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Feline Diseases


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What is the definition for Calicivirus?
An acute, highly contagious viral disease causing oral ulceration, pneumonia, and occasionally arthritis.
How is the calicivirus transmitted?
through direct contact and fomites.
Is the calicivirus very resistant?
What is the definition for feline infectious peritonitis?
A systemic viral disease with high mortality.
Name the two forms of FIP.
wet and dry
How is FIP transmitted?
through oral and respiratory secretions, feces, urine, and fomites.
FIP does not survive in the the environment for several weeks. True or False
Define FELV
A retrovirus causing immunodeficiency and neoplastic disease.
How is FELV transmitted?
through cat-cat bites, grooming, and shared dishes and litter boxes.
Is feline panleukopenia the same as feline parvovirus?
What is the definition of FVP- feline panleukopenia?
An acute, systemic, and enteric viral disease.
How is FVP transmitted?
Through all body secretions for up to 6 weeks.
How long can this virus live in the environment?
survives up to one year
Define viral rhinotracheitis-
(feline herpesvirus).
A highly contagious viral disease causing rhinitis, conjunctivitis, and ulcerative keratitis
How is the herpesvirus transmitted?
through direct contact and fomites
Define FIV.
An immunodeficiency syndrome that is characterized by chronic and recurrent infection.
How is FIV transmitted?
through bite wounds, in utero
(rare), and transfusions
What does FVRCP stand for?
FVR- feline viral rhinotracheitis
P-feline panleukopenia
What does FIP stand for?
feline infectious peritonitis
At what age do we recommend vaccines be started for a kitten?
8 weeks

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