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New France


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Why were the French colonies slow to develop?
there was a civil war going on in France in the 1600s.
Which Europeans first explored the Mississippi River?
Indians told the French about the Mississippi River.
France sent explorers led by ________ ________ and _________ _________ who went all the way from Lake Michigan down to the Mississippi River almost to Louisiana.
Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet
Which French explorer went all the way down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico?
LaSalle led a group all the way down amd claimed all the land for France which closed in the English Colonies.
LaSalle called the land _______________ in honor of the French King - King Louis XIV.
Why was it difficult for people to settle in Louisiana?
The land was hot, swampy, and caused many harships.
What was England's first interest in the New World?
Fishing along the north coast of North America
Why did the Queen of England want the English sea captains to attack the Spanish ships?
The Spanish ships often carried gold, and the Queen wanted the gold.
Who were the "sea dogs"?
English pirates who attacked the Spanish ships.
Who was the most famous sea dog and why was he similar to Magellan?
Sir Francis Drake. He was the second one to sail around the world.
Were the sea dogs successful in pirating gold for the Spanish?
Yes, the captured gold made England rich and powerful.
The Queen gave orders to Sir Walter Raleigh to start the first _____________ in America.
English colony
Where did the English first try to start a colony?
Roanoke Island in North Carolina
Was the settlement successful?
No. The settlers ran out of supplies and it tool England too long to send supplies because England was in a war with Spain.
The first colony was called _____________________.
The Lost Colony
Where was the first successfull English colony?
Jamestown, Virginia in 1607
Who started and owned the first English colony?
A group of businessmen, adventurers called the Virginia Company
What "cash crop" was grown in the new colony that made a lot of money and also resulted in black African slaves being brought to America?
How did the colonists without money get to own land and what were they called?
They worked for 7 years with little pay and then were given land.
The workers who worked for land were called ___________.
Indentured Servents
When did the English King take away Jamestown from the Virginia Company?
After Indians killed more than 340 colonists the King took control of the colony.
Virginia became a _____________
Royal Colony.
Where did the Engish settle next after Jamestown?
Further north in what now Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620
Did a group of businessmen and adventurers begin the new colony there?
Yes, but there werealso some religious people in the first group who wanted to get away from Europe.
These religious people were called ______________________ and ____________________.
Separatistis and Pilgims
The religious people were called that because __________
their religious beliefs were different from the Church of England. Everyone living in England had to belong to the Church of England.
What is the name of the famous ship that brought these people to America?
The Mayflower
What was the Mayflower Compact?
It was a written agreement that the newcomers signed that described the rules and laws that they would all follow.
The Mayflower Compact was ______________________
the first example of the colonists governing themselves without the King telling them what laws to follow.
The first colonists in Plymouth almost died the first year. They arrived too late in the year to plant crops. How did they survive?
Local Indians led by Samoset and Squanto stayed with the colonists and showed them where to find food, fish and how to plant.
Were the colonists allowed to take ownership of land the same way that happened in Jamestown?
Yes. When the colonists were allowed to have their own land they worked even harder to be successful.
Who was the main leader of the Plymouth colonists and who guided them to success in the early months?
William Bradford

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