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HH 10 Theology- French Missionaries and Calvinism


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What did Jacques Marquette do?
set up trading posts to spread Christianity
Where did Marquette set them up?
Great Lakes, upper Mississippi River
What was the difference between French and Spanish missionizing?
the french were respectful to the indian's way of life, while the spanish forced their beliefs.
Where was Francis de Sales the bishop of?
Geneva (Switzerland)
Who was a doctor of the church?
Francis de Sales
What did de Sales do?
worked to influence people back to the church, convinced them that they needed God, religious zeal spread.
How many children did St. Jane Frances de Chantal have?
6, but three died as infants.
What did de Chantal decide to devote her life to?
consecrated her life to God
What did de Chantal do?
founded religious order in France
who did de Chantal feel she needed to help?
abused women and children
Who came to de Chantal and why?
queens and princesses, because she was so holy.
Who founded the Society of St. Sulpice?
Jean Jaques Olier
What is the Society of St. Sulpice?
an order of diocesan priests.
What was father marquette?
a jesuit
who lived among the iroquios?
father marquette
what language did marquette learn?
Who traveled the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence river?
marquette and joliet
what is the great river?
the mississippi
who explored the great river and missionarized it?
father marquette
Where did marquette travel to with joliet?
down the mississippi, until 400 miles from the gulf of mexico.
what did marquette die of?
What were the three things the french wanted?
explore territory, learn the languages, preach the gospel.
What was John Calvin?
a lawyer
What did Calvin's religion get rid of?
anything "popery"
What did John Calvin think about Lutheranism
it was too close to Catholicism
what was another name for calvinism?
reform church
what was different about the calvin churches?
4 bare walls and a sermon: no pictures, music, or anything else.
what was john calvin's book called?
Institutes to the Christian Religion
where did calvinism spread?
Holland, Scotland, France, England
what was the english church called?
what were french protestants called?
who was in line after queen elizabeth I
James of Scotland
who did James of Scotland have to deal with?
what did james do?
reform the anglican church
what did his scottish buddies want him to do?
make harsher reforms, making the church "pure"- puritans
When did first puritans go to the new world?
1607 during James's reign
who took over throne after james?
son, charles
when did the pilgrims come?
when was the massachusetts bay colony formed?
who was the main founder of the Massachusetts Bay Colony?
John Winthrop
who was the governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colongy?
John Winthrop
What did winthrop want the colony to be?
a haven for people
what did you have to do to be in the colony?
be puritan, pay taxes to the church
what did he say the people had to be?
"a city on a hill"
What did winthrop say in his book?
God chose us to be in the state that we are in, manifests his power through us. humans should stick together, show justice and mercy. rich white men had all the power. lve your neighbor as yourself. only way to be unified is to be christian. show mercy =
what else did winthrop say in his book?
show mercy = to bring perfection all about love

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