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$200 dollars a month for senior citizens; precursor to social security
Agriculture adjustment admin; establish "parity prices" for basic commodities for farmers, also elimate price-depressing surpluses by paying farmers to reduce crops
opposing alliances w/other countries
margaret sanger
opened first birth control clinic in Am. and an avid supporter of birth control
"back to africa"
movement by marcus garvey; take all the black people back to africa to live in a separate colony
roosevelt's three R's
recovery, relief, reform
harlem renaissance
literary and artistic movement celebrating african american culture in the 1920's
one of the "ohio gang" who sold off some of the federal oil reserve to oil companies, starting the teapot dome scandal
strikes of the 1920s
police strike, steel mill strike, coal miners strike; 1920s not a good time for these
dawes plan
rescheduled german payments and opened more loans from Am. to germany
John l. lewis
president of the CIO union group
charles coughlin
catholic priest w/a broadcasting show; "Social justice"
court packing
adding a new justice for every court justice that was over 70 and not retired
mass production
assembly line production; faster than cottage, but not as great quality
bible interpreted in terms of modern scholarship
marcus garvey
founds universal negro improvement association (UNIA); believed in separation of the races and started the "back to africa" movement
kellog-briand pact
outlaws war; ratified by 62 nations, but never followed
mcnary-haugen bill
keep farm prices high by making govt buy surplus crubs and sell them abroad
wagner act
reasserted labor to form unions and bargain successfully for more rights; milestone for labor rights
fordney-mccumber tariff law
38.5% to equal out the coast for american and foreign stuff
2nd KKK
backlash from immigration; against blacks, immigrants, jews, and catholics
sec. of treasury under harding
18th amendment
labor-saving devices
washing machines, vacuums, sewing machines, dishwasher
sports of 1920s
baseball biggest, boxing, football and golf
Works progress administration; built infrastructures in cities
george norris
senator that created the TVA
movies/stars of 1920s
rudolph valentino; clara bow; mary pickford
margin buying/stock speculation
1) buying stock on credit 2) buying more stock than needed
literal, non-symbolic interpretation of the bible
the new morality
new openness and frankness concerning sexuality in the 20s
charles forbes
leader in american legion and has to resign b/c is found stealing $
roosevelt's right hand man during the New Deal period; WPA
sigmund freud
source of new morality in america w/his works of human sexuality
attorney general in harding's cabinent; puts down unions for good in 1920s
Public works admin; work on infrastructure and public buildings; grand coulee dam
scottsboro boys
9 black teens accused of raping a white girl are put on long trial w/ very shady testimony; announced a judicial failure
john Davis
democratic nominee against coolidge who is creamed
universal negro improvement association; founded by marcus garvey
wets and drys
division between urban and rural communities in the 20s
sacco and vanzetti
example of xenophobia; 2 italians put on trial for "robbery", but should have been released due to insuffient evidence; eventually put to death
Securities and exchange commission; watchdog over the stock market, to keep it from being a gamble
al capone
chicago gangster that sold illegal substances
volstead act
established a prohibition bureau in the treaure dept
pan-am airlines
first airline business
Tenessee valley authority; created dams on tenessee river; discover how much the production and distribution of electricity cost, so that all could be set up fairly
National recovery administration; right to organize into unions, "fair competition" btwn companies
starts the "red scare", trying to eliminate all communists and foreigners
farmers who moved farther west to escape the dust bowl
civilian conservation corps; camps designed to give work to men to keep them out of crime
trickle-down economics
govt gives tax breaks to company owners, who in turn give workers larger wages; INEFFECTIVE
thousands of jobs created out of nothing to employ the unemployed
19th amendment
women's sufferage
quota law
allowed only a certain # of immigrants from each country a year
washington conference
after WWI; disarmament; 10-yr holiday; five-pwr naval treaty
restriction of alcohol in the 20s in order to raise family values and worker activity
bathtub gin
homemade alcohol
one of the worst presidents yet--corrupt and insufficient president; TEAPOT DOME SCANDAL

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