew Jackson's troops forced creek indians to give up much of their land in the south
Battle of Horseshoe Bend
What effect did the LA purchase have on the size of the U.S.?
Almost doubled the land mass
how did judicial review help the Supreme Court?
Which European countries were at war in 1803?
G.B. and France
2 reasons T.J. was concerned about N.B. owned LA territory.
1)B/c Jefferson knew that France could block the Western growth of the U. S.
2)France could interfere w/ American Trade.
When did the corps of discovery leave St. Louis?
May 1804
what did Jefferson's inaguration mark the first of?
the first time one political party had replaced another in power in the U.S.
Mountain in East Central CO that was part of an important mining region in the mid to late 1800's.
Pike's Peak
Why did many nations , Including the US, make payments to the Barbury states?
To protect their ships and citizens
British practice of forcing people including US citizens to serve in the British army or navy; lead to increasing tensions b/t G.B. and the US in the early 1800's
Banning of Trade with a country

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