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How to Eat Fried Worms (copy)


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What is the full name of the book?
How to Eat Fried Worms
What is the Author's Name? spell it
Thomas Rockwell
Who is the main character in this book?
Who are Billy's Friends?
Alan, Joe and Tom
What is the Bet about?
If Billy eats 15 worms in 15 days he will get $50.00 from Alan. One worm each day
Where does Alan get his money to pay his bet?
Alan will take it out of his life savings account.
What is the defintion of a night crawler?
Earthworm, A large earthworm found in the on the surface soil at night.
Is a night crawler considered a worm?
Where did Billy eat his first worm?
In a deserted horse barn
What did Billy sit on the orange crate next to him in the barn?
ketchup, Worchestershire sauce, jars of Piccalilli, mustard, a box of Crackers, salt & pepper, lemon, slice of cheese, box of kleenex, horseradish, plastic honey bear,maraschino cherries, mother's Cinnamon/Sugar shaker
Describe Billy's friend Joe?
a small boy, with dark hair and a long nose and big brown eyes
What ways did Tom suggest Billy could eat the worms?
Boiled, Stewed, Fried and Fricasseed
How big were the worms supposed to be?
Big enough so he could cut them into pieces and eat them off his plate with a fork.
How did Billy eat his first worm?
It was boiled --ketchup, mustard, horseradish,a few drops of lemon juice, salt and pepper
After his first bites, did Billy add anything else to the worm?
cinnamon/sugar, a bit of cheese, cracker crumbs, Worcestershire sauce
What was Billy doing in the barn after he ate the first worm?
Billy was flapping around drooling from his mouth, he was acting really weird.
How did Bily eat his second worm?
ketchup and mustard
How did the boys check to see if Billy ate the worms?
He had to lay back and open his mouth wide so they could look into it.
How was the third worm prepared?
In cornmeal and fried
What could't Billy stop thinking about?
Thinking worms, worm worm worm worm, bait boxes, drowned worms, soggy ends
What idea did Tom give Billy to do while he waited for his 3rd worm
Keep thinking Fish and saying Fish to yourself and you will be ok.
What bad habit does Alan do?
He chews his thumbnail.
How much money does Alan have in his savings$
What was Billy's last name?
What was Tom's last name?
What was Billy trying to make Tom do after he ate his 4th worm?
Billy was trying to get Tom to eat one.
How did Billy eat his 5th worm?
He ate it with ketchup, mustard, salt and whatever else was on the orange crate. He picked it up and pulled it apart and ate if with his fingers.
What was Billy's nightmare about?
He was dreaming about giant worms from the butcher and worms around his ankle.
What time did Billy wake up from his nightmare?
What is Billy's dad's 1st name?
What did Billy tell his mother he ate?
5 worms
How were the 5 worms that Billy ate prepared?
2 boiled and 3 fried
What was the name of Billy's Doctor?
Dr. McGrath
Who did Billy's dad call about Billy eating worms?
Poision Control
How did Billy eat the 7th worm?
Sideways reading a comic book
How did Billy eat the 6th worm?
triumphantly, serene and untroubled.
How did Billy eat the 8th worm?
mustard on a fried worm
Why didn't Alan come to see Billy eat his 8th worm?
Alan could'nt get the $50 he would owe Billy out of his mind
How was the 9th worm prepared?
cornmeal and fried
How big was the 9th worm?
2 feet long
What did Billy discover about the 9th worm?
When he scraped off the breading he saw that it was 2 worms glued together.
What was Billy calling Alan after he discovered their were 2 worms instead of 1.
What animal was loose running around in the barn?
What cereal was Billy eating for Breakfast?
What did the boys tell Mrs Forrester about Billy?
They told her about the bet between Alan and Billy and she was surprised that Billy was still eating worms.
Where were Alan and Joe planning a trip to and to do what?
They were planning a trip to Ft. Lauderdale to go fishing with Joe's father.
What favor did Alan and Joe ask Mrs. Forrester to do?
They wanted her to feed Billy his next 2 worms.
What response did Mrs. Forrester tell the boys about feeding Billy the worms?
How were the 2 worms prepared for Mrs. Forrester
Boiled in a plastic bag
Did Mrs. Forrester finally agree to feed Billy the worms?
What did Billy's family have for dinner while he was eating a worm?
hamburgers,string beans and mashed potatoes
What did Billy's father tell Mrs. Forrester to do for preparing the worm?
He told her to get out her cookbooks
What was the name of the cookbook Bill's dad pull off the shelf?
Mastering the Art of French cooking.
How did Billy's mom prepare the 10th worm?
Alsatian Smothered worm-dredge the worm in flour,3tablespoons of drippings,sliced onions, pour over sour cream and cover pot
How did Billy's mom make the 10th worm and what was it called?
Ice cream cake , bathed in fruit syrups,peach, candy tuttifruiti, candied orange, topped with whipped creme, sprinkled with jelly beans and sprinkles
Whizbang worm delight
What were the boys trying to do to Billy so he would not eat the 11th worm?
They were trying to stuff him with food from Shea Stadium so he would be to full and he would fall asleep in the car ride home and his dad would carry him up to bed and he would miss the day and loose the bet.
What foods were the boys planning to stuff Billy withat Shea Stadium?
hotdogs,hamburgers,Cracker jack,ice cream,orange soda,gum,Mars bars
How much money did Alan think all of the junk food from Shea Stadium would cost?
How was the 11th worm prepared?
toasted cheese and worm sandwhich
Who were Tom's sisters?
What did Tom and Billy do to so that Alan and Joe could see that he ate the 13th worm?
They went and got a siren and worked up the whole neighborhood?
What did Alan and Joe have to do the morning after the siren?
They had to ring everyone's door and apolgize and let them know they were the reason the siren was set off.
What is Joe's last name?
What is Alan's last name?
What happened between Billy, Joe and Alan after the siren incident?
They called each other finks and started to fight and beat each other up.
What were the boys throwing at each other when they were fighting?
What was thrown at Billy at hit him in the eye?
A rock
Who took Billy home to his mother?
Where did the boys father said they would take them if they worked out their problems?
How was the 14th worm prepared?
fried as a peanut and butter sandwich
What did Emily come into Billy and told him that he and his mother received?
A letter
Who was the letter from?
Dr. Charles McGrath
What was the letter about?
It was about article in the medical journal titled"Poisions in home Garden"
What did Dr. McGrath recommend to Mrs. Forrester about Billy?
Not to eat anymore worms until he returned back from his trip to New York City.
Was the letter really from Dr. McGrath?
No, the boys wrote in to trick Billy? Alan and Joe
Who told Billy that the letter was a fake?
Billy's dad- Mr. Forrester
What word did Billy's dad point out in the letter?
What is Fulmar??
A bird, A seabird
How was the last worm prepared?
Steaming southern Fried
Where was the 15th worm found?
Behind Bannermann's
When was Alan going to give Billy the money?
On Saturday at 10 o'clock
Why did the 15th worm taste so good to Billy?
It was made out of beans to fake him out so he would loose the bet
What was Alan doing to Billy so he would not eat the 15th worm?
He jumped on him and started punching him and beating him up and put him into the tool closet and he wanted to put him into the cistern.
How did Billy get the 15th worm?
It was in an Easter Basket and sent up on a brick/
Why did Billy, Alan and Joe get in trouble?
They were playing in the cistern and not allowed to.
What was Billy eating next to the riverbank with his friend Tom?
Worm and egg on rye.
What did Billy ask Tom about worms?
He asked if he could be the only person every hooked on worms?
Name some worm recipes?
Worms and Dirt Dessert, Crunchy Carrot Worm Salad, Worm Pizza, Green Been Casserole a ala Worm, Wormy Jello - O, Worm Burgers
What awards did Thomas Rockwell receive?
Mark Twain Award, The California Young Reader Medal, Sequoyah Award
Where does Thomas Rockwell live?
Poughkeepsie, New York
What almost happened to Billy so he lost the contest?
Mr. Forrester sent him to his room and he almost did not get a chance to eat his last worm because he was in the cistern.

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