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Microbiology contributors


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Robin Warren
bacteria H. pylori causes ulcers. late 90s.
Stanley Prusiner
prions late 90s.
David Baltimore
1986 reverse transcription retroviruses (HIV)
Francis Rous
link between viruses and cancer. Early 20th century. Chickens; Rous sarcoma.
Fred Griffith
1920s; transformation of bacteria (DNA exchange)
John Enders
growth media development; 1950s.
Jonas Salk
killed virus polio vaccine. 1950s. 10 year protection.
Edward Jenner
1780 first vaccine. Cowpox prevented smallpox. Also did rabies, anthrax, diptheria, and pertussis vaccine.
Selman Waksman
broad-spectrum antibiotics
Alexander Fleming
penicillin (narrow-spectrum)
Paul Ehrlich
syphilis cure in 1910
Walter Reed
yellow fever via mosquitos; turn of the century
David Bruce
african sleeping sickness via mosquitos; early 1900s
Ronald Ross
mosquitos transmit malaria; early 1900s
John Snow
fecally contaminated water transmits cholera; 1849
Rebecca Lancefield
classification of b-homolytic strep. 1930.
Howard Ricketts
early 1900s; rickettsia and rocky mountain spotted fever (died from this)
Dmitri Iwanowski
isolated first virus; tobacco mosaic virus in 1892.
William Welch
1910s. Gas gangrene. John Hopkins University.
Hans Christian Gram
gram stain in 1884
Fanny Eilshemius
housewife of a Koch chemist; suggested agar as growth medium
Shibasaburo Kitasato
cultivated tetanus bacillus. worked for Koch. 1894.
Frederich Loeffler
isolated diptheria
Joseph Lister
1867, cleaned everything with phenol
Elie Metchnikoff
described phagocytosis; 1907 prize
Emil von Behring
worked with diptheria; developed serum therapy. 1905ish.
Anton von Leeuwenhoek
observed microbes; 16th century
Ignatz Semmelweis
wash your hands! childbirth fever killing many. mid 1800s.
Oliver Holmes
1843 wash your hands. b-hemolytic strep. puperil fever
Louis Pasteur
germ theory, rabies vaccine, saved french wine industry and Joey Meister. mid 1800s.
Robert Koch
koch\'s postulates. TB and anthrax; early 1900s.
Golden age of micro

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