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What was the title of Charles I?
Charles V Holy Roman Emperor / Charles I King of Spain
What was the name of his family dynasty? Where was it from?
Habsburg. Austria/Hungary
Who was the 1st person to sail around the world?
Magellan (of Portugal)
Which conquistador destroyed the aztec emperor?
Hernan Cortes
Who was Martin Luther?
Started the Protestant Reformation
What was the Protestant Reformation?
Said that the Catholic Church didn't follow what the Bible said.
Who was the leader of the Counter-reformation in Spain?
Ignatius Loyola (founder of the Jesuits)
What was the POLITICAL symbol of the counter-reformation in Spain?
El escorial
What was the RELIGIOUS symbol of the counter-reformation in spain?
The Burial of the Count of Orgaz (painting)
Who were the 4 most famous mystics?
Teresa of Avila
John of the Cross
Ignacious Loyola
El Greco
Why did the Muslim Moriscos in Granada revolt in 1569?
Restrictions/ban on dress of Islam.
What was the main case for revolt in the Netherlands?
Calvinism (John Calvin)
How did Portugal become part of the Spanish empire?
Sebastiao - killed and had no heir
What happened to the Spanish Armada in 1588?
destroyed by agile british ships in english channel and by storm.
Why did Phillip III expel the Moors from Spain in 1609?
Afraid of alliance between Moors/Turks/French/Dutch
What was the name of the school of writers formed by Spanish priests, and what was their goal?
Arbitristas - socioeconomic reform
Who was the Jesuit priest that wrote the 1st history of "Spain"?
Juan de Mariana (1595)
Who was the greatest statesman in Spain under Philip IV?
Count of Olivares
What treaty ended the Catholic-Protestant 30 Years War?
Peace of Westphalia
Where is this war still being fought today?
Northern Ireland
Why did Martin Luther post his 95 theses on the door of the cathedral in his town of Germany?
Everybody would see them there.
What style of art was used to enlarge the image of the Counter-Reformation in Europe?
Which Spanish leader used the arts as propaganda to promote the Counter-Reformation and the government?
Count of Olivares
What title did Portugal give the Duke of Branca in 1640 when they broke away from Spain?
King Joao IV
Who was made regent when Philip IV died - For whom was htis person named regent?
Mariana, for her son Carlos II.

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