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Chapter 7 safe workplace


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sudden death
unexpected and instantaneous cessagtion of breathing and the pulse, or within 60 minutes of onset of symptoms in patients without known pre-existing heart disease.
Using and extinguisher
1. hold upright, 2 pull trigger 3 direct spray at base of fire.
Class A extinguishers
for paper wood , fabric, rubber and certain plastic material fires.
cardiopulmonary resuscitation - basic life saving procedure of artificial ventillation and chest compressions that is done in the event of a cardiac arrest
the back has 3 natural curves
cervical, thoracic, lumbar
yellow diamond
degree of reactivity
lumbar vertebrae
curve of your lower back.
range of motion - the extent to which a joint can move
thoracic vertebrae
curve of your middle back
cervical vertebrae
curve of your neck
Class B extinguishers
for flammable liquids, oil, paint, fat, and gasoline.
white diamond
degree to which specific hazards exist.
red diamond
the degree of flammability hazards
round shaped cartilage separating vertabrae- absorbs shocks to the spine.
electric shock
occurs when electric current passes through the body.
back injuries
cause more loss of time from the job than any other injury.
rescue the patient, activate sound the alarm, contain the fire, extinguish the fire.
material data safety sheet
an official required docutment that identifies all the chemicals that are used in a specific department and that details important information regarding those chemicals.
body mechanics
the efficient and safe use of the body during activity
Class D extinguishers
combustible metals,. sodium, magneseium, potassium, uranium, powdered aluminum.
a physical positon in which there is not stress or strain on any part of the body; the proper anatomical position; the positioning of parts in a straight line
Any healthcare worker who provides direct patient care is at risk
obtaining a needle stick. ( dirty needle)
purpose of CPR
provide oxygen quickly to the brain, heart,and other vital organs until appropriate medical treatment can restore normal function to heart and lungs.
hazard communication label
usually diamond shaped with 4 colors that represent a specific aspect of the chemicals hazards.
blue diamond
degree of health hazards
hazard levels
ranges from 0-4 0 means minimal ; 4 means extreme
spine is composed of thirty-three individual bones; 7 cervical, 12 thoracic; 5 lumbar; 5 sacral which actually fuse to form one bone.
Main responsibility for safety of patient
the healthcare worker.
industrial accidents
work enviornment injuries sustained while working.
Class C extinguishers
fires caused by energized electrical equipment, motors, appliances, switches.

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