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Ch. 2 History test Flash cards


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Who was the first explorer to sail around the tip of Africa?
Bartolome' de las Casas
Who was the explorer who discovered the long awaited sea route to Asia?
Vasco Da Gama
Who conquered the Incan emperor?
Francisco Pizzaro
Which explorers' crew found Quebec?
Samuel de Champlain
What is a 3 masted ship?
Which Portugese rince laid the ground work for a new era of exportation?
Prince Henry
In 1492, Christopher Columbus sailed to America in these ships.
Nina', Pinta, and the Santa Maria
Who was the first spainiard to land on the mainland of North America?
Juan Ponce de Leon'
What was the hystorical period of intellectual and artistic creativity?
Porteguese traded for this from their post in Africa.
What city became an important center for Islamic art and learning under King Mansa-Musa?
What helped Marco Polo's book gain wider cirrculation?
Moveable type/the printing press
What was the city once named New Amsterdam?
What was an an instrument used to measure position of the stars?
These were explorers who recieved grants from Spain
What is a narrow, twisting passage to an ocean?
French wanted to establish this in the America's.
Trading posts
England, France, and the Netherlands hoped to discover this.
Northwest passage to Asia
runers of the wood
coreurs de bois
A very famous Aztec Emperor
This man was the leader of the Songhai Empire
Askia Muhammad
This man and his army conquered the aztec Empire
Hernan Cortes
Hernando De Soto traveled as far as this present-day city
Very famous french priest
John Calvin
People with Spanish and Indian parents
Defeated the Songhai people
Mali's greatest king
Mansa Musa
right granted by the Spanish government to the conquistadors turned Native Americans into slaves
The right to explore and establish settlements in America
Gave Spain the right to North and South America
Treaty of Tordesillas
Term meaning "Spanish upper class"
Very famous viking sailor
Leif Ericksson
Term for west African coast
Gold Coast
Author of the book "Travels"
Marco Polo

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