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1800 Architecture
- In 1800, they wanted to recreate the Gothic look: - Westminister Palace was the British Pariliament and was built in 1837 to look old. - Tower Bridge was built in 1894 and is just some steel with an outer layer. - Opera House in Paris was built by Na
- Took control of.
- Seperation
Bismarck's Techniques to Unify Germany
- Bismarck used Realpolitik. He was able to strengthen the Prussian army. He used the strenghtened army to increase Prussian power and pave the way for Germany unity. He made an alliance with Austria and took control of Denmark. He then attacked Austr
Causes of Austrian Empire to be Split Into 2 Kingdoms
- Francis Joseph wanted to get rid of the differences in the empire but was defeated by Prussia. To save the empire, Austria and Hungary became equal but united countries to form Austria-Hungary.
- Prime minister
Dante and Virgil in Hell
- It has souls trying to get on the boat to leave Hell. It's very dreamlike and by Delacroix and is located in the Louvre.
Events of 1800
- 1830 and 1848 were a series of revolts in Europe, mainly France. Almost all European countries had political problems at the time. - 1851 Cyrstal Palace was built. - 1869 Suez Canal was built in Egypt and cut 6 months off the time to get to Asia. -
Francis Joseph
- Francis Joseph was the emperor of Austria and had one of the longest reigns in history.
- He is the most famous architecture during the Romantic period and has many works in Barcelona. - He built Casa Balto.
- Being grand, magnificent, awe inspiring
How Feelings of Nationalism Lead to Revolution
- Kossuth felt strongly for Hungary and rallied for the freedom of Hungary. There was a revolt and they almost won complete freedom. This later inspired other countries.
- Emperor
Liberty Leading the People
- Shows Lady Liberty leading the revolt in 1830. - It was painted by Delacroix, the most famous painter during the Romantic period. - It is now in the Louvre and 11 feet tall. - The painting symbolizes French nationalism and hte power of the French p
Nationalism caused problems for the Austrian empire
- In Austria, there were many different cultures. They all spoke their own language and they wanted to be self governed.
Otto von Bismarck
- He was the chancellor/prime ministeer of the united German states.
Raft of Medusa
- Medusa was a ship and the crew one day ran into a storm. The ship started to sink so the rich got into the lifeboat and left the poor on the boat. The poor build a raft and not many survive. It shows the rich didn't care about the poor and the class
- Realistic politics based on the needs of the state.
A person or group of people who govern when teh monarch can't.
- Empire
- Series of 8 boulevards forming a circle around the center of Vienna. It's line with beautiful buildings, opera houses, and museums.
Romantic Literature
- Four main writers were Byron, Shelly, Keats, and Hugo.
Romantic Music
- Wagner wrote many operas to do with German nationalism which Hitler spoke to. - Brahms was another composer.
Romantic Period
- It was during the 19th century (1815-1914) between Napolean and WWI. - Some characteristics were nature, nationalism and dream like.
- Person who's native language is the Slavic
Strong Feelings of Nationalism
- Nationalism was strong because there were so many ethnic groups. Each culture didn't feel like they were Austrian.
Techniques to Retain Power in the German Government
- Bismarck drafted a two-house legislature. The upperhouse, Bundesrat, could veto any decisions of the lowerhouse, the Reichstag. The real power still remained in the hands of the emperor and the chancellor.
Territorial and Economic Changes that Promoted German Unity
- Napoleon made territorial changes and people began to demand that German be unified. The Zollverein dismantled the tarriff barriers between the German states.
William I
- He was the king of Prussia.
- Economic union by Prussia which dismantled tariff barriers between German states.

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