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Science Fish, Amphibians and Frogs


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What are the main characteristics of vertabrate animals?
At some point in their lives they all have a notochord, hollow nerve chord, pharyngeal pouches, and a tail.
What is an ectotherm? What does that mean?
Cold blooded. This animal's body temperature flucuates with the temperature of its environment. Fishes, reptiles, amphibians are this.
What is an endotherm? What does that mean?
Warm blooded. This animal's body temp stays constant. Humans are this.
What are the characteristics of a Jawless fish? Examples?
Eel-like with smooth, slimy skin, round mouth cartilage, notochord but no backbone. Skull, brain, and eyes. Lamprey eel and hagfish.
What are the characteristics of a cartilaginous fish? Examples?
These are fish that never convert cartilage to bone.These have rough skin (denticles) and sink when not swimming. Sharks, skates, and rays.
What are the characteristics of bony fish? Examples of each group?
These fish have bones and scales. These have swim bladder to maintain bouyancy. Two groups are ray-finned (pike,trout) and lobefinned(coelacanths) and lungfishes(Lungfish).
How do fish get oxygen they need?
All fish breathe through their gills. Some must move to keep oxygen flowing across gills, others (rays) can pump water across gills when still.
How do fish reproduce?
Most fish have external reproduction. Female lays egs and male fertilizes. Some use internal reproduction.
How does the body of a frog change from life in water to life on land? Be specific.
Tadpole(larva) use tail and gills in water. Then loses tail, grows legs, converts to lungs during metamorphosis.
How do frogs reproduce?
External reprduction. Some lay eggs in water, some on land.
What are the differences between frogs and toads?
Frogs have slimy skin. Toads have rough, bumpy skin. Toads spend less time in water.

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