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Kinesiology Test 2


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Spheres of Physical Actitity
-Physical activity experience -Professional practice centered in physical activity -scholarly study of physical activity
7 Spheres of scholoarly study of physical activity
-Physiology of physical activity -Biomechanics -Sport and Exercise psychology -motor behavior -sociology of physical activity -history of physical activity -philosophy of physical activity
Defintion for Spheres of Activity Experience
parts of life where physical activity is a major and defining role.
7 spheres of active experinence
-Leisure -Education -Health -Competition -work -Self-experssion -Self-sufficiency
Ability to do/take care of yourself
Activities of Daily Living(ADL's)
basic daily activities. Personal
Examples of ADL's
Walking, using the bathroom, grooming, dressing and eating
Instrumental Activities of Daily living(IADL's)
Less personal daily tasks.
Examples of IADL's
using the telephone shopping laundry house cleaning cooking
Home Maintenance activities
Requires highest levels of skills and energy
Examples of home maintenance activities
fixing cars, cleaning gutters, painting, plumbing,gardening and electrical
Limitations in self-sufficient behavior
To have completely functional and independent lives wer must perform ADL's and IADL's Injury of Disease can hinder a persons ability to perform daily tasks
How can PT/OTs help people to regain abilities after injury or disease
They can create recover plans based on a person's activity analysis to help them regain function.
What must a PT/OT do before devising a rehab plan?
They must full understand the physical requirements of each task
Aging and self-sufficiency
ADL impairments are -11.8% ages 55-64 -50% ages 85+
When are most older people injuried
When attempting to perform ADL's and IADL's
Emtional impact
When older people are no long able to do simple tasks especially those that brought enjoyment they are usually no longer satisfied with their quality of life.
what group of people are most likely to suffer from limitations later in life?
Those didn't make physical activity part of their daily life.
Mobility limitations among the elderly
Walking is one of the biggest limitations in elderly people 20% of people over the age of 65 experience trouble walking 50% of women and 33% of men over the age of 85 have issues or can't climb stairs
driving is required for most IADL's -elderly people are the fast going group of drivers -represent the most accidents per miles -chances of accidents increase after age 70 -more prone to injury
Definition of the sphere of self-expression
the urge to express feelings
forms of self-expression
-Gestrues -Dance -Rituals
Definition of gestrues
movements with various body parts to help communicate our intentions to outhers
3 types of intentional gestrues
-emblems -illustrators -regulators
Definition of emblems
bodily movements typically hand signals that can be directly translated into words by people in a culture or subculture
Examples of emblems
-construction site -athletic arenas -scuba divers
Definition of illustrators
gestures used to complement or illustrate what we are saying
Examples of illustrators
-pointing -describing motions or objects -pounding fist into hand to emphasize seriousness
Defintion of regulators
body movents used to guide a conversation
examples of regulators
-waving -hand shake -hugs -nodding
Definition of dance
movemts that allow us to communicate complex thoughts and feelings that are not easily explained verbally
facts about dance
-dancers use of the medium of force, time and seqencing of movements to express aesthetic messages -The shape and dimensions of our bodies affect the aesthetic characteristics of our dance -the moving body can tell a story that is inexpressible in word of song
facts about dance 2
-sometimes we dance, not to communicate our feelings to others, but just as a way of expressing our feelings even when we are alone(dacing to the radio, football player's "dance" after a touchdown) -Dance allows us to communicate something about ourselves that we cannot communicate in other ways -dancers must be very fit(health-related components and agility, balance and coordination
definition of rituals
physical actions performed to symbolically express an experience, truth or value important to a group of people
examples of rituals
-pledge of allegiance -kneeling -sign of the cross -wave
Definition of work
jobs we do for compensation
Relationship between jobs that require great deals of physical activity and health
-overexertion due to the application of max weight -Repetitive injuries that result from works repeat the same movements of long periods of time -
results of overexertion and repetitive injuries
-stress to joints -damage to tendons -never and skeletal structure damage. -carpal tunnel syndrome
Relationship between jobs that require a small amount of physical activity and health
low levels of physical activity combined with stress equals recipe for casualty -Heart disease -stroke -high blood pressure -obesity -diabetes
Effects of technology on levels of physical activity
due to the increase of technology in the work place the amount of physical activity required is likely to go down. -This could cause workers to be at a greater risk for diseases caused by inactivity
What are companies doing to keep workers happy and why?
-offers corporate fitness programs -offers incentives i.e. extra days off, money why? 1. decreases absenteesim 2. boost production 3.reduces insurance coast 4.encourages a health generation is happiness= more profit
Ergonomists or human factors engineers
professionals who specialize in improving the efficiency, safety and well being of workers
The definition of the sphere of education
-preservation of cultral traditions and to provide knowledge and skills to allow progress -The broad aim of education is the development in children to have the ability to achieve satisfaction as a repsonsible, contributing citzen of socitey
Definition of physical education
PE is an important part of the total education system which seeks to develop each student optimally, physically, mentally, emtionally, socially, and morally through the medium of physical activity
Definition of leisure
a state of being, all is well with the world. A feeling of supreme contentment.
Difference between leisure and free time
depends on the nature of the activity and the context in which it is pursued
The sphere of Health
-moderate and vigorous physical activity performed regularly and at safe levels will result in health benefits

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