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What is bituminous coal
most common coal also known as soft coal
name 3 ways you can conserve energy
turn off unused lights, turn off water when not using, close door to keep heat out or in
How far is the sun from earth
93 million miles
Where is the ozone layer
Name 3 renewable resources
water air solar
What is O2
three nonrenewable resouces
coal petroleum natural gas
What is nuclear fusion
combination of the nuclei of small atoms to form a larger nucleus
how long sunlight take to get to earth
8 light minutes
What is Crude Oil
unrefineed petroleum
How are satellites powered
solar panels
Bio fuels are made from...
corn soybeans sugar
What is O3
name the fossil fuels
coal, petroleum, natural gas
What is coal used mainly for
Where does methane come from
Dexaying matter
What is a biosphere
Ecosystem encompining life
What is uranium 235 used for?
Nuclear Fuel Rods
Date of last ice age
50,000 years ago
What is a native element
a pure element uncombined ex: silver gold
Name of orbiting telescopeq
meaning of ozone
CFC stands for
Name of cold peroid during 1300-1580
Mini ice age
Name 3 greenhouse gases
Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Sulfur Dioxide
What determines colors
stars most common element
What is nuclear fission
splitting of the nucleus of a large atom into smaller nuclei
What are three movements that cause climate change
1) Wobbling of earth on its axis 2) variation in earths tilt 3) circular to elongated orbit
temperature required to reach nuclear fusion
15,000,000 degrees Cel
What was added to CFC's to make them safer
What is bright-line spectrum
1 of 3 types of spectra
speed of light

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