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powered denied to the states
no treaty alliance or confederation no coin money or deny person of life libery or properyty without due process of law. no state or local gov cna tax any of the agencies or functions of the nat. gov cannoth threaten the existance of the system
concurrent powers
bothe the ng and the states posessed and exercise it poweres the constitution doesn no tgrant exclusively to the ng and that , the the same time, does no deny to the states. levyt and collect taxe define crimes and set punishments condemn private prop. for public use "enrichmennt domain"
unlimited debate or speaking endlessly to delay a vote or weaken to the majorities determination to pass it
powers reserved for states
10th admendment- can forbid persons under 189 to marry and ban the sale of pornography outlaw prostittution permit some forms of gambline the scop of reserved powers are HUGE
cheif diplomat
in charge of foriegn relations -spokeperson
powers denied-gov
cannot tax state or local gov.
many commitees divide there work into...
delay support or weaken
standing committee
permanent panels with jurisdiction over broad policy areas.
election for fed
every 2 yeas 1/3 of senators given up election
powers of congress
collect taxed borrow money regulate tax coin money declare war raise and support armed forces est. post offiice elastice clase
Cheif administrter
director of huge exectutive branch
apellate jurisdiciton
you can take up a leve in the case
inheret powers
it is a nation govt of the soverign state in the world community there are few in # - regulate immigration deport undocumented aliens acuire territroy grant diplomatic recognition and protect nation agaist rebllion or other attempts to overthrow
expressed powers
in nots under art. 1 delegated to nat. gov which is spelled out or expressivley in the constitution . syn enumerated found in art 1 sec 8 this gives 27 powers to congress
written comment
next they hold hearings to gather opinions from outsdiee experts and concerned citizens. move forward with the bill? they mark up and report the measure to its branch of congress
floor of house or senate
guiding it throught debate and securring its passage has parliamentary strategies reesponds to questions raised by colleagues builds coalitions of support
reserved powersinclude
vitally important police power state has power to protect and promote public health, morals, safety, and gen. welfare
cheif citizen
rep of all people
1=6 justices TODAY 9 justice (i cheif and 8 associates)justices do not have an anonoymous opinioun this is FOR LIFE
senates powet
powers that senate has but house doesnt. advice and composure on treaties votes on nomination of high ranked federal officials
select commitee
temperary or permanent panels created to consider a specific issue
each committees chariperson has authority over its operation...
agenda decides when to take or delay action presides at most committee meetings controles the commitees operating budget subcommittee chair person does similar actions
supreme court jurisdiction (2)
original jurisdiction and apellate jurisdiction
cheif of state
cermeonial head of gov
difference between state and fed gov
house affected by population and senate
presidential roles
president not above the law called cheif of state cheif executive cheif administrater cheif diplomat commander in cheif cheif legislature party cheif and cheif citizen
trial court
small # supreme court will listen to trial with ambassadors and if there were trials with disputes of states
formal qualifications for pres
35 yuears natural born citizen
party cheig
leader of whatever party (dem repub)
cheig legislature
main archetect of public policy like economy
cheif exec
CEO big companies broad powers
states permitted
very broad. most of work down in country is done at state and local gov.
powers of national gov
delegated powers that grants powers to it in the constitution there is express implied and inherit
join committees
panals formed by the house and senate together usually to investigate some common concern also called conference commitees
the work for the committee begins when
a bill has been introduced to house or senate and is referred to the commitee for consideration
powers denied in three ways
prohibition silence federal system
responsible for specific areas within the commitees like jurisdiction and report their work aon a bill to the full ocmmitee party leadrs determine the size of each commitee and determin the proportion of majority and minoirty commitee members. the majority party determines committee assignments
federal gov
congress a bicameral plan
under expressed powers art 2 sec 2
gives several powers to the president power to act as commander in cheif of armed forces to grant reprieves and pardons to make treaties and appoint fed officials
powers denied- congress
cannot tax any off the states or local units in the carrying out of their function. if it could it would have the power to destroy or ta out of existance one or more of all states
expressed pow. art III judicial powers
cour system set up pg 82 16th ad,memntment power for congress to levy income tax
commander in cheif
of armed forces in charge of whole armed forces
elastic clause
implied powers. has ability to expand (stretch specific powers to meet a variety of circumstances.
on exception of reserved powers
21st admend- repeeled 18th national gov can regulate the manufacture sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages.
22nd admendmetn
pres can only run for 2 terms
under implied powers elastic clause
necessary and proper clause means convenient and useful. therefor the clause (stretched to cover situations)ex. inerstates gamblin and descrimination
implied powers
not expressly stated but are resonably suggested
takes no action
di in committee
when the prees addressed the nation he goes to the congress...
V.P and one other member does not attend
Judicial Branch
courts art III est. a fed judiciary (court system) art III gave certain powers to the supremee court but leaves organization o flower courts to congres
original jurisdiction
originaly heard case for 1st time

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