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what impact did the slave trade have on africa?
some african states became dependent of slave trade and european goods
what was the impact of the treaty of tordesillas '
it set the course for future exploration and land claims
what was an advantage the aztecs and incas held over the conquistadors?
better trained
what event ensured england safe passage to colonize north america?
englands defeat of the spanish armade in 1588 opened up seaways
which of the following statements about the transatlantic trade routes is true?
africans traded gold/slaves for european goods
what did magellean seek to prove when he set out from spain in 1519?
land claimed by portugal actually belonged to spain
why was spains ownership of the worlds largest overseas holding important?
it gave spain advantage in exploration and colonization
what effect did the growth of chartered companies have on european economics?
first stock exchange created
which was the most significant resuly of vespuccis second voyage?
new lands were now thought to be a "new world"
in the ecomienda system, spanish colonists were expected to?
take care of the native people
why was the georgia colony founded?
a place to resettle people who had been in prision
which statement about cortess w. aztecs is true?
aztecs though cortes was a messanger of their god
what statement is true of french colonists in america?
claimed the entire mississippi basin for france
what was the difference between african and european attitudes toward slaves?
hard labor
according to bartolameu dela casas, what factor motivated the colonists treatment of the natives?
greedy for more goods

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