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james madison
"father" of the united states constitution
first year leigh opened
number of people in the house of representatives
10 years
the most a president can be in office
1600 pennsylvania ave
address of the white house
Goddess of the great sea of california
31 stars
represents 31st state
san Diego
where first mission in California was built
MT whitney
Highest mountain in the 48 states
MT Mckinley
Highest mountain in 50 states
Sam Houston
only man to serve as governor of 2 states
Total number of members in us senate
January 20th
The day the president and vice president take office
Thomas Jefferson
Author of the declaration of independence
San Jose
First capital of California as a state
Eli whitney
Invented cotton gin
color for the south in the civil war
july 4, 1776
date (inscription)on the tablet the statue of liberty is holding
Francis scott key
wrote the national anthem
Peter burnett
First governor of california as a state
Sutters mill
where gold was discovered
James marshall
Man who discovered gold in sutters mill
Treasure island
Man-made island in san francisco bay
Fort point
Civil war fort under golden gate bridge
american civil war years
Island prison in san francisco bay
john wilkes booth
man who assasinated abraham lincoln
"sic semper tyrannis"
"and thus to all tyrants" john wilkes booth said this to the stage after assasinating the president
Washington D.C
Capital of th united states, not in a state, but in its own district
color for the north in the civil war
fords theatre
place where lincoln was shot
Two years
Term of a member of the house of representatives
4 years
length of the president of the united states term
six years
Term of a united states senator
First ironclad warships
tax on imported goods
Mt vernon
Ancestral home of george washington
The country that gave the US the statue of liberty
Fort sumter, South carolina
First shots of the civil war
Andrew Jackson
Hero of the battle of new orleans
Railroad big 4
Stanford, Crocker, huntington,
Purchased from Russia. 1867
Rio Grande River
Southern texas-Mexico border
Central pacific
Built the trans-continental railroad fon east to west
Union Pacific
Built the trans-continental railroad from east to west
Levi strauss
built denim pants for miners
Little big horn river
site of custers last stand
Golden poppy
California state flower
Valley quail
California state bird
Labor force for central pacific railroad
Labor force for union pacific railroad
US Grant
Top general for union army in the civil war
Robert E Lee
Top southern general in civil war
Westpoint, NY
US military academy
West virginia and nevada
2 states admitted to the union during the civil war
father serra
Began california mission system
50 dollar bill
Ulises S grant
Promontory point, Utah
Where the first trans-continental railroad joined
Richmond , VA
Capital of the confederate states of america
Carpet bagger
northern opportunist in south during reconstruction
southerner who helped northerners during reconstruction
13th ammendment
this freed slaves
14th ammendment
guarrantees citezenship to blacks
15th ammendment
gives voting rights to blacks
25 years of age
minimum age to be a member in the house of reps.
30 years of age
minimum age to become governor
35 years of age
minimum age to become president
bicameral legislature
legislature has 2 houses that make up the government
10 dollar bill
alexander hamilton
miranda vs arizona
accused person must be read their rights
"the jungle"
a novel that exposed the meat-packing industry
100 dollar bill
Benjamin franklin
term given to speed of spund
comstock lode
silver discovery 1869
placer mining
mining gold in a stream
alexander g bell
invented telephone
land surrounded on 3 sides by water
exclusive right to an invention or process
spoils system
elected officials give jobs to friends or supporters
alan freed
man credited for naming rock and roll
de facto segregations
segregations exist, but not by law
pirates favorite letter
a clear endorsement
dividing a voting district to favor a group or party
organized movement to not support a certain business or buy certain items
lowest passenger level of a ship
# of justices in US supreme court
air force one
any airplane the president is on
the outside of the statue of liberty
angel island
former immigrant center in san francisco bay
andrew johnson/bill clinton
only 2 presidents that were impeached
prices go up, money is worth less
exclusive right to publish music or a document
jackie robinson
the first african american to play in major league baseball
california state motto
nickname given in the military that means you shot down 5 enemy aircrafts
speaker of the house
2nd in line for presidency
single house legislature
voting district
disaproval of a bill
armistice day
nov 11, 1918 at 11am
the right to vote
richard halliburton
only person to swim the length of the panama canal
ronald reagen
oldest person elected as president of the united states
McKinley lincoln garfeild kennedy
4 presidents that were assasinated
erie canal
connects albany, NY with buffalo
prices are falling, money is worth more
potomac river
river where washington DC is located
overthrow of the government from within

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