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Field Sanitation 2


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What FM covers Field Hygiene and Sanitation?
FM 21-10
What is hygiene?
Self employed practices to stay clean and healthy
What is mean by military Sanitation?
The effective use of measures that create and maintain a healthy operating environment
What are communicable diseases? What are the 5 communicable disease classified by the Army?
Those illnesses that can be transferred from man to man
respiratory,intestinal,insect-borne, venereal, adn misc
What are the three basic control measures for communicable diseases?
Control the source, stop transmission, protect personnel
Which of the 5 communicable diseases account for the highest incident of disease in the army?
What are the 5 Fs of field sanitation?
Fingers, flies, feces, food, fluids
What are the 5 approved methods of disinfecting water in your canteen?
Iodine tables, chlorine ampuoles, CHLOR-FLOC tablets, bleach, or boiling.
Iodine for canteens/ chlorine bleach for large quantities of h20
Iodine tables used to disinfect canteens should be what color?
Steel gray
A mess kit should contain how many cans? What is contained in each can?
4 Scrap can/wash can/ rinse/ disinfect
What are the 4 types of field waste?
Garbage, rubbish, liquid, and human
What is a cat hole?
a field expedient human waste hole 12 in wide, 6-12 inches deep
How far should field latrines be from food/water sources?
At least 100 mts from food downwind and down slope/ at least 30 mts from h20 down slope
What three things should you consider when building a field latrine?
The mission, the length of stay, terrain, and weather conditions
What two things in order of precedence should you consider when selecting a site for a field latrine?
Protection from food prep and water sources/ accessibility for the users
When should latrines and garbage pits be closed?
When within 1 foot of ground surfaces
What is the proper procedure for closing a field latrine or garbage pit?
Spray with residual insecticide, pack dirt in successive 3 in layers until mounded 1 foot above ground level/ post a sign with the date and the words "closed latrine"
Name 5 diseases commonly carried by mosquitoes?
malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever, encephalitis, filariasis
What are some comonly used control measures for mosquitos?
screens, DEET 4 you, Permethrin 4 gear, malaria pills
Name three diseases commonly carried by flies?
Cholera, typhoid fever, dysentery
Name 2 disease commonly carried by rats?
Bubonic plague and salmonella
Why is it important for everyone to practice good hygiene?
Because one careless member can make everyone on the team sick
A companion guide to FM 21-10 is the field manual for the "unit field sanitation team" What FM is this?
FM 4-25.12
What are the 3 major components of the medical threat to field forces?
Environmental factors
diseases caused by animal bites
Diseases endemic to the AO
What is the principle source of intestinal diseases?
Human doo doo
What is the chain of disease transmission?
Reservoir (source)- vehicle (means of transmission)- susceptible person
How many feet apart should cots be placed? How should personnel be instructed to sleep to avoid the transmission of repsiratory diseases?
at least 5 feet/ personnel should sleep head to toe
What does DNBI stand for?
Disease and nonbattle injuries-80% of all admissions during conflicts were due to DNBI
What are PMMs?
Preventive Medicine measures- simple, commonsense actions that will reduce time loss to DNBI
FM 21-10 covers eight categories of medical threats?
heat/ cold/ noise/ food-h20 diseases/ personal hygiene/ poisonous plants and toxic fruits/ arthropods/ toxic industrial chemicals
Which of the 8 categories of medical threats is the most lethal?
What are the 3 principles of PMMs?
Soldiers perform individual PMMs
Chain of command pland and enforces PMMs
Field Sanitation teams train soldiers in PMMs
What are the individual PMMs for heat injuries?
drink plenty of h20
use work/rest cycles
eat all meals
recognize MOPP risks
modify uniform
Water discipline is especially important in hot weather, what steps of h20 discipline should you follow?
Drink extra water before starting any mission
Drink small quantities frequently
Drink water even if you are not thirsty
Refill your canteen at every opportunity
What is a good general guide to water comsumption?
1/2-1 1 /4 quarts per hour
What are the 6 sources of water?
Surface, ground, snow, ice, rain and sea water
How can you modify your uniform to reduce heat stress and protect against UV radiation?
unblouse pants/ cover all exposed skin/ wear sunglasses/ seek shade/ keep clothing loose
What 5 factors should be considered when selecting a water source?
military situation/ quantity of h20 needed/ accessibility to source/ general quality/ type of purification levels avail.
What are the 3 rules of h20 discipline?
Drink only approved h20
conserve h20
protect h20 with good field sanitation
Gatorade is better
Heat condition information is determined using what 2 scales?
By heat category
Wet bulb globe index

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