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Geographic Understanding


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Compass Rose
Diagram in the shape of a flower showing directions
Map Projection
Method used totransfer featers of the globe onto the flat surface of a map. There are hundreds of ways this can be done and hundreds of different projections. Each projection has its strangths and weeknesses
General purpose maps
Map that contains many different types of information
the great circle on a sphere or heavenly body whose plane is perpendicular to the axis, equidistant everywhere from the two poles of the sphere or heavenly body.
Distanse east to west on the prim maridian measured in degrees. The prim maridian is 0degrees longitude.
Distance north to south on the equator measured in degrees. The equator is 0degrees and the north pole is 90degrees north latituide.
Thematic Maps
Map containting information on only one topic or theam
Prime Meridan
Line of longitude on maps that join the north and south poles and runs threw Greenwich, England. Long is measured 180degrees east ond 180 degrees west from this like(0degrees)
Topographic Maps
large-scale map showing both natural and human-made featuirs.
Geographic Information Systems
intergrated software packages for the input management analysis an display of spiatal information.

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