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Art History 1 S14: Early Renaissance in Italy


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How was the story of David and Goliath a favorite of Rnaissance Florence?
The powerful family of MIlano(Duke of) wanted to unite Italy under him, but Florence liked what they had and viewed him as Goliath.
How and why did Brunelleschi take command of the Florence Dome Project?
He won the contest, but Ghiberti was assigned to oversee it and knew nothing about it, Brunelleschi stopped working for 6 months and proved that Ghiberti didn't know what he was doing and took complete control of the project.
How does the Pallazzo Rucellai restate the Roman Colosseum?
Both use columns and finish of stoneto restate their historical origins.
The innovation of elliptical Haloes makes its earliest appearance in the work of __.
What important shift does the appearance of elliptical haloes symbolize?
halos became part of the material world=Spirituality is in the material world
Fra Angelico is translated as:
Brother Angel
The first organized treatise on linear perspective was written by__.
The leading family int eh city of Florence during the Renaissance was the __.
Botticelli's Birth of VEnus is held to be a good example of Renaissance __.
Neoplatonists found ways to co nnect Classical philosophy with __ thought.
The peacock was an early Christian symbol of __ becuase its feathers were thought to contain all colors.
The five wounds suffered by Christ on the cross ar k nown as the __.
What is the Sudarium?
the hankerchief that Veronica wiped Jesus's face with on his way to Calvary

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