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Ultimate Math Refresher


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Lengthly calculations are not needed
simplify arithmetic by cancellation
divide by 10% or .1 is same as
mult by 10
counting problems use
Venn Diagrams
compare fractions by
cross multiplication

start at bottom like a weird x, end in top corners
percent =
% change=
amount of change/original amount

all times 100/1
direct proportions:
vary in the same direction, as one gets larger, the other gets larger
inverse proportions:
change in opposite directions

the ratio is inverted
a non-zero number raised to the 0 power =
number raised to the 1st power
that number
fraction or decimal of a value between 0 and 1 raised to a positive power
becomes smaller
10 raised to a positive power equals
1 plus as many 0's as the exponent number
a number raised to the 1/2 power equals
the square root of the number
number raised to 1/3 power equals
the cubed root of that number
a negative number in parentheses raised to an even power=
a positive number
part (is) =
percent x whole (of)

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