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unit 2


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Compass Rose
diagram, in the shape of a flower, showijng directions (compass points) and bearings (measured clockwise from North) used to indicate direction on maps
distance north or south of the equator, measured in degrees. The equator is 0 degree and the North pole is 90 degree noth latitude
distance east and west of the Prime Meridian, measured in degrees. The Prime Merdian is 0 degree longitude
Thematic Maps
Map containing information on only one topic or theme
The center of the earth going to east to west
Geographic Information Systems
integrated software package for the input, management, analysis, and display of spatial information
Prime Meridan
line (merdian) of longitude on maps or globes that joins the North and South poles and runs throught Greenwich, England. Longgitude is measured 180 degree east and 180 degree west from this line (o degree).
Map Projection
Method used to transfer features of the globe onto the flate surface of a map.There are hundreds of ways that this can be done and hundreds of different projections. Each projection has its strenghts and weaknesses.
Topographic Maps
Large-scale map showing both natural and human-made features
General purpose maps
Map that contains many different types of information

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