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Social Studies Intro Test


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visual hisotry
Information from the past from visual sources, such as paintings, photos and artifacts
a community located west of lake winnipeg and settled by the icelandic people. Gimili means great hall of heaven.
Manitoba village, southwest of gimili, settled and named by the ukranian settlers, the community has a statue of a large mosquitoe.
St. Pierre Jolys
Manitoba community southwest of steinbach. Father Ritchot and others lead a group of french speaking settlers to this town.
Collection of historical documents official and or government records;for example artifacts visual written and electroncically recorded material.
Anything made by humans for example, a tool or tools, or fabric. Archeololgists study artifacts to help them determine how people in the past lived.
Having an opinion that prevents making a fair judgement
Place where ground is spongy or swampy many artifacts get wel
Society that has developed advanced political and social orginizations which include most of or all of the following cities, division of labour, social classes, taxation, public building, and record keeping in written form.
Societies way of life, including it's material culture, knowldge , values, institutions, and partices or ways of doing things.
DNA Testing
Material that carries information about unique characterists in humans and can help identify them.
Process of opening many bussnesess worldwide rather than just in one counrty.
Global Citizenship
Seeing oneself as a citizen of the world, as well as Canada
System and the people who govern or make the rules in a commmunity or country.
Network of regulary shaped lines, crossing eachother at right angles, such as those on a sheet of graph paper
Record of what happened in the past. The study of history involves estbalishing the facts, interpreting them, and explaining there importance.
Individually or personality of a person or group that distinguishes it from other people or groups.
1. Established law or custom practise. 2. Established society or orginization for educational programs or social purposes.
A place where objects fro mthe past r stored such as clothes, tools, are protected and displayed
Oral History
Record of the past passed on by word of mouth rather than writing.
Primary Source
Document, image, or artifact that provides direct evidence from the past.
Orginized program of publicity and information intended to persuade people to support a particular policy or government program.
Radiocarbon Dating
Method of dating organic ,materials dating thousands of yeras old by determining the amount of radioactive carbon they obtain.
Secondary Source
Book, play, film, article, or museum that displays primary sources selectively in order to interpret the past.
Social History
Way of life of people in the past, including all aspects of there socity, such as food, clothing and childrens games.
A group of people who share a common interest. 2. People who live in a particular place at a particular time and who join together for there needs, and protection
Family name. surnames are based on an ancestor's appearence occupation or place of birth.
Any tool used to make a task easier.
Custom belief handed down through generations. Thanksgiving dinner is an example of tradition.

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