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hottest christmas gifts 2004


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what are the hottest christmas gifts for boys?
The Razor E battery-powered scooter is sure to be hot, as is the Fisher Price Power Wheels Go-Cart, and other electric or battery-powered 'toys' that translate into transportation fun!
Are remote controlled cars back in?
This year is said to be hot for remote controlled cars especially remote control stunt cars, remote controlled boats, and hovercrafts.
Are classic toys going out of style?
Toys that have been around for many years are going to remain popular. Toys such as barbie and disney characters are still of hot toy for young kids.
Are learning devices becoming toys?
Learning devices are making a boom in the toy store all over the world. Each year the market puts on a newer, smarter, more advanced learning tool for young kids. These children will learn new skills from the toys all while they're playing and having fun!
What books are popular for the chirstmas season?
There are many books on the market... but many best sellers for children have many 'spin-off' versions.
Are Homemade gifts popular?
Homemade gifts are becoming more popular.
such as: candy balls, candy bowls, embossed velevet table runner, glittery snow candle, holly berry wreath, and pepperment candles.
Are their any hot craft gifts for kids?
There are some hot crafts for kids this Christmas.
such as: baked clay picture frames, child's play mat, flowered growth chart, and much more.
Are their good craft kits for Family, friends, and visiting teachers?
Yes. there are some like bath salts, dried spice fruit wreath, duvet cover, funky frames, potpurri candles, and ribbon bulletin boards.
What are some hot Christmas toys?
According to Press, 2004 will be a blockbuster year for children's Christmas toys. No single 'must-have' toy will dominate Christmas toy sales this year (like the Cabbage Patch Doll, Elmo or Furby have in past years).
Are there going to be any shortages in toys this year?
Nonetheless, expect significant shortages of many popular toys this Christmas season, because toy retailers are being more conservative this year due to the economy. In fact, almost everyone is predicting Christmas toy shortages
Is techno back?
"I call 2004 the 'Techno Retro Year' because many old favorite toys are returning ('retro') but with new twists, and most of these twists are 'techno'," says Galloway. "For example, the 'Easy Bake' oven has been re-created as the 'Real Meal' oven. Etch a Sketch has several variants, including a Shrek Etch A Sketch and an electronic version. Not to mention all the new interactive, electronic, and high tech games and toys available this year," Galloway continues.
What are some hot baby gifts?
There's lots of furniture, bedding, toys and gift ideas in the stores.
How do you shop for children?
You can shop for all the children on your list, by age, stage, category or budget -- you can't go wrong! You'll find wonderful and imaginative gifts.
Is chocolate a good idea?
Chocolate is always a good idea for gifts.
What are hot men gifts for the holidays?
some are: rc cars, food, sporting event tickets, police and fire resque apparel(?) nascar, and chocolate, and games.
What are some hot christmas gifts for women these days?
Some hot gifts are:
pamper products, a memorable event, food, JEWLERY, bath products, and a memorable event such as a night out.
Are christmas gifts going to make this a christmas to remember?
Yes, christmas gifts are said to make this year very memorable.

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