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Anthropology 391


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An alkaloid extracted from coca leaves (moistened with carbonated water and dried then soaked again in kerosene to extract alkaloid)
Coca growers
May 2004
5000 cocaleros from Central Peru to Lima to protest coca eradication program. Leader was Nelson Palomino
Protest in La Paz
Small scale farmers converged for a month long road blockade in 2000 that crippled transportation btn Cochabamba and Santa Cruz
Fermented beverage made from maize or molle berries. Is a complement to coca and must be offered (traditional drink of Quechua and Aymara)
Andean concept of 2 parts (linked to Quechua and Aymara). Everything is div into 2 parts (opp but complementary). Middle part is called Tinkuy
The Cuy (Guinea Pig)
Main source of meat. Indigenous to Andes. Had for 6000 years (domes 3kya). Live in kitchen. Fast repro (sex mat 100 days). Males aggressive so kill most. At weddings red and white flower placed in mouth.
Recog as Catholics. Cargo system (trad-> as member of comm, when get married, have obligations, have to org festival). Still worship nature. Falcons envoys of mountains. Animal sacrifices
The Mapuche
From Chile and S. Argentina. First ind recog with Treaty (Treaty of Killín 1641). Lost control of lands in 1885. Today more than 1.5mil. Means 'people of the land'. Never conquered by Inca or Spanish
The Mapuche Population
Before Spanish arrived, vast territory (pop 2mil). Now 1.5mil in Chile, 200,000 in Argentina
Pedro de Valdivia
1540 -> conquered Picunche (neighbours of Mapuche) -> killed by Mapuche when pushed into their lands
Treaty of Killín
1641-> defined fronteirs with Mapuche nation
The Aché
Forest nomads-> lived in bands-> collected mate-> enemies with Guarani. 70% pop live on tiny, unproductive plots
Studied the Yanomamo-> said were 'war-like' people-> said war was because of women-> portrayed men as sexual addicts -> intro diseases on purpose?
Yano (settlement)
5 considerations:
1. security: ought to be in trad safe place
2. suitability: ought to be in good area for horticulture
3. proximity to older garden
5. located near year round supply of potable water
6. availability of game

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