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quiz 4


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of a stem cell havingthe ability to differentiate into any of a limited number of cell type
pattern formation
in animal embryonic development , the organization of differentiated tissues into specific structures such as wings
segmentation genes
in insect larvae,l genes that detemine the number and polarity of larval segments
a factor is actively produced and secreted by certain cells to indue other cells to differenciate.
of a cell, possessing all genetic information and other capacities necessary to form an entire individual
gap genes
during insect deelopment, the first step of segmentation genes to act organizing the antirior-postirior axis
in development, the difference btwn one end and the other, in chemistry - makes a molecule polar
genetically indentical cells or organisms produced from a common ancestor by sexual means
cell fate
that is , the type of cell into which it will ultimately differentiate is a function of both differential gene expression and morphogenesis
organ identity genes
plant genes that specify the various parts of the flower (homeotic genes)
hox genes
conserved homeotic genes ound in veterbrates, drosophila and other animal groups. they contain the homeobox domain and specify pattern and axis formation in these animals
therapeutic cloning
the use of cl;oning by nuclear transfer to produce embryo that will provide embryonic stem cells to be used in therapy

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