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Japans 195


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kyūkābu (急カーブ)
a sharp bend, a hairpin bend/curve/turn
kabetsuchi (壁土)
plaster, stucco
kabegami (壁紙)
kabari de tsuru (蚊鈎/蚊針でつる)
to fly-fish
kabukashūekiritsu (株価収益率)
a price earnings ratio, PER
kabushikinakagainin (株式仲買人)
a stockbroker
kabau (庇う)
to protect, to defend a person from/against, to take a person under one's wings, to plead for a person
kabe o nuru (壁を塗る)
to plaster a wall
kabocha (南瓜)
a pumpkin
kabushikijōtoeki (株式譲渡益)
share transfer profits
kabu ni te o dasu (株に手を出す)
to speculate, to dabble in stocks
kabushikikōkai (株式公開)
public stock offering
kabayaki ni suru (蒲焼にする)
to spitchcock
kabunushisōkai (株主総会)
a general meeting of stockholders
kābu (カーブ)
a curve (ball), [川の] a bend
kabeshinbun (壁新聞)
a wall newspaper
kabushikisōba (株式相場)
stock quotations/prices
kabosoi (か細い)
kabikusai (黴臭い)
musty, mouldy; stale [noun + suffix]
kabuki (歌舞伎)
the kabuki, a Japanese classical play
kabāgāru (カバーガール)
a cover girl
ka (可)
good, passable, C, fair
ka ni sasareru (蚊にさされる)
to be stung by a mosquito
ka to suru (可とする)
to approve of, to vote for
kaban (鞄)
a bag, a briefcase, a suitcase, a trunk
kaben (花弁)
a petal
kaba (河馬)
a hippopotamus, a hippo
kābu o nageru (カーブを投げる)
to pitch a curve (ball)
shinkabu (新株)
new stocks
kabekake (壁掛け)
a tapestry
kabiru (黴びる)
to grow/become mouldy, to get musty [verb]
kabe ni mimi ari (壁に耳あり)
Walls have ears
kabushikigaisha (株式会社)
a joint-stock corporation/company
kabe ni butsukaru (壁にぶつかる)
to strike a snag, to be deadlocked
ka (蚊)
a mosquito
kaburitsuki (かぶりつき)
[劇場の] the front row of the orchestra seats
yūryōkabu (優良株)
blue chips
kabinshō (過敏症)
hypersensitiveness, hyperesthesia
ka (科)
[動植物の] a family; a department, a course
ka mo naku fuka mo nai (可もなく不可もない)
neither good nor bad
kabi no haeta (黴の生えた)
musty, mouldy; stale [noun + no + verb]
kabure (かぶれ)
skin eruptions
kabuseru (被せる)
to cover with, to put [a hat] on a person's head, to pour [water on], to cover [a thing] with earth, to lay a guilt [on a person], to charge a person [with blame]
kabinna (過敏な)
oversensitive, nervous
kabushikishijō (株式市場)
a stock market
zainin o kabau (罪人を庇う)
to shelter/harbor a culprit
kabā (カバー)
a cover, [本の] a dust jacket, a wrapper
kabā suru (カバーする)
to cover up, to make up for
kabari (蚊鈎/蚊針)
an artificial fly, a fishing fly
kabeita (壁板)
kabunushidaihyōsoshō (株主代表訴訟)
a derivative suit/action
kabuken (株券)
a stock certificate
hito no kabu ga agaru (人の株が上がる)
to increase in a person's estimation, to have one's stock go up with
ka (課)
a section, a division, a department; a lesson
kabi (黴)
mold, mildew
kabu (株)
a stump, a root; stocks, shares, stock speculation
kabin (花瓶)
a flower vase
kabu (下部)
the lower part
kaburitsuku (かぶりつく)
to bite into
kabuka (株価)
stock prices
kabukiyakusha (歌舞伎役者)
a kabuki actor
oyakabu (親株)
old stocks [parent]
kyūkabu (旧株)
old stocks
kabushikitōshi (株式投資)
stock investment
kabina (華美な)
gorgeous; gaudy, showy
kabukashisūopushon (株価指数オプション)
a stock index option
kabushiki (株式)
stocks, shares [二字熟語]
kabayaki (蒲焼)
an eel split and broiled
kabushikikōkaikaitsukeseido (株式公開買付け制度)
a take-over bid, TOB
kabibōshizai (黴防止剤)
kaban ni tsumeru (鞄につめる)
to pack up a bag/trunk, to put things into a bag
kabun no (過分の)
excessive, generous, undeserved
kabi ga haeru (黴がはえる)
to grow/become mouldy, to get musty [noun + verb]
seichōkabu (成長株)
growth stocks
kabushikitorihikijo (株式取引所)
a stock exchange
kabureru (かぶれる)
to be poisoned with lacquer; to be influenced by, to be infested with
kaburimono (被り物)
headgear, [婦人の] headdress
kaburu (被る)
[帽子を] to put on, to wear, to cover one's head with, to put [one\s quilt] over one's head, to be covered [with dust], to take a person's guilt upon oneself
kabunushi (株主)
a stockholder, a shareholder
ka ni kuwareru (蚊に食われる)
to be bitten by a mosquito
kabun de aru (寡聞である)
to have little knowledge of, to be ill-informed
kabi (華美)
splendour, gorgeousness; showiness
kabu (蕪)
a turnip
kokabu (子株)
new stocks [child]

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