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5th Grade Social Studies, Chapter 5


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Social Studies, Chapter 5

Jon Sams

Mrs. Vassiliev, 5th Grade
An area of land that serves as a barrier.
The buffer north of New Spain from what today is California to Florida.
A fort.
Not plentiful.
Large estates.
Small religious communities.
royal colony
A colony where the king rather than business people rule.
To carry a boat around a water fall and rapids or overland between rivers.
Branch rivers.
proprietary colony
A colony owned and ruled by one person.
A document giving a person or group of people official approval to take a certain action.
cash crop
A crop that people raise to sell to others rather than to use themselves.
Safe place.
A group of religious settlers whom founded a British colony in North America.
Fundamental Orders
The first written system of government in North America.
People who come to live in a country after leaving their home country.
A plant from which blue dye is made.
People who had been in prison for owing money.
What was the first permanent European settlement in North America?
St. Augustine
How did conflicts over the fur trade change the way New France was ruled?
The Huron, French trading partners,lost to the Iroquois, which destroyed the French fur trade. The king declared New France to be a Royal Colony in hopes of rebuilding the French empire in North America.
What cash crop was important to the early southern colonies? Why?
Tobacco. It was important because it generated hugh profits for the colony and helped it grow.
What were the Fundamental Orders?
The Fundamental Orders were the first written system of government in North America.
What city grew from the Dutch capital of New Amsterdam?
New York
How did the horse change the Indian's way of life?
They learned to tame them and use them for transportation, which helped them in hunting and in warfare.
Why did Spain build presidios across the borderlands?
To provide protection for settlers in the borderlands.
Why did the Spanish government send missionaries to the borderlands?
To bring the people of North America the Holy Catholic faith.
What did Marquette and Joliet find on their expedition?
The Mississippi River.
What lands did La Salle claim?
The entire Mississippi River valley including all its tributaries.

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