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ABeka History 6-9


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Who were the first white females to travel west of the Rockies?
Narcissa Whitman and Eliza Spalding, another missionary
When did the Japanese sign the trade treaty with the United States?
Who was Lemuel Haynes?
(1753-1833) A famous black preacher who also served as a minuteman in the American War for Independence and in the Continental Army under George Washington. After the war, Lemuel Haynes became a well-known pastor and writer in New England.
In what year did the British and Americans reach an agreement establishing the present border between Canada and the United States?
How did Mexican accept the Rio Grande as the border between Texas and Mexico?
By treaty of peace
Who was the first Baptist missionary to Japan?
Jonathan Goble
What is a flatboat?
A long boat with a flat bottom which could carry a wagon and supplies
How long was the Oregon Trail, which led to the west over wild, hazardous mountains?
2,000 miles
Land in what states was acquired by the United States in the Mexican Cession?
California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming and Colorado
What was the importance of the Mexican Cession?
Settled the border between Texas and Mexico at the Rio Grande River.
Who eventually became the governor of Liberia?
Lott Carey
What were the "forty-niners"?
The gold miners who swept into California in search of gold in 1849.
What was The Mexican War?
The two-year battle between the United States and Mexico over the Rio Grande in 1846-1847.
What young United States Marine accompanied Perry's fleet with the intent of one day returning to Japan as a missionary?
Jonathan Goble
What land did George Liele serve in?
Where did the Oregon Trail begin?
Independence, Missouri
Texas remained an independent country until 1845, when she became which state to join the Union?
Who was responsible for the construction of the Erie Canal?
Governor DeWitt Clinton of New York
Who was Commodore Perry's interpreter in Japan?
Samuel Wells Williams, an American missionary
What did the United States claim as the boundary line between Mexico and Texas?
The Rio Grande River
What treaty opened Japan to Christian missionaries in 1858?
The Harris Treaty
Who helped form the American Bible Society in 1816?
Samuel Mills
What high-ranking United States naval officer was assigned to open Japan for trade with the United States in 1853?
Commodore Matthew Perry
What Mexican dictator took complete control of Mexico in 1833.
General Santa Anna
Who were the most famous missionaries to the Indians in Oregon?
Dr. Marcus Whitman and his wife Narcissa
What was promised by the Northwest Ordinance of 1787?
(1) Freedoms: freedom of religion, outlawed slavery, guaranteed fair treatment of American Indians, and provided for a trial by a jury for all citizens accused of crimes, (2) Government would be established, (3) Education, religion and morality would be taught, and (4) Statehood when population reached 60,000.
What was the "Great Migration"?
Dr. Marcus Whitman led nearly 1000 pioneers safely to Oregon.
Who was John Wesley?
The English founder of the Methodist church.
Who invented the Japanese mode of transportation known as the "rickshaw"?
Jonathan Goble, for his disabled wife
Who was John Jasper?
(1812-1901) John Jasper came to know Christ while still a slave in 1839. He taught himself to read and studied the Bible so thoroughly that he had much of it memorized. Began preaching while still a slave, ministered to soldiers in the Confederate hospitals, and after the war preached throughout Virginia, Maryland and New Jersey. Known for his fiery preaching and vivid descriptions of hell.
What was the importance of the Louisiana Purchase?
It more than doubled the size of the United States
Who was William H. McGuffey?
A Presbyterian minister from Pennsylvania and Ohio known for writing The McGuffey Readers, a series of textbooks which sold over 122 million copies.
What was the importance of the purchase of the Oregon Territory?
It settled the boundary between the United States and Canada
Who served as a missionary to the newly founded colony of Liberia?
Lott Carey and his friend, Collin Teague
Who conducted the first Protestant worship service in Japan?
Commodore Matthew Perry
What was Davy Crockett's life motto?
"Be always sure you're right -- then go ahead!"
Who was the first diplomatic representative sent by the United States to Japan?
Townsend Harris
Name two songs written by Isaac Watts.
"When I Survey the Wondrous Cross" and "Joy to the World"
What United States President sent Commodore Perry to Japan to open trade between the countries?
President Millard Fillmore
What are circuit-riding preachers?
Preachers who rode regular routes, or circuits, preaching in areas that did not have a pastor.
What land was included in the "Oregon Territory"?
Oregon, Washington, Idaho and part of Montana and Wyoming.
Who was the "Father of American Missions"?
Adoniram Judson
In what year did Oregon become a State?
What American General lead the Americans during the Battle of New Orleans?
Andrew Jackson
California became the thirty-first state to join the Union in what year?
What region became Africa's first black republic?
Who translated portions of the Bible into Japanese?
Jonathan Goble
How many men had gathered at the Alamo, an old Spanish mission, in preparation to fight the Mexican Army?
What is a "ghost town"?
An empty, deserted town where no one lived.
Name two great English hymn writers.
Isaac Watts and Charles Wesley
Who were among the first to travel to Oregon?
Which United States President sent troops to defend the United States border at the Rio Grande?
James K. Polk, our twelfth President
What was the movement of the forty-niners westward called?
The California Gold Rush
Who established America's first black Baptist congregation in Savannah?
George Liele and his follower Andrew Bryan
What was the importance of the Gadsden Purchase?
To build a railroad across the southwest
What battle cry swept Texas after the Battle of the Alamo?
"Remember the Alamo!"
What were "camp meetings"?
People from all around gathered together for a week to hear gospel preaching. Because people lived so far apart, they would set up a tent, living and cooking camp style for the week.
What is the most heroic and best-remembered battle in the Texas struggle for independence?
The battle at the Alamo in San Antonio
What was Samuel J. Mills' main ministry?
To help others become missionaries
What was The War of 1812
The United States declared war on England in 1812. War between America and Britain lasted over two years.
Who founded the African Baptist Missionary Society of Richmond?
Lott Carey, a freed slave who worked to become a licensed Baptist preacher
What United States fort guarded the entrance to Baltimore Harbor in 1812?
Fort McHenry
Name two songs written by Charles Wesley.
"O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing" and "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing"
Who led an army north from Mexico to Texas to bring the American communities into subjection to his rule?
General Santa Anna
Who was America's first missionary to a foreign land?
George Liele (1752-1825)
Who was Richard Allen?
A slave who accepted Christ at the age of 17 and later served as a traveling Methodist preacher; established the first black church denomination in the United States.
What region became the 17th state in 1803?
How did America become involved in the war between France and Britain?
English warships began stopping American ships and forcing American sailors to fight for the British navy.
Where did pioneers leave the protection of forts and soldiers?
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
What was First Lady Dolly Madison known for?
When the British burned the Capitol building and the White House in 1814, she made certain that important government papers and a portrait of George Washington were saved. Her swift actions kept valuable historic items from being destroyed in the fire.
What was the first region to be settled in the Northwest Territory?
What other problems did America encounter during the war between France and England?
Both sides attacked American ships at sea; Britain violated trade rights with America and stirred up Indians on the American frontier.
What was the "haystack prayer meeting"?
Several young men at Williams College in Massachusetts met regularly to pray for the unsaved; when it rained, they would duck underneath a haystack to pray rather than cancel the prayer meeting.
Which American President negotiated the purchase of the "Louisiana Territory"?
Thomas Jefferson.
Who was John Chavis?
(176?-1838) A free black man, born in Virginia, attended Washington and Lee University; became a Presbyterian missionary in 1801; ministered in North Carolina and Virginia; founded a preparatory school for white students and a night school for black children.
Who explored the Louisiana Territory at the request of President Jefferson?
Meriwether Lewis and William Clark
What was the first major man-made canal in the United States?
The Erie Canal, connecting Lake Erie with the Hudson River (363 miles)
The sight of our battle-torn flag flying over Fort McHenry after the British attack during The War of 1812 inspired the writing of our national anthem, "The Star Spangled Banner," by what patriot?
Francis Scott Key
Who helped form America's first Baptist mission board?
Luther Rice (1783-1836) and Adoniram Judson
What Shoshone Indian joined Lewis & Clark in North Dakota to interpret for them as they encountered indians during their exploration of the Louisiana Purchase?
Who was known as the Father of Western African Missions?
Lott Carey
Who sold the United States the "Louisiana Purchase" or "Louisiana Territory" in 1803?
Napoleon Bonaparte, the French ruler.
What states were part of the Northwest Territory?
Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and part of Minnesota
How many days did the 187 men inside the Alamo hold off the 3,000 Mexican soldiers before running out of ammunition?
Eleven days
What title was given to Daniel Boone?
The pioneer of pioneers
Who was America's third president?
Thomas Jefferson
What was the settlement built in honor of Daniel Boone in 1775 called?
What was "America's greatest contribution to the field of music"?
Negro Spirituals. Melodic, rhythmic songs sung together by slaves as they worked. They often told stories of the Hebrew children enslaved in Egypt. Examples: "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot," "Deep River," and ""Go Down, Moses."
What trail through the forests and over the mountains of the Cumberland Gap was created by Daniel Boone so that other pioneers could follow?
the Wilderness Road
Who was Peter Cartwright?
One of the best known circuit riders; served mostly in Tennessee and Kentucky for almost 50 years.
Who was the most famous pioneer of colonial times?
Daniel Boone (1734-1820)
What city is said to "guard the mouth of the Mississippi River"?
New Orleans, Louisiana
What do we call someone who does something first, preparing the way for others?
a pioneer
Which American President was in office during The War of 1812?
James Madison, our fourth President
Parts of what 15 states were included in the Louisiana Purchase?
Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas
How had Americans come to settle in Texas?
Mexico had invited settlers by offering land for sale at cheap prices.
Where was the Battle of San Jacinto?
South of Houston, Texas
What officially ended The War of 1812?
The Treaty of Ghent
When did the Americans in Texas vote for independence from Mexico?
Why had Napoleon Bonaparte sold the Louisiana Territory to the United States?
Because he needed money to carry on his wars again Britain.
Who introduced the spirituals to the northern states and Europe beginning in 1871?
The Fisk Jubilee Singers
What was the average pay for a circuit-riding preacher on the frontier?
$30 to 40 per year
What famous American from Tennessee had come from the United States to the Alamo to help the Texans fight?
Davy Crockett
Who was Francis Asbury?
A Methodist evangelist who established churches and Bible studies on the American frontier.
Who was Noah Webster?
A scholar from Connecticut who wrote the first major American dictionary and "The Blue-Backed Speller".
Why did Mexico begin to fear the American settlers in Texas?
There were more Americans in Texas than Mexicans, and they were afraid the Americans might try to take over Texas.
How much did the United States pay for the "Louisiana Territory"?
$15 million
How many Mexican soldiers fought at the Battle of the Alamo?
How much larger did the United States become with the land from the Louisiana Purchase?
More than doubled in size
Which American President negotiated with Spain for the purchase of Florida in 1819?
James Monroe, our fifth President
Who was Catherine Ferguson?
Known as "Miss Katy," she began holding Sunday School for local children in her home in 1793. It is believed to be New York City's first Sunday school program. She had a heart for orphaned children, and found homes for 48 starving children. The Katy Ferguson Home for Unwed Mothers was founded in her honor in 1920.
How much did the United States pay for Florida?
$5 million
What was the Second Great Awakening?
A revival in New England in the 1790s, following the War for Independence.
What ranch hand discovered gold in 1848?
James Marshall
On whose land was gold discovered by James Marshall in 1848?
John Sutter's ranch in California.
General Sam Houston led Americans in what surprise attack that led to the capture of Santa Anna and the defeat of the Mexican Army?
the Battle of San Jacinto
What was the Gadsden Purchase?
In 1853, the United States bought more land from Mexico in the southern parts of New Mexico and Arizona. The purpose of this purchase was to build a railroad throughout the southwest.
How much did the United States pay Mexico for the Mexican Cession?
$15 million
What was "gold fever"?
An obsession with finding gold.
Who was the country of Texas' first President?
Sam Houston

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